I Got Nothin’…

I need to apologize for missing my blog date in February. It snuck up on me. I also have to apologize for this post. I have been wracking my brain for a topic and honestly as the title says, I got nothin’.

My writing has been like that a lot lately too. Nothin’. It’s been uninspired to say the least. Cutting scenes. Cutting chapters. Trying to find the right transitions, the right order, the right anything at this point. These are the most difficult for me as a writer. I can write and push onward, but to tell the truth, forcing it and then cutting it because it doesn’t feel right, but not having the words that do make it feel right… Colossal waste of time.

What do I do in the meantime? I can and often start writing on something else, working on revisions, baking a ton, crocheting, or binge reading. My TBR list on my Kindle is large enough that I can occupy myself for hours, days, weeks and never read the same thing twice. This and baking is how I’ve started working through this latest story difficulty. Once I get through it, the writing will flow more freely rather than the trickle that it is at the present time.

I’ve been reading a lot of M/M. One of my favorite genres. Avril Ashton and SE Jakes are who I’ve been reading the last week. Their writing moves me, keeps me up all night. And it’s allowed my brain to let go of the stress of not being able to figure out where my book needs to go. I’ve worked on some revisions of The Cupcake Cowboy and a new cover is in the works. I’ve started on plans for a new series to come out later this year, and plans for a new series to start next year. I’ve started revisions as well on a book that will be a re-release this Summer. And all this, keeps me from stressing over my current WIP while at the same time starts to unravel the knots I’ve written myself into. This way of doing things doesn’t work for everyone. But I’ve followed this path enough times to know it works for me. Even if I’m not actively working on the WIP, I am, in fact, working.

It’s been beautiful outside the past two days and I’ve sat out on my deck reading. It’s been wonderful to breathe the fresh air and soak up a little sun, drink iced coffee, and read. To take walks and see the flowers starting to bloom, the buds on trees, to meander along the trails here. I love Winter, but I enjoy Spring, and I adore Fall.

This has been one rambling, nonsensical blog post that has nothing at all to do with cowboys. So sorry… I’ll try to do better next month.

On a cowboy related note, there’s a party going on on Facebook celebrating Texas and it’s Independence. There are 22 authors, prizes, excerpts, etc… Come visit if you have a chance. It’ll be gong on week! https://www.facebook.com/events/606125616119893/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming&source=1 

Y’all have a great week…



About Lissa Matthews

author of contemporary erotic romance
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2 Responses to I Got Nothin’…

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    We al need to unwind at times. Enjoy your celebration!

  2. Don’t worry about it everyone needs a little down time. We all understand that and if someone says anything they know where the door is!!!! Take care of you and keep us in the loop!!!

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