Finding the Cowboy She Lost on Valentine’s Day – Redneck Romeo: Red Hot Valentine

When ten other authors and I started chatting about giving our readers great new books for Valentine’s Day, the Red Hot Valentine Collection was born! Each of our stories are $.99, and promises you a sexy and romantic story.

My story, Redneck Romeo, takes place on a ranch in southern Texas:

Redneck_Romeo 600x900

When Genevieve Riley sneaks onto the O’Bannon Ranch to return a stolen heirloom, the boy she’d fallen in love with as a teenager, Nick O’Bannon, catches her before she can slip away. The problem is, he’s now a big, rugged cowboy, and those feelings from a decade ago resurface. She can’t concentrate on anything but picking up where they left off.

Nick can’t believe what his dogs cornered. Beautiful ‘Jellybean’ Riley, all grown up and sexier than sin. He never knew what tore her from his life when they were teens, just as their relationship was starting. With the heat radiating between them, he knows he can seduce her, but can he make her stay this time?

Here’s a sexy scene to tempt you:

Genevieve wanted this man, now, even if it was just once, a final chapter to the sweet love story they’d begun years ago. “Nick.” She stood, urging him to his feet next to her. Fisting her hands in the shoulders of his T-shirt, she tugged it up.

He took the hint, backed her against the kitchen table, his hips and thighs pressed tight against her, then hauled off the shirt and threw it. His gaze immediately found hers. “Genny, are you sure?”

She nodded. He’d asked her the same question when they were teenagers, exploring each other through their swimsuits. Tentative, fascinating brushes of fingertips. “Are you sure?”

He tipped his head back with a single laugh. “I’ve thought of you too damn often over the years. This feels like you’re…” That gorgeous wrinkle formed between his eyebrows. “Like you’re finally coming home.”

Her heart raced with joy. “It’s the same with me.” She glanced at his bulky chest, so much stronger than the bare chest of the boy she’d known. Now, his firm muscles were furred with dark hair. She ran her fingers through it. “I loved this ranch. Missed it so much it hurt.”

He groaned and slipped his hands under her top, easing them along her back until he found her bra strap. “Sweet Genevieve.” He unfastened her bra, she lifted her arms and let him remove her shirt, then he slid the bra straps down her arms and stared at her breasts. “Where did these come from?”

She chuckled as her nipples pebbled and tiny shivers of desire coursed downward, creating lovely havoc between her legs. “I hated it when you teased me about my little bumps.”

He palmed her C cup breasts. “No teasing now, Genny.” He kissed her lips. “You’re beautiful.” He bent and kissed the swell of each breast, then lower, until he reached a nipple. Sucking her tight bud into his mouth, he let loose a long groan.

Heat broke lose inside her, slamming a blast of desire deep in her belly, contracting her core and tingling along her pussy lips. She felt herself falling back and grabbed his shoulders to stay upright.

He laved each nipple, suckled and nibbled as his hands skimmed along the length of her back. The rough scrape of his calluses reminded her of the strength and maturity of the man who held her, who made love to her just like she’d always fantasized.

His kisses trailed down her breast and along her ribs as he knelt in front of her. From each spot he touched, ripples of desire expanded along her skin.

She ran her fingers through his hair, freeing the sides where his hat had matted it down. Soft and thick, it took her back to the days when he’d ask her advice on hairstyles, combing it in different ways for her approval.

“How’s my hair today?” He looked up from kissing her belly button.

How had he read her thoughts? She smiled. “You remembered?”

“I’ve never forgotten a moment, Genny.” His gaze turned serious. “I’m glad you came back.”

It was hard to draw breath for the depth of emotion his words evoked. She cupped his cheeks. “I’m glad you caught me breaking in.”

His crooked grin nearly sent her spinning. Focusing on her belly again, he nipped at her skin just above the waistband of her shorts. He unbuttoned and unzipped and with a glance up at her, he slid her shorts and her pink panties down and off, tossing them aside.

Exposed, bared to him, voracious for his kiss there, she fought her hesitancy by reminding herself he wasn’t a stranger. He was her first love, and—oh heavens, how amazing—she was his, too.

