Texas Twist

TexasTwist300I can FINALLy reveal my cover for Texas Twist by the talented Valerie Tibbs. Fabulous, isn’t it?

Texas Twist releases on September 2, 2014. I am quite excited about this book. I adore Cash, my injured bullrider and Paige Ryan, my heroine, who is strong and resilient.

Texas Twist is available for pre-order. Check out my book page on my website…


Here’s a little excerpt to set up the story…

“Who’d he draw this round?” Drake asked.

“Bad Bob.”

The Montgomery clan and Drake moaned.

“What?” Caroline asked.

Travis pulled her onto his lap. “Bad Bob’s earned his name. Ranks up there with some of the greats. Asteroid. Bushwacker. Devil’s Child. He’ll be tough.”

“But Cash can ride him, right?” Caroline asked.

“My little brother can ride anything,” Olivia said.

“Hey. Turn up the volume.” Lydia pointed to the screen. “Isn’t that Cash?”

Eight pairs of eyes focused on the television as the youngest Montgomery strutted down a hallway.

“And this is defending champion, Cash Montgomery,” the first commentator said.

“He’s got a rough ride ahead of him,” the second announcer replied.

“He’s young and he’s tough. I think he’s looking good for another big win, Ty.”

“Tell me about the bull he’s pulled for tonight.”

“Bad Bob is at the top of his game, but he has a couple of signature moves that the cowboys watch for. He always swings to the right. Never to the left so—”

Mitch muted the sound. “Just think. One day the announcers could be talking about one of our bulls.” He and Cash had recently gone into partnership to breed and raise bulls for the professional rodeo.

“Think it’ll be easier to watch one of our bulls instead of my little brother?” Olivia asked with an arched eyebrow.

Mitch snorted. “Probably not.” He glanced at the television. “He’s up.”

Mitch unmuted the sound. The room fell silent as they watched Cash Montgomery climb on the back of a fifteen-hundred-pound bull and begin setting the rope in his hand.

“Your brother is nuts,” Caroline said. “No sane person would do that.”

“Who said anything about Cash being sane?” Olivia replied.

The announcers on television kept up the commentary, talking about Cash’s wins, his previous scores, his outstanding talent and his long-term potential.

As Cash raised his hand to indicate he was ready, the tension in the Landry house rose to palpable levels. Breaths were sucked in as the eight adults got ready to watch.

The gray Brahma bull shot through the gate like a missile. All four feet left the ground when he jumped and tried to dislodge Cash from his back. The bull’s feet barely touched the dirt surface before he was in the air again, swinging to the left. Cash flew off and was trapped between the massive animal and a metal gate. Bad Bob slammed Cash against the gate again before he could get his hand rope released. The bull pummeled Cash again and threw him to the arena floor. Bad Bob leapt one more time, landing on Cash’s legs. Then he ran up Cash’s chest and finished with a kick to the head.

The bullfighters were waving and yelling at Bad Bob, trying to draw his attention away from the unmoving body lying in the arena dirt. Bad Bob saw the open exit gate, raced through it and down the chute away from the crowd and toward his pen.

The stunned silence of the rodeo crowd matched the stunned silence watching at home.

Mitch picked up his phone and made a call. “Carl? Gas up my plane and make sure it’s ready to go. We’ll be at the airport within an hour.”

Travis stood. “I’m going too.”

“So am I.” Jason said, rising from the couch.

“You guys go do what you need to do. I’ll stay here and take care of this end,” Drake said.

“The plane’s only a four-seater,” Olivia said. “I’ll stay here with Adam until we know more. I can take a flight out later. Take Lydia or Caroline with you. You need someone who can understand medically what’s going on.”

“Take Caroline,” Lydia said. “She’s got a lot more experience in trauma than I do.”

“Don’t worry about the office,” KC said to Jason. “Margaret and I can handle anything that comes up.”

“Caroline and I will head to our house to pack a bag. John Webster can handle everything at the ranch.” Travis grabbed Caroline’s hand and headed for the door.

“What about clothes for you?” Lydia asked Jason.

“He can wear mine,” Travis said over his shoulder. “Or hell, he can buy some. Let’s go.”

Tears filled Olivia’s eyes as she hugged her husband. “Call me.”

“I will. The second we know anything.”

“Call me before then. I need to hear even if the news is that we don’t know anything.”

Less than an hour later, three trucks pulled in at the small Whispering Springs Municipal Airport. While Mitch did his pre-flight check, Travis and Jason loaded small suitcases into the plane’s belly. Then Travis, Caroline and Jason climbed on Mitch’s plane and waved goodbye to their family and friends as they flew to Las Vegas.

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See you next month!

Cynthia D’Alba


About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.
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10 Responses to Texas Twist

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    I’ve just been reading Boots And Twisters in the Ugly Stick Saloon series; seems like a popular and dramatic theme. Take care everyone!

  2. Myla Jackson and I are friends and had a chuckle over the “twister” element. Neither of us knew what the other one was doing!

  3. Porchia Gilbreath says:

    Who is the cover on this one? And the tease is so mean. Have to read it!!!

    Sent from my Porchia’s iPhone

  4. The cover model is Louis Bottone

  5. Nancy Davidson says:

    Looks like you’ve got yourself another winner! Can’t wait to read it!

  6. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Love the cover! Looking forward to reading this.

  7. Love the cover! H O T 🙂

    Annnnd the excerpt.. You are such a tease! Haha
    I didn’t want to quit reading.. Love those roughstock riders 😉

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