Happy 2014!

Happy New Year - Maverick MTThis is my first Wild and Wicked post for the new year, so I wanted to start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I have to admit, I’m a little adrift right now.  I resigned from my job as a college professor at the end of last semester in order to write full-time, and yesterday I would’ve normally gone back to work.  But I sent the kids off to school (after making them blueberry pancakes), sent my hubby off to work…and then decided to take on projects around the house.

Yep.  Forget writing – I had stuff to do!

For hours, I did laundry, cleaned out closets, and reorganized my kitchen cabinets.  Then I met my sister and best friend for a walk up a mountain (which they have been doing regularly), and got my butt kicked.  Then I fell off a chair while re-organizing  the baskets on top of my closet.

So far, I ended day one of my new job with an aching back and pulled muscles.  🙂  I think I may need to get organized and put myself on some sort of schedule.  Time to get back to writing!

My wish for 2014 for all of us is to take some risks, pull some muscles, and make some mistakes.  I know, weird wish, right?  I’m going to cut down on worrying and have some fun, while writing like crazy and taking some chances.  Why not?  Mountains are made to be climbed, and if we fall (and we will), we’ll just give it another shot the next day.  So, again, I hope you have a wonderful 2014!

Before I forget, AGAINST THE WALL is still on sale for new year’s at .99 cents.  If it’s cold where you are, cowboy Jake Lodge knows how to warm you right up!

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Undeniably steamy and consistently engaging, the first of Rebecca Zanetti’s Maverick Montana series mixes sizzling chemistry and intriguing conflict with deeper emotional themes of loneliness and finding home, making for a read that satisfies on a number of levels.” ~ RT Book Reviews – 4 STARS

Rebecca Zanetti created a story with an ultimate alpha male and a strong, sassy female lead. I was in love with the story from page one and couldn’t wait to find out how it ended! HarlequinJunkie

About Rebecca Zanetti

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal, contemporary, and romantic suspense romances. Current series include: Dark Protectors, Sin Brothers, and Maverick Montana.
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6 Responses to Happy 2014!

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Good to make a positive impact on your surroundings. This is not procrastinating, this is about you needing to take control of your new working environment and see some results. Of course if you did that every day instead of writing it would be procrastination! Make a routine now.

  2. IMHO your response to the first day of being a “fulltime” writer is so normal! 🙂

    I’ve been out of academia since 2001 and I STILL have dreams about teaching.

    Enjoy the new life

  3. Shirley says:

    Now Rebecca — you can still write with an aching back & sore muscles right? 🙂 Just don’t do anything to screw up your hands. You gotta be able to hit all those keys so you can bring us more from Maverick, MT. Happy New Year form East Texas!!

  4. ronnie c says:

    LOVE this book!!!

  5. Congratulations on your new full-time career! Can’t get enough sexy cowboys, so bring ’em on!! Happy New Year!!

  6. Eileen says:

    Happy new year and good luck with full time writing. I’m sorry to hear about your aches and pains on your first full day of writing. LOL Sounds like something I would do. My enthusiasm always gets me in the end.

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