“You’re beautiful, Genny.” The words rumbled from his chest. He leaned forward, slowly, making every muscle in her body tense, crave his touch.

When his lips brushed her trimmed mound, he groaned and she whimpered.


You know I love to do this to you! Head to 69 Shades of Smut Blog where I’m blogging today, too. You’ll find the rest of this scene there.

Other Red Hot Valentine Stories:

Quarterback Sneak by Desiree Holt

Stacy Halligan has spent her adult life focusing on her career, choosing men with far less care than she does her professional path. That’s probably the reason all of her relationships end in disaster. Now she’s senior editor of the magazine where she works and she was so sure this latest hunk would be the one. When he dumps her, just before Valentine’s Day, who does she complain to, as always, but her next door neighbor and friend, backup quarterback Max Sullivan. She sees Max as her best friend. Comfortable. Easy to be with.

Max doesn’t mind hanging out with Stacy but in the three years they’ve lived next door to each other he’s hoped for a lot more. Now he sees his opening. When he offers to put on a blitz leading up to Valentine’s Day to make the guy jealous, he has an ulterior motive. He wants to show her he’s the one she should pick, because he wants Stacy for himself. His campaign includes, chocolate, flowers, little gifts and hopefully, really hot sex. Because he’d been dying forever to get her into his bed and keep her there.

Will this work? He only has until Valentine’s Day to find out.

* * * * * * * *

If You Dare by Aliyah Burke

When two people lost in their careers are thrown together, can passion kindle lost souls and ignite the flames of love?

Justin Kapp is on an Alaskan cruise when he meets a woman that gives the vacation an entirely new outlook. From the very beginning he knew she was something special. Something more.

Kathryn Maynard, a top divorce attorney in Virginia Beach, accepts a dare that puts her on an Alaskan cruise and rail package. She would rather be anywhere but here, however the arrival of an intense man, changes that. Changes her.

When reunited in Virginia and Justin wants more than she’s willing to allow herself to give. After he leaves, she realizes what is the most important. Will she take the chance and dare her heart to love?

* * * * * * * *

Redneck Romeo by Randi Alexander

When Genevieve Riley sneaks onto the O’Bannon Ranch to return a stolen heirloom, the boy she’d fallen in love with as a teenager, Nick O’Bannon, catches her before she can slip away. The problem is, he’s now a big, rugged cowboy, and those feelings from a decade ago resurface. She can’t concentrate on anything but picking up where they left off.

Nick can’t believe what his dogs cornered. Beautiful ‘Jellybean’ Riley, all grown up and sexier than sin. He never knew what tore her from his life when they were teens, just as their relationship was starting. With the heat radiating between them, he knows he can seduce her, but can he make her stay this time?

* * * * * * * *

Tastes Like Chocolate by Graylin Rane

Viviana’s heartbreak and betrayal by her ex-fiance’ is poured into her sculpting. While working on a statue of pure milk chocolate, she finds herself talking to the man emerging about her hopes, dreams, and desires. Sprinkling gold dust over his stunning finished form makes his body glitter as he comes to life taking her into his arms. Their passion ignites a side of her she’d given up on, can they survive the jealousy of her former flame to find love?

* * * * * * * *

Sweet Indulgence by Shyla Colt

This sexy short will help make your Valentine’s day sizzle.

Born on February 14th, Chastity Roberts has never taken stock in the holiday for lovers. But this year Cupid has a little something special up his sleeve. Out on the town with her best friend, she runs into the green-eyed male who keeps her panties wet and her thoughts dirty at work.

Eli Cole is a man who turns heads. But the only woman he has eyes for is Chastity. After six months of hiding his affection to allow her to settle into her new role, he’s ready to indulge in the sweetness only her body can offer.

