Storing Smiles For Later

Instead of shouting out about my new book coming out on  Wednesday (Breed True) I thought I’d share this idea for a memory jar I saw on Facebook the other day. The plan is to keep a container handy for those small moments of pleasure you don’t crow about but make you smile just the same. Then at the end of the year, read through them and relive the tiny moments that enriched 2013.

I’ve had a very good year and been more productive than ever before so I have a lot of big things to smile about. But so I don’t forget the many little things happening each day that make me happy, I’ve started my own memory jar. I’m getting all crafty this holiday season and making some fancier versions for friends . But whether it’s a clean peanut butter jar or an elegant wooden box, I think it’s a neat idea worth sharing.

Keepsake Smile Jar

Today, I dropped three notes in mine. 1) I won a game of Words With Friends and scored 485, a new record for me.  2) DH patted my bottom and hugged me before he went out the door this morning 3) A reader left me a note on FB and said she liked my sense of humor. :)

Those are just small things but each one makes me smile just recounting them to you again. I’ve put my three in now it’s your turn. To go in a drawing for an ecopy of my latest title (Breed True, releasing November 6) leave a note in today’s memory jar (comment below) and share something you’d like to remember at year’s end.

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18 Responses to Storing Smiles For Later

  1. Deb Thomas says:

    1. My son, who is 28 and in school, told me today that the reason he is still living at home right now is because he needs me as much as he knows I need him. That one will always make me smile.
    2. My hubby told me when he came home from work just a little while ago, that he has been waiting all day to come to me again. My hubby is getting more sentimental and romantic as we get older.
    3. My hubby and both my kids remembered my birthday (yesterday) this year. Usually one of them forgets.


    • Gem says:

      Awww, what neat memories to stick in the jar and take out later, enjoying them over and over again.
      Thanks so much for sharing, Deb.


  2. My daughter who is 28, married, and has lived out of state for 4 years, initiated a Google Video Chat & I got to visit with her for an hour while seeing her!! Happy Mom moment!!

    • Gem says:

      Now if you make her a 2014 jar, you can put that memory in to get her started. 😀

      Thanks for sharing and stopping by,


  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    This year I completed an SF book and independently published seven books in three genres. This is not to boast, just to say that so many new years’ resolutions were to get my books published, but publishers in Ireland do not read submissions nowadays, they only have a few slots on shelves to fill and they want to sell books by people who are already selling. The only way was to do it myself with the new technologies. So that is the best confidence booster and good memory I could have.
    Love the jar!

    • Gem says:

      OMG, Clarie, I just found you on Amazon and snagged the first book in your Mensa Mystery Series–Murder at Irish Mensa. 😀 I nibbled the first pages and now instead of working I want to read more. An awesome memory for your jar. Big Congrats!!

  4. I love the idea of the memory jar, and I can’t wait to read Breed True! 🙂 Tonight I had both of my boys sleeping under my roof. They both have birthdays in the next few weeks and will turn 18 and 21, and the oldest no longer lives at home with me, so I appreciate these little moments now.

    • Gem says:

      Michelle, I bet you find a hundred different moments to slip in the box while the boys are home together and you’re going to smile so big when you read and relive the memories later. 🙂

  5. Kirsten says:

    I love the idea of a memory jar, Gem. All those small moments add up to the best memories. I’ll have to get started, or start one next year.
    A memory in mine would be: A WWII Veteran I’m interviewing called me a “sweet gal” it’s a small thing but felt like a gift on a rough day.

  6. Becky Ward says:

    My man hugged me and gave me a kiss before I went out the door this morning. I really like the memory jar. I would also add one for hearing the cheerful note in my mom’s voice when I talk to her over the phone last night. I mailed her a package that contain a couple of sweatshirts which was something that she needed.

    • Gem says:

      It’s amazing how all the little things that make life sweet count up when you’re watching for them. Thanks for stopping by, Becky!

  7. Nova Conover says:

    My Dad paid for me to get my car fixed; I would have not been able to do it without his help. He is 82 and still with us, thank God.

  8. Mary Preston says:

    My son did some chores around the house for me – minimum fuss.

    I had some lovely visitors over today.

    My daughter was feeling a little better this afternoon.

  9. Tracie says:

    Today my smile comes from having done what I wanted to do this weekend. I slept most of the day yesterday and read today. Not much else got done and I don’t care. Tomorrow is soon enough and it will be here before I know it!

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