REINED IN Coming February 25th!

Update: A winner will be drawn Saturday night!

ReinedIn72lgI know you’re ready for more dirty shenanigans from my boys in Texas! You have just one more week to wait! Next Tuesday, Reined In, the latest of my Lone Star Lovers books is ready for pre-order now.

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But wait, you want to know what the story’s about first. Now, I could give you the full blurb—it’s fun—but you just want a nutshell version, right? How ’bout this?

Daddy’s little girl is back at the ranch, bound and determined to get exactly what she wants. And she wants two cowboys. She’s spoiled like that. :)

Stormy’s a bitch, but I love that about her. Willful, needy, and vulnerable where her heart’s concerned. Once the boys get past her prickly hide, there’s a woman bursting to love them.

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Here’s a naughty excerpt…

Stormy was nervous. Her body began to shiver. But she lay still, letting Joe look his fill. Cam still knelt beside her, with his fists curling, like he wanted to touch her but wouldn’t. Not until Joe said so.

She’d always known Joe would take the lead. He’d been the first to touch her, turning her over his knee when she’d been a brat. She’d fought him, sure, cussing and scratching, but once his palm had landed the first strike, she’d arched like a cat, her body on fire.

Cam had given her tenderness, and she’d dreamed of that first kiss, but she needed more. Needed someone stronger, more stubborn than she was. Meaner, even.

Not that she feared Joe. He was firm. Stood up to her sass. Didn’t give her an inch of room to defy him.

No one had ever done that. And she knew, deep inside, she needed a man who’d take her in hand to bring out the woman in her. Cam would be the strong chest she nuzzled against, but Joe…ah, Joe knew her. The real her, which was why when she did horrible things to him, like grinding her heel on his hand, he didn’t just walk away. He’d seen her challenge for what is was. A plea.

For his mercies. For his strong, hard hands. She quivered on the bed, letting him stretch out the moment until her nervousness caused her belly to quiver and her arousal grew so strong it wet the covers beneath her.

Her gaze ate him up as he sauntered toward the bed. He sat on the edge and glanced sideways at her. Then he patted his thigh.

“Think I’m a puppy ready to hop up on your knee?” She blurted that before she had a chance to consider what she ought to say, and her eyes widened immediately.

Joe’s gaze narrowed to ornery slits. His pouty lips, lips she’d fantasized about for years, firmed into a thin straight line. He held out his hand. “You know you want this. Why play games?”

Because she loved the game, she wanted to shout, but she came up on her elbows. “I want you to spank me,” she said, suddenly breathless. “What does that make me?”

“Sexy as hell, Peaches.”

“I hate that name.”

“I know, but it’s what I’m gonna be thinking about when you’re draped over my thighs and your juicy pussy gets me all wet.”

“You’re crude.”

“And you’re already wet.” He patted his thigh again. “Come here, Stormy.”

It was the harder edge of his voice that took away the rest of her breath. And that had her slowly sitting and then crawling toward him. When she was beside him, she gave him a look, letting him see her doubt, her tension, mirrored in her eyes and the tremble of her mouth. God, she wanted this, but could she really handle it? Handle him?

Joe palmed her breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. “It’ll be just my hand. This time. Nothing more than you can take. Swear.”

The soft drawling whisper seduced her. She moved over his lap, dropping her feet to the floor, one hand grasping the covers as she bent.

Faced downward, she hated she couldn’t see his expression, or know whether he communicated with Cam. What must Cam think about her? Then she wondered what it would be like to be spanked by him and had to squeeze her thighs because the thought was too wicked. Big, gentle Cam would die before he hurt her.

Joe placed a hand in the center of her back and pressed down to hold her still. He smoothed his other hand over her ass. “You’ve got a soft ass, Peaches. So pretty when you walk. I’ve imagined you like this a thousand times. Did you think about me, about what I did and how wet you got that first time?”

“I was a kid.”

“Which saved you from having me pull down your pants and give you the spanking you really deserved. I’m a pervert, but I wouldn’t go that far.”

“I wanted it,” she said and then bit her lip. “And I kept after you, hoping you’d do it again.”

He glided his hand on her bottom again, more firmly now. “I know. Which was why I stayed far away from you. You were a little Lolita, tempting me every time you swished your ass.”

“I don’t swish.”

“Liar.” He lifted his hand.