* * * * * * * *

Sweet Sizzle by Jodi Redford

Valentine’s Day—the bane of Rory Sinclair’s existence. Hard to forgive the one holiday responsible for the single most moronic decision of her life. If it was up to her, she’d skip anything to do with cupid, but with her business partner home sick with the flu, she’s stuck delivering a bunch of cookie bouquets to a local firehouse. Who knows, maybe she’ll cure her Valentine’s Day neurosis and heat up the mattress with a hunky firefighter. Her plan of donning some edible undies and getting her freak on goes up in flames though the instant she steps through the doors of Station 5 and spots Bennet Jackson—the man responsible for her decade long Valentine’s Day boycott.

No matter how hard he’s tried, Ben has never gotten over the innocent girl he foolishly let slip between his fingers. When Rory unexpectedly crashes back into his world, he figures it’s his only shot at righting the wrongs of his past and getting her back in his bed and his life. For good. Unfortunately, she has other plans. Ones that don’t include him. He’s well aware that she has every reason to despise him, but if there’s one thing he’s up for, it’s a challenge. Because there’s no way in hell he’s losing the woman of his dreams again. And this time he’s prepared to pull out every dirty, sexy, and hotter-than-sin trick to convince her to stay.

* * * * * * * *

Turnaround by Cassandra Carr

Becca and James don’t date. Both are in their thirties and neither has found anyone they feel is potential spouse material. Becca attends a “We Hate Valentine’s Day” party at a local bar where James is bartending. He knows from the first day they meet that Becca is someone special, but Becca’s more cautious. James sets out to prove to Becca there really are happy-ever-afters.

* * * * * * * *

The Bet by Ty Langston

Meet Chris Knight, lead singer of the international Rock Band, Knight’s Armor. He’s successful, rich and is in deeply in love with his girlfriend, Gabrielle. Gabrielle is a music columnist for Rockline Magazine. Her love of everything music pales in comparsion to the love she has for her boyfriend, Chris Knight.What happens when two people love each other so much, but decide to change the rules? The dice is cast, a bet is made, how much will things change between them? Or will it end things for good?

* * * * * * * *

A Kiss From a Rose by Michel Prince

Jenna Turner wasn’t looking for anything but a quick bite to eat when she met the sexy peace officer Marcus Peterson. While Jenna has always been singularly focused on her next big promotion at work, suddenly she’s distracted by alluring texts from Marcus.

His evocative words and her naughty responses invoke emotions neither seem ready for, and luckily, neither have room in their busy lives to follow through on all their sexting.

Can two career driven people find the time to take their relationship to the next level? Or will careers and the pressure to achieve goals cause the end to a budding love?

* * * * * * * *

Falling for Cupid by Christin Lovell

Cupid Valentine, a.k.a. Coop, is the worst divorce attorney in the entire Northeast. Ninety-eight percent of his clients reconcile before the gavel hits the block. He’s dedicated his life to love; yet he’s never experienced it for himself…until Daisy.

Plus size Daisy and her best friend, Brad, made a pact when they were younger: if they weren’t married by thirty, they’d marry each other. Two years later, they’ve learned that love has many forms, and a passionate love is needed to have a fulfilling relationship.

The pair confounds Coop. His job has always been to repair relationships, but what happens when he suddenly finds himself rooting for the opposite of all he stands for? He does what any smart cupid would do and flies away. But you can only escape Cupid’s arrow for so long, even if you happen to be Cupid.

* * * * * * * *

True Love’s Fire by Sable Hunter

While vacationing at a cabin in the Ozarks, Scott Walker – Austin neurobiologist, gets snowed-in and has to be rescued by local, Lia Houston. She brings him food, helps him fix his heat and tries to get his car on the road. A monster storm has paralyzed the mountain and as she’s trying to chain his car to her truck, a huge ice-covered limb falls, crushing the front of her pick-up and almost flattening Scott. If she hadn’t moved fast, he’d be a memory – but the brave action on her part comes with a price, she’s injured and stuck with Mr. Know-It-All until the weather abates. Scott doesn’t believe in love, much less love at First Sight. So when he meets Lia, he welcomes the attraction, but fights the tenderness with every breath in his body. Join Sable Hunter as she chronicles their journey from lust to love with a lot of fireworks in between. They meet at the dawn of the New Year, and by Valentine’s Day the fires of True Love are burning bright.

* * * * * * * *

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