Guest Molly Ann Wishlade Talks Desire in Deadwood

Hey y’all! Thanks for inviting me to guest post!

I love all things linked to cowboys and the Wild West. When not reading about them, I’m busy with my current WIP, usually another highly erotic tale about sexy and saucy cowboys and their lady loves – and sometimes their gorgeous male lovers too.

My novella Desire in Deadwood is set in 1878. It’s a highly erotic tale of reconciliation, retribution and forgiveness. Add to the melting pot (or cauldron as we’re getting close to Halloween) a decade of separation for my sexy hero and heroine, the Gem Saloon, some conflict and misunderstanding and it makes for a sensual, moving and exciting combination.


Here’s an erotic excerpt for you to enjoy. It features Nate Hamilton, the hero, and Evelyn Campbell, the woman he once loved with all of his heart. Their reunion is, quite literally, explosive.

“Oh, Nate.” Evelyn’s eyes filled with tears and her heartbeat quickened as he reached around and unbuttoned her jacket. She sighed when he slid his hands inside, cupping and squeezing her breasts.

Nate helped her to shrug out of her jacket but when she moved to turn around to face him, he stopped her.

“No”—he pushed his groin against her—“like this, Evelyn.”

She leant forwards, resting her elbows on the table and inhaled deeply the sweet woody scent. Nate had made this table for her, for their life together and they were about to embark upon that life. A thrill of anticipation ran through her as an equally powerful longing began to pulse between her legs when Nate lifted her skirts so that they rested at the base of her spine. He tugged at her bloomers, pulling them down to the floor and she moaned as he ran his hands over her naked bottom then forced her feet farther apart with his.

“I love you, Evelyn, and I want to make you feel good.”

He slid to his knees behind her.

“You do, Nate. But should we really…” Her question was cut short as he slid between her legs so that he was facing upwards. He opened her folds with both hands and she felt his mouth against her labia. The sweet caress weakened her and she leant farther forward against the table. Her hardened nipples rubbed against the wood through her gauzy chemise.

The dual stimulation brought her to a quick climax and she had to lock her knees to prevent herself from collapsing onto Nate’s persistent tongue. Though the kitchen was cool and dark, deliberately positioned in the shadow of the North Hill, Evelyn’s body was aflame.

Nate continued to lick her pussy before sliding in and out of her depths, coaxing her towards the edge of reason. When he stopped suddenly, she cried out, but he moved quickly between her legs so that he was behind her again. He resumed probing her from this new angle, tickling between her buttocks and she tensed, wondering at his change of direction. But as his heat moved to her rear entry, she relaxed and surrendered to the unusual sensation. Whilst he licked there, gentle as a feather, she ground gratefully against the hand he pushed between her thighs to cup her sex, and she moaned with yearning when he plunged his fingers into her. 

“Make love to me, Nate,” she pleaded.

“Whatever you desire, my love.”

He moved up her body then he turned her to face him at last and lifted her onto the table. Evelyn eyed him hungrily and reached out to help him to unbutton his trousers. His cock bounced free, glistening with desire and she groaned as he pushed it against her and rubbed it up against her engorged bud and over her pulsing lips.

He used the end of his erection to circle her cunny again and again, tracing a figure of eight, until she cried out with need, “Enter me now, Nate!”

He pulled her hips to the edge of the table then obeyed her command. He thrust into her, gripping her buttocks so tightly that she felt his nails bite into her flesh but she flung her arms around his neck and held onto him. She pressed her face into his chest, love and longing washing over her as her body rode the crest of the wave of desire and his body echoed in a shuddering, emotional climax. 

They stayed that way for some time, wrapped around each other, their bodies still joined. Evelyn breathed deeply the musky scent of their lovemaking, wondering at how she had managed without Nate for so long.

When she finally looked up, he gazed into her eyes then kissed her hard and full on the mouth.

“Are you okay, Evelyn?”

She smiled shakily, suddenly aware that her cheeks were wet with tears. “I am, Nate. In fact, I am so much more than okay.


Hope you enjoyed it! If you like Desire in Deadwood, published with Totally Bound, you might want to look out for Wanton in the Wild West which is coming soon with Evernight Publishing.

Molly xxx


Twitter: mollyannwishlade@misswishlade

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10 Responses to Guest Molly Ann Wishlade Talks Desire in Deadwood

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    The writing is very emotional, full of passion and tenderness.
    Somehow I’m not that keen on the cover. I think it might be the lettering on the left side, looks like thorns or nails, spiky against bare skin. But maybe that’s what you were trying for.

  2. Eileen says:

    wow great excerpt. definitely checking it out.

  3. Oh wow! I must have this one! It’s going at the top of my wish list!

  4. Molly Ann Wishlade says:

    Hey ladies! Thanks so much for your comments!
    I love the cover personally but I do find your observation interesting, Clare! It’s an interpretation which could be applied to the story, I guess. Nate is rather ‘spiky’ when he sees Evelyn again and there is a LOT of bare skin! Then over the course of the novella…;)

  5. Molly Ann Wishlade says:

    Reblogged this on Molly Ann Wishlade and commented:
    I’m over at Wild and Wicked Cowboys today! Thanks so much for inviting me! 🙂

  6. Tracie says:

    Great excerpt, had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation!
    Good luck and happy writing!

  7. Mary Preston says:

    This was fantastic thank you.

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