Guest Melissa Cutler Talks Cowboys, Kink, and a One Bumpy Ride & #Giveaway

MelissaCutler_author photoMelissa Cutler here, and I’m so excited to be on Wild and Wicked Cowboys talking about my latest wild and wicked cowboy, Sheriff Vaughn Cooper, in my new release from Kensington Zebra, COWBOY JUSTICE. Vaughn is a rural county sheriff with the heart of a cowboy who has a tough row to hoe on the way to happily-ever-after with the cowgirl who’s stolen his heart (and has a thing for getting all tied up).

I love reading and writing all kinds of romance novels—from sweet, slow burns to lighthearted and humorous to angsty, fast-paced dramas—but I always love a heaping dose of sexy in them. Rachel and Vaughn were minor characters in my first Catcher Creek novel, THE TROUBLE WITH COWBOYS, with Rachel being a very serious, earnest character. I wanted her to be a true example of a “there’s more than meets the eye” personality, so what better way to do that than give her a secret kink? I knew from the moment she and Vaughn hit the page together that their story would be an intense, bumpy ride with lots of down and dirty loving.

It was really important to me with COWBOY JUSTICE to show that a couple doesn’t have to be starring in an erotic novel or porn movie to enjoy exploring bedroom games and toys and whatever turns them on. There’s no reason that real, everyday couples with day jobs and families and responsibilities that weigh them down (or contemporary romance novel stars like Vaughn and Rachel) can’t spice up their intimate lives with trust and dominance games—and in Vaughn and Rachel’s case, the occasional creatively used men’s suit tie or leather rein…

From the Back cover:

She can’t help but fall for the sexy sheriff—again…

Rachel Sorentino’s first regret about shooting at the vandals targeting her property is that her aim wasn’t better. Her second is that when bullets started flying, it was Sheriff Vaughn Cooper’s number she dialed. Vaughn is the mistake she keeps on making, and no matter how inconvenient their attraction—for his career, her tangled case, and their already battered hearts—there’s no denying what feels so irresistibly right…

Cowboy Justice

Here’s the scene from COWBOY JUSTICE:

A pile of tack sat on the ground next to where Rachel bent over the box. He followed her worn brown work boots up her legs to the supple curve of her backside, then higher, to the sliver of black panties showing above her jeans.

Before he even realized he was moving, he was behind her, his hand on her hip, testing the curve of her body beneath the denim. Rather than flinch away, she pressed that curve more firmly into his palm as she stood. He lifted her hat off and hung it on a nail within reach. She let him do it, so he took a chance and ran the tip of his tongue over her earlobe, then bit into the curl of flesh at the top until her body shuddered.

Her upper teeth pressed onto on her plump, rosy lower lip, a move that blinded him to all the reasons kissing her was wrong. He angled in, desperate for a taste of her.

With a breathy gasp, she jerked her face away and folded forward to rummage in the box, a move that presented her backside to him again. She was too smart to not be aware of what she was doing. The erection pressed against her thigh should’ve been enough to tell her his control was fraying. He cupped his hand over the firm flesh. Was she testing him? Making him prove his resolve to resist her? This was one test he’d have no qualms about failing at the moment.

She twisted up and looked over her shoulder at him, carnal awareness battling with self-control in her eyes as surely as it was battling in his mind. Then she handed him a halter combo and a leather rein.

Damn, the leather gave him impure thoughts. He tucked the halter under his arm and stretched the rein between his hands. Two seconds. That’s all it would take for him to bind her wrists to the handle on the side of the box and stretch her across the top as tightly as strings on a guitar. Wouldn’t be the first time he took a leather strap to her body. His blood throbbed beneath his skin, imagining all the ways he could bring her pleasure in that position.

He closed his eyes, his breath coming in starts and fits, gripping the rein hard enough that it cut into the fleshy part of his palms. “Tell me to get away from you. Tell me to leave you alone.”

As he stood frozen, torn between ravenous need and his integrity, Rachel stood. Her hips shifted to stroke him in the cleft of her buttock. Her fingers found his jaw, and she scraped her nails over the stubble of his neck and chin. “And if I don’t?”

COWBOY JUSTICE is in Stores Now:






Giveaway: I’m giving away a copy (print or digital) of COWBOY JUSTICE to one commenter, so tell me…what’s your kink? I’M KIDDING!!! Don’t tell me that! 🙂 In all seriousness, to be entered to win, tell me the last great couple from a romance book that you read about. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Best of luck in the giveaway!

My thanks to Wild and Wicked Cowboys for hosting me today. I love hearing from readers and am really easy to find at, on Facebook ( ), and Twitter (@m_cutler). And you can always email me at or sign up for my newsletter ( ) to find out about my latest books and upcoming events.

Bio: Melissa Cutler knows she has the best job in the world, dividing her time between her dual passions for writing sexy contemporary romances and edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense for Harlequin, Penguin, and Kensington Books. She was struck at an early age by an unrelenting travel bug and is probably planning her next vacation as you read this. When she’s not globetrotting, she’s enjoying Southern California’s flip-flop wearing weather and wrangling two rambunctious kids.


