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LissaLogoYellow_reasonably_smallFirst of all, I’m so sorry that I’m so late in posting. I was up late watching the Florida State/Miami game last night, completely not realizing the date and until a little while ago, I didn’t realize it still.

A few days ago, I had a release, Love and Tattoos, and I spent several nights up until all hours, mostly 4am getting things ready to go for it.

On to the topic of today… Cooking for inspiration. I love to cook. I am always in the kitchen making something. My husband would say a mess. I would agree, but the end results, thank goodness are always (well, minus 3 or 4 times a year) delicious. I cook to relieve stress. I cook to relieve writing blocks in my head. I cook to inspire creativity. I cook because I damn sure like to eat.

In addition to cooking, and baking, I watch cooking shows. The Food Network and Cooking Channel TV are two of my favorite channels. Ever. I can’t get enough. Other inspiration for comes from Pinterest and the dozens upon dozens of food blogs I follow.

CupcakeCowboy200x300As I mentioned last month, I have a new series coming out later this month, Lone Star Sweets. The series was inspired by a show on Cooking Channel called Unique Sweets. They talk about everything having to do with sweets. If it’s got sugar, they’re on it. I love it. It’s fun to see the different creations people have come up with, most of which, they’ve turned into businesses.

The first book, The Cupcake Cowboy, was inspired by another Cooking Channel show, Eat Street. The Cupcake Cowboy is a food truck and Eat Street is all about food trucks and mobile bakeries. The ideas for food, for what people love to eat, for what people want to make or will pay for… One of my favorite episodes featured a food truck, Buttermilk. Most everything they make uses buttermilk and their most popular item was red velvet pancakes. They had lines and lines of people waiting for these pancakes.

I think food trucks are so much fun. They have interesting and inventive ideas on food. They make their favorite foods and want those foods to become favorites of others.

When I eat things that I really like, that I really want to have again and can’t get unless I go out and buy them or travel to where I had it, I will typically try to find a way to re-create it. I’ll find a recipe close to it and modify it as needed.

My most recent favorite is Strawberry~Jalapeno jam. I had it in San Antonio and because I don’t live there, I can’t just go out and get some. No matter where I went around where I do live, no one had it. So, off to Google I went for some recipe searching. I’ve tried a couple of different recipes. I’ve modified for personal taste, earlier in the week, I made my second batch. It’s sweet and spicy and wonderful.

I love food. It makes me happy. Different things work for different people but food and cooking and baking works for me. It’s one of my biggest inspirations when I write, when I need ideas, when I need to simply create something that has no words except “Yum!”.

My Lone Star Sweet series has a Facebook page, if you’d be interested in giving it a Like and keeping up with the series.

Do you cook? Bake? Like the kitchen? Have a food you wish you could re-create?

Again, I apologize for being so late with my post. And, here’s a shameless plug for my new book, Love and Tattoos:


Once Brax traded in his suit and law degree for part ownership in his best friend’s tattoo parlor, Love and Tattoos, he never looked back. Inked from head to toe, full of business smarts, and an affinity for classical music and hard sex, he’s got life right where he wants it.

Until the woman he can’t stop craving comes home. She’s full of luscious curves, looks a little unsure of herself, and has taken to acting a little odd around him. Brax can’t help but wonder why.

The corporate advertising firm in Philadelphia that Annie buttoned up her carefree personality for has laid her off. Now, back in North Carolina, she’s trying to find her sparks again. Her career is changing direction, her sex life is nearly dead, and the one thing worth having in the midst of it all is supposedly off limits.

Brax’s cockiness and Annie’s own desire to for the tattoo artist, dares her to believe he might know her better than she thinks he does. And when he promises that he can help her find what’s missing in her life, she agrees to his little after-hours game.

The challenge he lays out comes with a few strings, the suggestion of stripping, confessions, and the temptation of ink. But, they’ve never been that close, so how could she possibly lose?

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4 Responses to Cooking For Inspiration

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    We all need to eat and we all love real ingredients and good home cooking instead of processed stuff. I hope the Cupcake guy gets his girl!

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  3. Mary Preston says:

    For me cooking is such a chore. All that mess & then it’s gone in 5 minutes.

  4. Tina B says:

    I love to bake, but don’t like cooking. Lol.
    My friends and family are always having me bake cakes for birthdays and stuff. Tomorrow, I will be attempting to make cakepops. I’ve never had one, but they look yummy. 🙂
    I have tried recreating food items before and do have to tweak them a bit. I love Outback’s green beans, so I make something similar at home. People actually request them. Cooking to me takes to much effort. You have too many things going on at once. With baking, I can take my time for the most part. At least that’s why I think I enjoy baking, but not cooking.
    Congrats on the new release (it sounds like a great read, which I’ll be adding to my TBB) and the upcoming one as well!!

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