Cat Nip by Gem Sivad

Hi, stopping by today to plug a serialized paranormal historical western romance I’m posting on my blog. It’s been in the works for a looooong time, and I’m  sharing the revised version in chunks each Tuesday. Here’s the link to Cat Nip Installments in case you want to catch up and follow along.

Blurb: Negative energy in, positive energy out…it’s as simple as breathing for Maggie Jenks, a healer in New Mexico Territory, 1878. She’s an earth witch with no training, doing her best to sidestep evil and use her gifts for good.

But avoiding temptation gets trickier when a shape-changing predator watches her days, stalks her nights, and takes over her dreams.


Cat Nip


© 2014 Gem Sivad LLC. All rights reserved.

Horse and Carriage

Hunter lay unmoving on the trail, staring from slitted eyes at his attacker. Whatever the healer had done to knock him on his ass, had forced his change into manform.

As he watched, the buggy disappeared—literally. One moment, horse, witch and the ragged old conveyance were beside him; the next they were gone.

He could still hear her mumbling, and suspected if he reached out his foot, he’d touch the spokes of a wheel.

When Cat had rubbed his scent all over her, making certain the others would leave her alone, he’d lost control.

The nip had been a moment of insanity, a complete mistake. He hadn’t meant to taste more than her skin.

Earlier, he’d lain in the brush, waiting for her at the Irishman’s place. When she’d come from the cabin, his beast recognized the soft glow of magic surrounding her.

While she conversed with her horse, readying to drive home, her words had danced through the night, reaching Hunter where he crouched listening.

His fur had spiked, his muscles flexed. He’d wanted to run, jump, and yowl as her magic rubbed on his senses like cat nip; he’d wanted to lick her up.

Drunk on her essence, Hunter had raced ahead of her, following the trail she’d travel home. When he’d reached the place he’d left his clothes, he’d changed and dressed.

He’d been prepared to step into her path to halt her progress, but she’d stopped on her own and gazed at the clump of mesquite where he’d lurked as if she knew he was there…

This time, Hunter hadn’t bothered bringing clothes for the change because he’d not expected to be in manform during her journey home.

A rough laugh escaped him as he leaned on human limbs, staring after the invisible buggy that he could clearly hear traveling down the apparently empty road.

As the creak and groan of old leather signaled the healer’s departure, Hunter followed the sound with jaguar eyes.

“Interesting,” he murmured, returning to four paws.

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