New Sizzling Summer Read! Rhonda Lee Carver Talks Hot Cowboys


Cowboys are like candy, and I hope you have a sweet tooth like I do. I crave candy and I can’t get enough, especially when writing my sexy cowboys of Second Chance series. I have created five delicious lollipops for your pleasure—Chance, Duke, Stryker, Dillon and Dante. And I’m busy whipping the ingredients to hottie Deckland—number 6. Readers have a favorite flavor, but all are tempting. These cowboys have one thing in common, they are as delicious as they look. Care for a sample? Keep reading…

Second Song Cowboy, my new release in the Second Chance series.

April Swift and Dante Brooke were a couple as teenagers. They’d spent a summer falling in love, exploring one another, connecting stars…until April took off to follow her dreams as a country music singer.

Fifteen years later…Dante shows up at April’s dressing room and she is lost in sky-blue eyes, again. A hello between old friends turns into a passionate reunion and both discover feelings they’d left behind. But April has a music career, and Dante has a ranch to run.

Two months later…Home is where the heart is, but April doubted she’d find the welcoming committee on the doorstep, especially after she informed Dante that she was pregnant. Dante has a reputation as a bad-boy. He wouldn’t deny the truth. He’d lived on the edge most of his life, but when he hears he’s going to be a daddy, his priorities flip-flop. He’d never stopped loving April and his only goal is to win her heart for a second time. However, his charming smile and sweet talk don’t work like they did before. Now, he’ll have to prove himself. Can he become the cowboy April needs? When things start to spiral out of control, April realizes she must make a decision—to follow love or her career.


Stepping back to let him pass, she shut the door with her foot, and followed him with her gaze. The jeans fit his butt in a way that made her want to squeeze. If she was a betting woman, she’d wager her eye teeth that his ass cheeks were as hard as steel.

He turned his head, catching her dipping into the eye-candy jar. A man like Dante knew he was a target for a woman’s stare, so she didn’t bother to show any mortification. She cleared her throat as she slipped out of her boots then made her way to the small refrigerator. Inside, she found a dozen or so mini bottles of whiskey. “Jackpot.” Grabbing as many as she could hold, she carried them to the bed and dropped them into the center. “Take your pick.”

He took one, popped the lid and drank. His eye stayed on her as he rolled his tongue along his lips, lapping up every drop. “I’d expect a more luxurious room for a star.”                   “I’d just as soon stay in a cheap room.” She randomly grabbed her own bottle and took it with her to the high-backed chair. “I’m only here long enough to sleep anyway.”

He sat on the end of the bed and stretched his long legs. “Where to next?”

“Oklahoma.” Bringing the bottle to her lips, she took a sip and the amber liquid burned its way to the pit of her stomach. She’d never been much of a drinker so the stiff alcohol was a shock to her insides.

“Sounds like fun,” he said as his piercing gaze oozed into her skin.

“Loads.” Lifting the bottle, she emptied it, squinting at the prickles of heat that followed.

He chuckled. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drink before.”

“I do but only on occasion, like a special event. I won’t drink before a performance, and when I’m done, I hit the sack. No time for socializing.”

“Seems unreal, sitting here with the April Rayne.”

“No big deal. I’m just like every other woman.” She tucked her feet up under her bottom. “You should know that better than anyone.”

“That’s an exaggeration. I can only imagine how many cowboys would fight for this opportunity.”

“You know what surprises me?” His brow came up. “That you’re not married.” A man like Dante couldn’t hide from the ladies for too long.

“Close, but nope.” He drained his bottle and recapped it.

“So, you were almost hitched. Yee-haw…a woman almost roped Dante Brooke. She must be some woman.” A suspicious tightness crept through her. Jealousy? She had no reason to feel anything. They’d parted ways long ago.

“Yeah, ‘some woman’ she is.” He winked as he reached behind him and grabbed another bottle. “I’m better without her.”

She blinked. “Good thing you found that out before you slipped the band on her finger. I wasn’t so fortunate. It took me a hefty settlement to understand the greed of some folk.” She saw the curiosity in his eyes. “Are you shocked that I actually got married?”

He shrugged. “I find it harder to believe that the bastard cheated. Some men just don’t get how lucky they are until it’s too late.”

Warmth spread from her hair roots to the tips of her toes. Was there hidden meaning to his words? “Well, he found his ass from the hole in the ground, a little too late though.” She relaxed into the soft welcoming cushion. “When did you break up?”

“Almost a year ago.”

Not long at all. In fact, she’d say he was in rebound stage.

Then again, men were different when they broke up. They bounced back, rising like a star. Women, on the other hand, allowed their heart to bleed for far too long. She knew this from experience, and it wasn’t at the hands of her loser ex. “Sorry to hear about the loss.”

No, she really wasn’t.

“I’m over it.” He scanned the room and she wondered if he didn’t want to make eye contact with her after his disclosure?

A blanket of silence washed over them. When it became too much, she asked, “You okay?”

Gazes connected. “I’m great. Why?”

“You look like a man who has been sucking on a lemon,” she said with a sigh. “Is she the reason why you searched me out? Hoping you could find some revenge relief with a woman from the past?”

His gaze narrowed. “That wasn’t my intention.”


“Not at all.”

She laughed. “Maybe I was hoping.” Oh sheesh. The whiskey had washed away her filter. The slow smile that curved his lips sent her juices flowing and the vibrator in her suitcase wouldn’t satiate her at this point.

Time slowed down as she watched him, losing herself in his masculinity. She’d always wondered what he was doing. How he was doing. Who he was doing. Wondering if he’d gotten married to the woman of his dreams.

He was a big man with wide shoulders and broad chest, covered by a silver-buttoned shirt. She could have the material parted and ripped off his body in a matter of seconds. Her pink parts quivered at the mere fantasy of removing the annoying fabric. She forced her gaze to move upward and their eyes clashed. The man was a lethal combination of virility and sin. And she wanted to get wicked.



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6 Responses to New Sizzling Summer Read! Rhonda Lee Carver Talks Hot Cowboys

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Certainly that’s an interesting storyline, and the excerpt grabs the attention. I’m just curious about:
    “A blanket of silence washed over them.” Seems like a mixed metaphor to me, but maybe in the west there are blankets which do this?

  2. JanaB says:

    Great cover. Sounds like a great read.

  3. Shirley Long says:

    Totally loved this book. Fantastic series that just keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for Deckland.

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