Brand New Cowboy Available!

Hey all,

I’m just going to pop in and give you some cowboy goodness to look at today. My newest Cowboy Dreamin’ is out! Tempted by the Cowboy is now available at all retailers near you. Check it out! You can see more excerpts at under Sandy Sullivan or check my website for information on all my books at http://www.romancestorytime.


Thank you!

Tempted by the Cowboy Cover

Now available!


Peyton Matthews has lived through years of emotional abuse at the hands of her ex. She’s started a new life in Bandera, Texas working as a bartender at The Dusty Boot, but she gets all gooey inside when she meets the gaze of one of the sexy Young triplets. Jason’s hot body jacks her libido up to full on furnace mode with nothing more than a look and a crook of his finger.

Jason Young doesn’t do relationships in any sense of the word, but when he finally gets a chance at the hot bartender from The Dusty Boot, he jumps into the sex only thing with both feet. He needs to keep it sex only. When things heat up between them, he starts feeling the pinch of the relationship bug.

Can their explosive sex life lead to something more?

Story Excerpt

Peyton Matthews stood at the edge of the crowd watching as the Young brothers did their best to sling mud in every direction. Muddin’. The cowboy way of having fun on a hot early summer evening. A little dirt, a lot of water, some big mud tires on a pickup truck, and you had yourself a grand time in Bandera, Texas.

She wasn’t sure why she let Aaron talk her into coming to this tonight. The cowboy way of life came hard for her. With her multiple tattoos, piercings, and loner mentality, she really didn’t fit in here. Even as a child, she’d been out of place with her tomboyish attitude. She hadn’t grown into her female body until later in high school as she cursed every curve, swell and period from then on. Not that she didn’t like being a woman now, but she sure hadn’t during puberty. And when the boys started noticing she had boobs? Oh boy! The gloves came off. Several of them got bloody noses from a well-placed fist.

Next up, the infuriating Jason Young, who took his turn at the hole. Mud flew in several directions, coating the crowd watching with the sticky substance. His red truck took the brunt of the splash, slinging the dirt over the entire side.

The grin he flashed from the driver’s seat was infectious and she couldn’t help but smile in return. He sure did have a pretty smile. Not that she really noticed or anything.

She knew his type. She’d seen it several times over the last several months as he played each female in The Dusty Boot like a fiddle with the strings too tight. A different one each time he came in.

As one of the bartenders who worked the joint, she saw him a lot. More than she wanted to, most of the time. She couldn’t help but notice the way he carried himself. Nor, could she take her eyes off the cut of his shirt over the muscles of his chest, the snug way his jeans molded to his nice ass and those lips. God help her, those lips. Dark, thick hair hung to his collar with a slight wave. Her fingers itched to run through those strands.

A slight shift in her stance relieved some of the pressure on her clit, just not enough to satisfy the ache building. Maybe she’d let Aaron have a go tonight. She glanced toward where he sat reclining against a hay bale with a long-neck beer between his fingers in one hand and a cigarette clutched between his teeth. Okay, maybe not. Why she even went out with the guy, she didn’t know other than she didn’t want to spend another Saturday night off, sitting at home watching reruns of Will and Grace.

She sipped her beer, grimacing at the taste. The malty liquid had the ability to make her stomach lurch. Give her a shot of whiskey and water before the taste of this shit, any day, but it was liquor. Right now she needed the bite of alcohol on her tongue.

Today sucked. The whole thing from morning until now bit the big one. Memories had swamped her most of all, bringing down her mood into the pits of hell.

One year ago today, her mother had passed away from breast cancer. She took another sip from the bottle in her hand. Yuck! She tossed it into the trash can to her left before she stuffed her hands into her back pockets.

Jason took another run at the hole as she shook her head. The man knew what to do to make himself visible. Again, he probably had to being one of the Young triplets, identical triplets at that, although she had always been able to tell them apart when she’d had the privilege of gazing into their gorgeous faces. The other two weren’t quite as broad across the shoulders as Jason. Something lingered in his gaze too. She wasn’t sure what, but it intrigued her. Something wild. Something untamed maybe.

They all had the sweetest dimpled grin, but Jason seemed to have the half crooked tilt to his lips down pat. Boy did it work on the ladies.

She scuffed the toe of her boot in the dirt as she sighed heavily. It wouldn’t do a bit of good to get tangled up with the likes of him even if he might be available. He wasn’t as far as she knew. She didn’t necessarily keep up with his whereabouts or latest fling. Well that’s what she told herself anyway even if she noticed every girl he came in with or went home with. Damn.

“Hey, babe. Why don’t you sit here with me,” Aaron said, patting the hay bale next to him.

“No thanks.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Why?”

“You came with me, you know.”

“I know I did, Aaron, but don’t pull your macho shit with me. I can find another way home. There are plenty of people from town here I could hitch a ride with.”

“Like one of the Young boys?” He climbed to his feet, swaying slightly. “Don’t think I haven’t seen you watchin’ several of them tonight.”

He grabbed her arm, but she yanked it out of his hold. “Don’t manhandle me, jackass.”

“Aw, come on, babe. I don’t wanna fuss with you. I wanna love on you.”

“Yeah, not happenin’.”

“Problem?” Jason stepped out of the shadows of the tree line.

Her breath stopped in her throat as it closed off. “No problem.” The words came out in a squeak, not at all what she’d hoped to sound like—confident in her ability to take care of herself.

“Back off, Young.”

“Fuck you, Scarborough. You don’t get rough with a woman while I’m around.”

“She ain’t your woman.”

“She isn’t yours either, asshole.” He touched her arm where Aaron had grabbed. “Are you okay, Peyton?”

“I’m fine. Thanks.” She tipped her head back slightly to look down her nose at the idiot she came with. Big mistake, but one she’d own up to. “I can handle him.”

“I’m sure you can, darlin’, but you don’t have to.”

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2 Responses to Brand New Cowboy Available!

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Interesting cover – there’s a lot of writing on it, I can’t quite see….

  2. ronnie c says:

    Love your books Sandy!!!

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