Who is your favorite hero? Why?

When you think of heroes from a book do you have a particular hero spring to mind? I do. I have several. Adam from Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, Charles from her Alpha and Omega series. Rhage from JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. (Which is unusual because I’m not usually a big paranormal lover, but there’s something about those ladies and their series that just drags me right into their worlds. And sighing for their heroes.)

Now I read a lot of books, but it’s those three characters that stick with me. (okay, and maybe a few of my own characters too)  So whenever I’m writing a new story and creating a new character, I ask myself what does he need to do to be heroic? What will make him memorable without turning into an asshat? Apart from being reasonably good looking (they can even be scarred and be good looking) there’s got to be something about them that makes me swoon.

For Adam from the Mercy Thompson series, it’s his quiet confidence. And the way he wants to protect Mercy but knows she needs to do things herself, her way. Even when it scares him he knows if he tries to wrap her in cotton batting she’d end up smothered and resent him for it. For Charles — the Marrok’s assassin who everyone fears — there’s a gentler side including a sense of humor that he daren’t show to anyone else but his Anna. He doesn’t want to be his father’s assassin but he knows it’s a necessity and he’s the only one who can do the job whether he likes it or not. So a sense of honor. Oh, and then there’s his music and connection to nature. Rhage is similar — there’s the persona he puts on with his brothers, but as you read his story you realize that’s all it is, a facade, one that is killing him to keep up but one that will kill others if he doesn’t and his beast gets out. Literally.

For my own books, my readers almost overwhelmingly name Sam Watson of Personal Protection if I ask them their favorite Braemel hero. Sam–oh yes, he’s sigh worthy. A great combination of brawn and brains. Gentlemanly, as handy in the kitchen as he is in the gun range. And with a little kink to keep things interesting. Bright on the outside, darker on the inside, though not overly so, except to a few close friends. Their second favorite is Brett from Texas Tangle. Oh poor Brett — he’s the dark and tortured soul who is willing to sacrifice the love of his life in the name of friendship. But each time I write a new character I look at those two men and wonder what I did right. And how I can do it again.

Do you have any heroes that you will forever love? What was it that made them stand above all the other heroes you’ve read?

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7 Responses to Who is your favorite hero? Why?

  1. seanmunger says:

    William of Baskerville from Eco’s “The Name of the Rose” will always be one of my great literary heroes. Smart, cunning, sexy, funny, but also very human and endearing. He melds intellectualism with humanity in a way you don’t often see portrayed in fiction.

    • leahbraemel says:

      Oh I read that one a long time ago — I need to re-read it. But yes, what I remember of him, he was a good blend of intellectualism with humanity.

  2. Natalija says:

    One hero that often comes to my mind is Austin Bennet from “One Fine Day” by Theresa Weir. Many readers thought he was a jerk, but I never saw him that way. He is very prideful, and I saw how difficult it was for him to lose everything, even his pride when he was forced to accept help from his estranged wife after he had a stroke.

  3. Lori Meehan says:

    Ian Mackenzie from The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley. I fell in love with Ian from the beginning of the book. Ian suffers from what today would be diagnosed as a type of autism. When he meets Beth and falls for her he does everything in his power to make himself a better man for her. I highly recommend this book and series.

  4. Clare O'Beara says:

    Frodo in The Lord Of The Rings is a fantastic hero. I love the unlikely person or underdog who grows and achieves strength.

    • leahbraemel says:

      Oh, I totally forgot about LOTR! I tend to love the underdog too, though in LOTR I think I preferred Samwise to Frodo. And there’s an argument to be made for a certain Ranger of the north. 😉

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