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22 Responses to Guest Melissa Cutler Talks Cowboys, Kink, and a One Bumpy Ride & #Giveaway

  1. angel90249 says:

    The last was Jett and Brooke from Surrender You Love, Conquer Your Love and Treasure Your Love by JC Reed

  2. Mary Preston says:

    I loved TJ and Anna in “On The Island” by Tracey Garvis Graves. A wonderful read.

  3. Elaine S. says:

    WOW picking one is very hard. I like all the couples in the Hell Yeah series by Sable Hunter. Each of these are wonderful reads.

  4. Clare O'Beara says:

    That’s a really nice cover.
    The Rosie Project by Graeme Simison has Don, a genetic scientist, and Rosie, an unconventional girl working as a barmaid as she studies. Don is socially awkward and decides to compile a questionnaire to help him meet the right woman. Rosie thinks that’s insulting to women, but she needs his help. This is a fantastic romance story and so funny.

  5. Susan T. says:

    Hmm…Jack and Leah from Jill Shalvis’ Always on My Mind, Ellie and Adam from Samantha Young’s Until Fountain Bridge, Janie and Abe from Lorelei James’ Wrangled and Tangled and Keely and Jack from Lorelei James’ All Jacked Up.

  6. Hi, everyone! *waving* Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment. I’m taking notes and adding books to my TBR list (er, mountain). Yesterday, I started reading Kit Rocha’s BEYOND SHAME. It’s terrific! My thanks to Randi and the rest of the Wild and Wicked Cowboys crew for hosting me today.


  7. Too many!!! As I just reread it, I will roll with is Parker and Amara from Blood of the Maple by Dana Marie Bell, Sweet, snarky, and somewhat irreverent….

  8. Larri says:

    I recently re read Lorelei James’ TIED UP, TIED DOWN. and Kade and Skylar are one of my favorite couples!

  9. Sheila F says:

    It’s hard to just pick one:( But since I just got done reading and loved the story of Drawn Together by Lauren Dane, I pick Raven and Jonah.

  10. Cindy Hamilton says:

    How can a person name just one couple! There’s SO many, I agree with another commentor all the couples from Sable Hunter’s books and the couples from Melody Anne’s Surrender series.
    This excerpt sounds HOT TOO! Adding to my TBR list!!

  11. Eileen says:

    I just finished reading Genevieve Graham’s Under the Same Sky with hero Andrew McDougal and Maggie Johnson. oh it was so good!!

  12. Dr. Laine Wheeler and Special Agent Jack Vaughn from Accidental Affair. She’s an emergency physician with a painful past and he’s an undercover ATF agent working to infiltrate a domestic terror group.

  13. Tracie says:

    And here I was all ready to share my “kinks” but since I don’t want my membership revoked…

    I just finished Cherry Adair’s Edge of Danger and I had fun watching Eden and Gabriel’s relationship evolve.

  14. Michelle says:

    I’m hooked to Julie Richman’s “Needing Moore” trilogy’s Mia Silver and Schooner Moore. Without giving too much away, the first book, “Searching for Moore,” featured the reunion, after 24 years, of the college sweethearts. The second book, “Moore to Lose,” focused on Mia’s journey during those 24 years. Julie is writing the last book, “Moore than Forever,” and it should be published in early 2014. I was drawn to the series because the protagonists were adults in their 40s. In a sea of NA, it was gratifying to read a book about grownups.

  15. jennifer rafuse says:

    my recent one was from All Jacked up by Lorelei James and they were Jack and Keely..that was a cowboy book as well nothing like them cowboys

  16. Linda Lou says:

    I really enjoyed Cade Gentry and Leah Findley in “Angels End” by Cindy Holby. It was a very good cowboy romance book. I’ve always enjoyed anything with cowboys (the hotter, the better) !

  17. My absolute favorite couple from a romance book, are Sable Hunter’s Aron & Libby from Cowboy Heat! Cowboys are my favorite heroes, so I’m looking forward to reading your work. : )

  18. Tiss says:

    You want us to pick just one???? Well, I haven’t read it in awhile,but my all time favorite couple is Cord and AJ for Lorelei James’, Cowgirl Up and Ride. This book you’ve got coming sounds AWESOME, I”m looking forward to it. Thanks for the excerpt.

  19. Lori Meehan says:

    I’m just finishing “Wee William’s Woman” by Suzan Tisdale. I love Wee William and Nora. I highly recommend this series.

  20. I want to thank all the readers who stopped by the blog to read my post and check out COWBOY JUSTICE. I’ve had so much fun!

    It’s time for me to pick a winner, so I turned to for help.

    The winner of a digital or print copy of COWBOY JUSTICE is…. Tiss!

    Tiss, please contact me at melissa @ (with no spaces), so we can work out the details of getting your book to you. Thanks for stopping by the blog.


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