Conference season has begun!

What is about seeing and talking to your favorite authors at a conference? Who do you wish you could meet?

Conference season for romance readers and authors has begun. With more and more conferences happening each and every year, do you wish one was closer to you? Those I’ve been to are fabulous although there are some that need a bit better organization before they do another one, but all in all, they are a great way to meet readers.

I love going to conferences. I just did Lori Foster’s RAGT a week ago and I have to say, it is one of the best reader conferences out there. We had a ton of fun, met some great readers, sold some books, got to talk to some old friends and just hang out.

One of the next ones coming up next weekend is RomCon in Denver. To tell the truth, I haven’t been to that one. It’s kind of expensive and you don’t get meals included whereas Lori Foster’s RAGT is cheap and some meals are included in your price of $50 for readers and $100 for authors.

Authors After Dark is another good conference for readers. There are lots of parties to go to and things to do. I’ll be at this one again this year as a featured author along with a 100 of my closest friends. There will be lots of readers there too. It’s in Charlotte NC this year and she moves it around each year to another location in the south. Next year is in Atlanta.

One thing I’ve noticed is there aren’t many in the northeast or west coast. There in one in Vegas this year. RNC (Romance Novel Convention) run by Jimmy Thomas, but it’s more of a writers conference with workshops and such for writers, not so much for readers. There is one called Book Obsessed Chicks BBQ in NY next weekend I believe which is one I did last year. One day, great fun and right on the beach. It’s a nice one to do if you want to hang out with friends.

Anyway, that’s my take on conferences. I can’t wait to see some of you at one near you. It’s a great way to meet your favorite authors and tell them you want to see them at a conference this year!

Until next time

~ Sandy

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4 Responses to Conference season has begun!

  1. Eileen says:

    I agree with you about Lori Foster’s RAGT. I really think that is the best conference out there for your money. I have been twice now and I have seen a number of my favorite authors and had one hell of a good time with other readers.

  2. tiss81 says:

    I am looking forward to going to “Midwest Book Lovers Unite in Minneapolis, MN in Sept. It is the closest one to me and I’ve always wanted to go to a convention. We’ll have to see who things go, if I get to go to more or not.

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    I go to science fiction conventions when I have the time. And the money. Mainly the money. Loncon this year is the WorldCon, and I could get there but air travel, transport and hotels plus forty pounds a day? No.
    Shamrokon is the big Irish SF Con this year, just after LonCon and I will attend that one.

  4. Larri says:

    Since AAD is in my home state this year, I’ll be there. I’m really looking forward to meeting and hanging out with some of my favorite authors!

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