New Year, New Books, New Frame of Mind

Mind if I start off with the new book? I only had to wait close to a year since the submission of it to the publisher. It was such a long wait since it was actually completed and edited and it sat there, in the release queue, just…waiting.

Release day was Tuesday, December 31, 2013. I’m glad it is finally available for the readers who were waiting for it.

ElisPromise72webTime and distance have a way of sneaking up on feelings thought long buried.

The Bar Next Door, Book 2

Five years ago, Eli held the hand of his dying lover and made a promise he never intended to keep. Find someone new to love? Be happy? Fat chance. Eli’s happiness died that day. He’s doing well to put one foot in front of the other, much less risk his heart again.

The only thorn in his side is Asa, part-time waiter at The Bar Next Door, who can’t seem to take a hint.

After years of carrying more responsibility on his broad, cowboy shoulders than most people twice his age, Asa knows what he wants when he sees it. Eli. Shadows haunt the gorgeous older bartender, who also happens to be one of Asa’s bosses, but Asa doesn’t care about potential complications. He only wants to banish Eli’s ghosts—and bring Eli back to life.

Persistence, a little impatience, and Asa’s very wicked mouth go to work on Eli’s grumpy, prickly defenses. But Asa may have to block the door to love with his foot—or his heart—before Eli slams it in his face.

Warning: Beware of stubborn cowboys, sticky bar floors and hot sexy showers, eavesdropping cooks and well-meaning friends, Irish whiskey, and a young man who doesn’t understand the word no.

Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Samhain Publishing | ARe

Now that that’s out of the way… New Year and New Frame of Mind.

I’m still working on that last one. It’s only the 3rd of January, after all.

In a recent post on another site, I made the comment that I wanted to work smarter, not harder. I’m honestly tired of having to say, I need to work today, especially to my family. We all as authors and bloggers put in a lot and I do mean A LOT of time writing, editing, promoting, connecting with readers and each other, networking, etc… There just aren’t enough hours in the day. But we make hours. Sometimes getting little to no sleep.

For some of us, our health suffers. Physically, mentally, emotionally. We give everything for these books, for this career that there are moments it’s not enjoyable. I don’t like that feeling. I want to love writing and I want to love all goes into it. So, somehow, someway, I’m going to learn, to figure out how to work smarter, but not harder. I don’t want my family, my kids, my health, or my home to suffer because I’m working 25 hours a day.

I spent yesterday decluttering my writing space. There’s a lot more to go, but I got a great deal of it done. Part of working smarter for me, is having that space, having the clutter contained and organized, getting rid of the crap I don’t need. Having everything within the same room, the flow of space easy, and things I love around me that give me inspiration. Music. Color. Notebooks and all manner of writing utensils. My whiteboard.

It’s only January 3rd and there are a lot of days for me to lose this feeling, but for now, I’m going to soak it up, store it inside for one of those days.

Happy New Year to all of you, readers and fellow authors. May 2014 shine bright for you and yours.


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4 Responses to New Year, New Books, New Frame of Mind

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    I agree wholeheartedly about decluttering Lisa, a house or room of clutter soaks up your energy. That was a good day’s work.
    Your story looks very interesting and I wish you well with it.

  2. Decluttering is great therapy and will pay off. One of the things I had to learn when I was burning out was to say “no” to people & tasks that were not in alignment with my goals. Prioritize because your kids are only this age once, & your health has to be a priority so that you can be wife, mother, author, blogger. That includes getting restorative sleep. I know I’m Momming you … I burned out, not sleeping ‘well’ for 3 years & finally sleep test showed zero deep sleep & I became disabled at 35 from being a CPA firm partner, Civic organization officer, Volunteer, Single Mom….
    So please do as I say and not as I did. Happy New Year!

  3. Shirley says:

    Hey Lissa — sounds like you’ve been busy and as you said, it’s only Jan 3rd. I hope 2014 is everything you want it to be. As you know, I love your books and Eli’s Promise was no exception. I think I finished it in one day. Didn’t want to put it down until I knew what was gonna happen. I wish you luck (which you really don’t need), lots of free time and loads of success in 2014.

  4. Amen, sister. I need to declutter — Christmas seemed to add more clutter to my office instead of less. :/ And if you figure out the whole ‘work smarter, not harder’ key to this business, let me know, will you? Because I’m at the same point…

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