If Miley Cyrus Had Followed her Dad Into Country Music

I saw this video and had to laugh. I have to admit, I haven’t watched the whole Miley video. When the Twerplettes are around, the channel always gets changed when she comes on. But what if she’d followed her dad into country western? Wouldn’t that have been interesting?

And now, for your earworm and viewing pleasure, Miley’s dad singing the song that got us all up and line dancing. Check out the hair on these guys! Wow, country went a little wild in the ’90s!

Are you a fan of Billy Ray or Miley? What do you think is coming next in country music? Are you hoping those hairdos will come back? 😉

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14 Responses to If Miley Cyrus Had Followed her Dad Into Country Music

  1. Tiss says:

    AT one time I like Billy Rae, now, not so much. I don’t have a clue what is coming next, but it’s scary.
    NO! not the hair!

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Hahaha, yes, the hair was a little distracting! I showed the video to the Twerplettes, and they were shocked!

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    I enjoy some country music, one of my favourites is “Potato’s In The Paddywagon”.

  3. Eileen says:

    not a fan of either. Oh and the hair! OMG! I really hope that it won’t come back in style. It will be interesting to see if country goes more mainstream Pop or head back to country. Between Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and Carrie Underwood, I wonder where country music is headed. I’m here for the long run so I’ll enjoy where it takes me.

    • Randi Alexander says:

      I agree, Eileen. As long as they keep singing, I’ll keep listening. I like the variety of the traditional country mixed with some pop cross-overs.

  4. Tina B says:

    That was a great rendition in my opinion.
    I am not a huge fan of country music so I don’t really have an opinion on it, though I think it’s evolving.
    His song was very catchy when it came out. 🙂

    • Randi Alexander says:

      I like the country version, too, Tina. They really got into it. Yes, people either loved or hated Achy Breaky Heart.

  5. Billy Ray some of his songs I like. Miley needs someone to take her to the woodshed as my grandmother would have said, she is so trashy. Where country music is going who knows….I grew up listening to the oldies…Jones, Jennings, Cash, Williams, Willie, Reba, Dolly, Conway and George Strait. Will always love these and their extended group. As Eileen said I am here for the long run and will enjoy where it takes me. As for the hair I hope we never revisit it.

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Hey, Elaine, I hear a lot of people voicing concerns about Miley. She seems to want to try a little to hard.

  6. Loved Billy Ray’s songs…. it is hard for the to see the “attraction” that so many have because he looks like my brother, dances like him too. lol but I love most of his songs and so glad to see he went to the top.. Now for his Daughter Miley… She was a great girls … and like so many who are under “contracts” and not aloud to be “themselves” grow up and be like she is today “unattractive” I loved some of her songs, but once she “grewUp” she isn’t good in her music anymore… and she is messing up her life… I hope she gets a grip before it’s too late! and LOVE THE HAIR… I was a 80’s child growing up and so glad to see the “styles” coming back! 🙂 don’t hate…. it’s a lot better than those “elephant pant legs” omg!

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Oh yes, the elephant pant leg jeans! So many things go in and out of style. Now it’s Luke Bryan and his extra-tight skinny jeans. Wow!

  7. Oddly enough, I like the country version of the song… Vocally speaking, Miley is so talented, but whoever is giving her advice about how she presents herself to the public is really doing her no favors. Regardless, despite her crazy antics, it’s not like she’s been arrested or anything like that, so I’ll hope she grows out of this “eccentric” phase.

    Her dad? Also talented. I think my favorite song by him is probably “Could’ve Been Me” or maybe “Some Gave All.”

  8. Randi Alexander says:

    True, Kitt. Miley could be sabotaging her life, like poor Lindsey Lohan. I do miss Billy Ray. Wish he’d make a comeback someday.

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