Creating a family history

I started the first Malloy family series book, THE BOUNTY, around 1995. I published it in 2004 and republished it in 2006 revised and reedited. Since then I’ve published another 8 books in the Malloy family series with another 3 written or planned.

I decided I wanted to create a family tree for the Malloys. They are, by far, my most popular series and the one most readers contact me about. When I started on the family tree, it occurred to me that I had begun a family history.

While these are characters, they are very real to me. I laugh, cry, squirm, snort and get angry with each and every one of them. They deserved to have a family tree and a place where readers could look at the marvelous legacy of the Malloys.

I just published book 9, THE FORTUNE, which is the first prequel to the series. The story of how the parents, John and Francesca, of my beloved Malloys first met and fell in love. Next up is book 10, THE PROSPECT, due out March 11 from Samhain Publishing, continuing the prequel series with Josephine, Francesca’s sister, and the dark Declan Malloy.

What do you all think of the family tree? This is the first version – I am tweaking it to really make it pop!

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2 Responses to Creating a family history

  1. Eileen says:

    I like it. Lynn Kurland did the same thing with her books and a family tree so I can see the relationships between couples and books. Nice job!

  2. That’s really cool — I love charts like that, especially for families like your Malloys. (What software did you use, Beth?)

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