Randi Alexander’s New Release is Book 4 of the Double Seduction Series

Book Blurb of Double Her Destiny: In the final installment of the Double Seduction Series, Megan Shore marries her two men, Trey and Garret McGatlin. The secluded, romantic ceremony binds them together, but an unexpected and unwanted visitor brings with him ammunition to destroy their future together. When yet another shock threatens to change their world at the very same time, is their love strong enough to hold the three of them together forever and let them secure their destinies as a family? Or will it all fall apart for Megan, Garret, and Trey?

Double Her Destiny 600x900

Excerpt of Double Her Destiny: Trey scooped Megan up and lay her in the middle of their big bed, on top of the maroon comforter. “Hands under the pillows, don’t take them out.” He adjusted her blindfold.

She complied, sliding her hands up and under the pillows as the brothers walked to the end of the bed.

Garret looked down at her, the peach stockings and thong underwear so seductive, he needed to taste her. He put one knee on the bed.

Trey pointed to her stockings then clicked his teeth.

Nodding, Garret leaned in and kissed the soft, smooth flesh of her thigh just above her stocking. His brother knelt on the other side of her, working on that leg. In seconds, they’d dragged her silky stockings down to her feet.

She writhed and gave tiny, sexy moans.

Pulling her stockings completely off her, Garret sucked her pinkie toe into his mouth.

“Ooooh, yesss.” Her breath panted from her lungs.

They played with her feet, licking, sucking and nipping at her toes, her delicate arch, her ankle bones.

“Garret’s on this side.” She pulled her hand out and pointed right to him, then shoved her arm back under the pillow.

“No spanking for you.” Trey nibbled his way to her knee, then stood. The brothers exchanged sides.

Garret needed her more of her in his mouth. Now. He licked slowly along her side, drawing patterns with his tongue. Trey worked on her breast, licking up the curve then flicking her nipple with his tongue.

“Teasing me. Both of you.” She turned her head toward Trey. “That’s you, Trey. I’d know that move anywhere.”

He chuckled. “Anywhere? Damn, guess I need to find some new moves.”

“No, please, I love it when you do that—” She sucked in a breath.

Trey had pulled her nipple deep into his mouth and sucked it.

Garret did the same with her other nipple, breathing deeply of her floral scent. Just her smell alone nearly made him shoot off in his pants.

Within seconds, her hips were bucking and she cried out their names.

In unison, they released her nipples and walked to the end of the bed.

“Think she’s ready for us to lick her sweet pussy? Tongue her little rosebud?” Garret’s mouth watered uncontrollably.

“She’s ready.” Megan’s voice squeaked.


Double Her Destiny is only $.99 at:


It’s the final story of the series, and you can’t imagine how hard it is for me to let Megan, Trey, and Garret go. But read my note at the end of the book for an exciting announcement!
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4 Responses to Randi Alexander’s New Release is Book 4 of the Double Seduction Series

  1. A wonderful book and a great series. For anyone who hasn’t read it, get it. NOW. If you haven’t read the series what are you waiting on??????

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    Fourth book in the series, sounds like a winning series!

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