Can you believe it’s 2014?

I’m so old just the sound of “2014” sounds very, very weird. Like I should be living in a futuristic world with hovercars and household robots. Okay, so maybe I’m not quite that old and decrepit.

Fact is, I love to mark the passage of another year making plans. I’m one of those who has her sacred list of resolutions ready on the first day. Rarely do my good intentions last more than a week. Already today, one has fallen by the wayside. I promised myself I’d have all my blogs posted at least one day beforehand, but I’m late with this one today because it completely slipped my mind.

I have a great excuse. I’m deep into a story I don’t want to leave. When I’m like that, I can’t keep track of time. I can’t remember what day of the week it is; I ignore my calendar. But really, an ex-SEAL, sailing in the Bahamas, diving with sharks… Wouldn’t you be a little excited too?

Since I’m late, I also don’t have anything important prepared to talk to you about (not that I ever do!), so how about this? What resolutions have you already broken? Or if you’ve been very virtuous these first four days of this glorious new year, what are you determined to stick with?

About Delilah Devlin

Delilah Devlin is an award-winning author with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing deliciously edgy stories with complex characters. Whether creating dark, erotically-charged paranormal worlds or richly descriptive westerns that ring with authenticity, Delilah Devlin “pens in uncharted territory that will leave the readers breathless and hungering for more…”
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21 Responses to Can you believe it’s 2014?

  1. Sara Hult says:

    I honestly never make resolutions gave that up years ago, when I decided everyday would be lived by the golden rule. Since then have not felt like I needed to make resolutions.

  2. Only resolution I made was do more reading so far I have kept that. I did promise myself to get more fun out of life. That one is a little harder to do….been by myself most of the days since 2014 started(my guys are hunting and grand daughter is with her Mom). But I have had fun reading!!!!!LOL….

  3. Oh DD. That storyline sounds awesome and intriguing!

    No NYE resolutions. I always break them anyway so I save time by not making them

  4. Mary Roya says:

    I use to make the same resolutions every year. But I never could successfully complete them. 1. Stop spending so much money, 2. lose weight, 3. go to church more. I have already broken each one. So I decided to make the resolution to do the best I can every day and not to be too hard on myself. Happy New Year ya’ll!

  5. LOL! You’re number 1 and 2 are always on my list!

  6. Porchia says:

    Eating right working out and losing weight!!! Doing great on the eating part due to an app called myfitnesspal!! Got sick before Christmas so the working out has not happened. ;(. But I am not giving up.

  7. Laura Bowles says:

    Well I vowed I would to at least exercise 3 days week, we are 4 days in and I haven’t exercised at all.

  8. Eileen says:

    Eat healthier and get in shape. It is so hard to think about exercising when you don’t want to take off the warm clothes in order to get sweaty. LOL

  9. Enikö says:

    I do not have resolutions! More like goals, small ones then I know I will succeed 😀
    Happy New Year!

  10. Lori Meehan says:

    I made a goal to read more of the books on my kindle and nook and to try and not buy to many more books. Yeah so far I’ve failed 😦

    • But Lori, was that a realistic goal? Not to buy books? Outside, I’m shaking my head in sympathy with you, who can resist books? Inside, I’m happy dancing–Lori can’t resist books! Yay!

  11. Clare O'Beara says:

    I used to make a resolution each year that this year my books would be published. Turned out it was impossible to keep that one because publishers just never bother reading submissions let alone get back to you even with a rejection. So last year I vowed that I would publish independently, technology having advanced to that stage. Kept it, and this year I’m resolving to have fun and do more writing and publishing, since it wasn’t my fault I could not keep the earlier resolutions.
    Your current story sounds great, who wouldn’t want to get into that one!

  12. Clare, publishing is disheartening, but good for you for not giving up!

  13. I’m in the “need to eat healthier/get more active” camp — I say it each year, but considering the health issues I had last year, it’s an imperative. So picture me actually wearing a FitBit now to force me to get off my butt and get some steps in. Now to figure out a way to write at the same time…

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