Do You Enjoy Reading Male/Male Romance?

Do you enjoy reading male/male stories? I’m dusting off one I wrote a few years ago and will be submitting it to a few editors to see if it’s good enough to be published. I haven’t written m/m before, but I enjoyed creating this book!

The Temptation Ranch series features a Colorado ranch, and lots of sexy cowboys. Brace Dermott, the ranch’s owner, opens his ranch for a week every year, hosting an inner-city parole officers’ retreat. His brother, Zeke, is the POs boss, and organizes the event as a way to promote job longevity in his employees. Ethan Price is one of the POs, and he’s hot on Brace’s heels. Here’s a snippet from the first book, Hot Springs Temptation.


Brace’s dinner meeting in the city ended earlier than he’d anticipated. He considered getting in touch with some old friends, maybe stay the night. The draw of knowing Ethan was somewhere on his ranch had him pointing his big black ranch truck toward home.

He pulled into the garage attached to the house and stepped inside the door.

Darla hung up the phone and turned to him, a worried look in her eyes. “Zeke’s in the barn ready to ride out. One of his employees went off on horseback this afternoon and hasn’t come back.”

Brace glanced outside. The sun hung close to the tops of the mountain peaks.

“Call him.” He headed for the back stairs up to the second floor. “Tell him to wait for me, and saddle Diablo.” He took the steps two at a time, tugging off his tie and unbuttoning the starched white shirt he’d worn under his gray western-cut suit coat. He threw his black cowboy hat on the bed, followed by the rest of his clothes.

He pulled a navy long-sleeved shirt on and zipped his jeans as he stomped down the stairs and into his office. Unlocking the gun cabinet, he pulled out a box of shells and two rifles and noticed one was missing. Had Zeke already come in for a gun?

Darla swung open the kitchen door and he raced out without a hat.

Zeke stood in the pasture holding Diablo’s reins.

Brace handed the guns to him and vaulted over the fence. “Who is it?”

His brother handed one gun back to Brace. “It’s Ethan.”

Brace froze in the act of sliding a cartridge into the rifle. His gaze shot to Zeke. “What? He just rode out?” The sense of urgency he’d felt turned into something more fearful, protective.

“No. It’s my fault.” Zeke leaned the gun against the fence and walked toward him. “He’d mentioned how sore his muscles were from the ride yesterday.”

“Yeah?” Brace wanted to shake the story out of his brother. Ethan was out there alone, possibly injured, possibly lost. “Which way did he go?”

Zeke looked down at his boots. “He went out to the hot springs.”

Brace slid his rifle into the holder on his saddle before he was tempted to put a hole in Zeke. “And you just let him go?”

He shrugged. “He said he knew the way. He’d follow the fence line.”

“Goddamnit, Zeke.” He slid up into the saddle. “He’s a greenhorn. How the hell—”

“I gave him a loaded gun.”

Brace’s blood pressure zinged through his ears. “He’s a city boy, and you expect him to—”

“He knows how to shoot.”

He wanted to ask how Zeke knew this, but time—and daylight—was slipping away. “You coming?”

“No.” His brother didn’t meet his eyes. “I’ve gotta handle something here.”

“Haw!” Brace kicked Diablo into a run and headed south, keeping an eye out for a riderless horse or an injured man, hopefully limping, and not flat on the ground.

It took him a good fifteen minutes to reach the springs. As he jumped off Diablo to take down the fencing, he shouted, “Ethan. Are you out here?”

“Yes, I’m in the spring.” After a pause, “Brace? Is that you?”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” His voice drew nearer. “What are you doing out here?”

Brace threw down the last of the fencing and lead Diablo to the other side.

Ethan stood a few feet away wearing the same swim trunks from yesterday. The last rays of sun turned his skin golden, his face unrealistically handsome.

Walking right up to him, Brace had a harder time keeping his lust in check than his anger. “You were supposed to be back before dark.”

He shook his head. “I never said that.” He gestured over his shoulder. “There’s a full moon rising and no clouds. I can easily find my way back along the fence.”

“There are predators out here.” He shook his head, letting relief flow through him. The whole ride out here, he’d expected the worst. “You shouldn’t be alone.”

He smiled. “I’m not.”

Brace fisted his hands. How could he get through to him? “You put your life at risk.”

“No, I didn’t.” He walked around Brace and set one of the fence rails back in place.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Ethan stopped and looked at him. “I’m seducing you, cowboy. What the hell does it look like?”


Leave a comment and let me know if you read male/male romances, or if it’s not your favorite.

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26 Responses to Do You Enjoy Reading Male/Male Romance?

  1. Tanya says:

    I can’t wait to read this

  2. Ashley says:

    I read m/m often and have been reading it for years. Love it! Can’t wait to read about a cowboy and PO. 🙂

  3. Linda Chilson says:

    Sounds like a great start

  4. cmucha319 says:

    I do enjoy reading m/m and if it is really good….I pass them along to my cousin and his partner.

    cmucha319 AT yahoo DOT com

  5. suzlyne says:

    Yes I do. Great excerpt! Crossing g fingers it gets picked up.

  6. Mary Roya says:

    I do. However, it has to have a really good blur to catch my eye.

  7. You did a good job…I like it keep us informed if someone publishes it. Would love to read the rest of it!!!

  8. Cheryl Petit says:

    If it has a really good blur, I most definitely will read it. And yours sounds like it’s going to be a good story.

  9. JeanMP says:

    Yes I do, enjoyed the excerpt!

  10. sasharenay says:

    I do enjoy a really well written m/m! 😉

  11. Shirley Long says:

    O yes I do enjoy a good m/m romance. Nothing better than hot, sweaty, muscular men together. Great excerpt. Sure hope this one gets printed. I’d love to read the whole story.

  12. DebraG says:

    I do enjoy MM stories and I can’t wait to read the next part of this

  13. wrongwaymichelle says:

    M/M wasn’t a genre I even thought about until about a year ago. I tried one and was hooked! Best of luck with this one. The excerpt you gave us is intriguing.

  14. Sue Cox says:

    Not my favourite but the excerpt was intriguing.

  15. Wendy Duncan says:

    HELL Yeah I love m/m romance. Two guys together VERY hot reading.

  16. ELF says:

    Yum, definitely enjoy m/m romance…nice excerpt!

  17. Gail S says:

    Yes, I do like to read M/M. This book sounds like it’s going to be another great one, can’t wait!

  18. Clare O'Beara says:

    Good luck with your venture as this is very popular!

  19. wyndwhisper says:

    Hi Randy,
    i read them sometimes but i prefer m/f or even better, m/f/m, m/m/m/f, or m/f/m/m/m/m you get my drift. LOL!

    tammy ramey

  20. Annette says:

    Although I’ve read menage with M/M/F, have not read strictly M/M but do have a couple in my TBR pile. Great excerpt, Randi. Can’t wait to read the rest. Sounds like a good series.

  21. Denise says:

    I’ve read M/M and Menage and they are just as sexy if it was a M/F it depends on how it’s worded and if your making it hot and sexy or if your making it nasty and sick….and that was hot and sexy… nice reading Randy… LOVED IT….

  22. Nancy Davidson says:

    I read M/M, ménage, M/F. They are all sexy and wonderful! Your books are awesome!

  23. Love your books, and I’ve been read a lot of M/M lately. Can’t wait to read this. Loved the excerpt!
    I’ll keep my eyes out for it. 🙂

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