She held her breath, but when his palm landed, it was barely a tap. “My memory must have blown the first experience way out of proportion,” she grumbled.

Joe’s chuckle was low and dirty.

The next swat was sharper and left her ass tingling. She’d have savored the sting, but he followed it quickly with more swats, each harder than the last until she rocked forward with each slap. “Jesus,” she gasped.

Her bottom was on fire, but so was her pussy. Just as he’d predicted, her arousal spiked, a wash of liquid spilling from her channel, so that the next slap landed in moisture, directly over her folds.

Her back arched. Her whole body tightened with delight. She was warm, her breaths coming in choppy pants. “Oh fuck,” she groaned.

“You haven’t earned that yet.”

Joe gripped her shoulders and helped her ease off his lap. She crumpled to the carpeted floor, her knees under her as she kept her head down, her face and bottom so hot she started to sweat.

He stood beside her and eased his pants down his legs. Eager for a glimpse of what he bared, she peeked at him, her mouth drying as she stared at the slight curve of his thick cock.

As he stepped out of his pants, Joe gripped his shaft and gave himself a couple of strokes. Then he sat on the bed again. He pushed his cock downward and the tip glistened with a moist pearl of his arousal. “You know what I want.”

Because she was just as eager, she scooted on her knees until she was right in front of him and then stretched upward to take the tip into her mouth. Her eyes closed as his steamy cock filled her mouth. She sucked it, her tongue sweeping his shaft.

Joe’s breath hissed between his teeth, and she almost smiled, knowing he loved everything she was doing. But then he dragged his fingers through her hair and molded his hands around her head, forcing her forward and back, deeper with each forward motion until he tapped the back of her throat.

Before she could unlock her jaws and take him deeper, he pushed her back, and her eyes slid slowly open. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she met his gaze.

A swallow worked his throat. His cheeks were dark. His eyebrows lowered. He’d never looked more dangerous—or sexier, with his belly tight with tension, his cock gleaming from the moisture of her mouth.

“Cam,” Joe said, not looking back at his best friend, whose face was equally hard. “Fuck her until you both come.”

About Delilah Devlin

Delilah Devlin is an award-winning author with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing deliciously edgy stories with complex characters. Whether creating dark, erotically-charged paranormal worlds or richly descriptive westerns that ring with authenticity, Delilah Devlin “pens in uncharted territory that will leave the readers breathless and hungering for more…”
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23 Responses to REINED IN Coming February 25th!

  1. Laura Bowles says:

    Since you posted the same thing I am going to as well. I have Unbridled and Unforgiven. I am looking forward to the Print version of these books and the Delta Heat series, Triple Horn Brand series

    • 🙂 The first six Lone Star stories are already in print in Cowboy Fever and Texas Surrender. And I’ve been lazy about putting together the print request for my publisher for the DH and THB books. Someday soon I’ll find a minute… 🙂

  2. Kerry P says:

    I have enjoyed every single one of the Lone Star books and look forward to reading this one! Thank you Delilah for sharing your creative mind with us!

  3. Laura says:

    I love your books. I have books 1 and 2 in print I really look forward for the rest to come to print

    • i’m not sure how many more in this series I will write. I’d like to have Macy Pettigrew at the realty office have a thing with the mayor, but I may be almost at the end of my imagination with that place. Unless you have a great idea. In the meantime, I have another western series getting ready to start up. Something to do with ranching, a canyon and some interesting rivalry between part Comanche illegitimate sons and a rancher’s legitimate progeny… We’ll see…

  4. Wanda says:

    Can’t wait for this story!!!! SUPER EXCITED!!!!

  5. Tracie says:

    Sounds like there are going to be some explosive interactions! Can’t wait to see more!

  6. Tina M says:

    Wow !! I have to read this one.

  7. Lea says:

    *fans self* Oh My!! That was seriously HOT!!!

  8. Jane Smolen says:

    Looking forward to this one….will have to wait for Nook to get it….thanks for what I am sure will be another very hot book…..

  9. Lisa M.B. says:

    Can’t wait for Reigned In!! Come on, February 25th!!

  10. Ashley says:

    Cannot wait for this to come out! Sounds like it is going to be a very hot read! Is it Monday yet??

  11. Tabitha Parrish says:

    Who cares if its cold outside this will keep you warm

  12. The winner of the free download (chosen by random number generator) is…LEA! Congrats!

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