So did you ever do it in a truck?

couple in truck

Happy October everyone!! My first erotic contemporary story will be out later this year and since it all starts in a truck 😉 I figure it’s still in wild and wicked cowboy country. I’m sharing a snippet today from Taboo Frequency. 

HOT, HOT, HOT Excerpt:

Gabe leaned against the seat, gazing at Kiley as she took all the pleasure he gave her and reached for more. He wanted to watch as she came apart for him.

He swirled his finger in her wet heat and she opened her eyes holding his gaze. Her channel pulsed, stroking his cock as she rotated her hips and then lifted high.  He bucked under her, thrusting through clenching pussy muscles as she began her slide down.

“Come for me.” He pinched the sensitive bundle of nerves, watching her fly apart. Goosebumps raced over her body and a surprised expression flitted across her face.  In the throes of a hip swaying, pussy clenching orgasm, she stared at him from half-closed blue eyes that drifted closed as her lips parted and she made the prettiest keening sound of pleasure he’d ever heard. He sucked her nipple, gripped her rump and held on for the ride home as she clenched her sex, milking his length, making him groan.

“I’m coming,” he growled abandoning her breast to pull her mouth down, kissing her for the first time, liking the flavor of her lips and the way she opened for him taking his tongue as deep as she took his cock.

Afterward, the windows of his truck were steamed over. He almost hated to air the cab out. It had been too long since he’d inhaled the erotic mix of sweat and sex.  She didn’t waste any time cuddling with him after she got her senses back. Though he only had to dispose of the condom, pull up his pants and buckle up, she scrambled to find her clothes and beat him dressed. 

She sat on the seat, her hands folded in her lap and it was hard to believe that they’d both gorged on lust. He couldn’t tell if she was regretting what they’d done or was too sated to talk.

Finally, as he drove her back to pick up her car, he said awkwardly, “I’d like to see you again.” As soon as he said it, he wanted to retract the words. “But, I don’t really have time for a relationship. When I’m not working I’m thinking about working.”

That sounded pompous as hell and he floundered, knowing he was blowing the moment and dammit, he didn’t want to. He looked at her sideways, before pulling her closer, sliding his arm around her shoulders so her body rested against his. Risking a quick glance from the road to look at Kiley, he took in her swollen lips and flushed cheeks. She laid her hand on his thigh, and his cock stirred under her palm.

“Doesn’t mean I’m a eunuch, though,” he muttered.

 “Obviously,” she agreed, giving him a speculative look before matching his candid remarks with her own. “I’d like to do this again.”

She squeezed his thigh and it didn’t surprise him when his already half aroused cock thickened under her hand, ready for more.

 “Maybe we can help each other,” she said looking up at him. He didn’t know what she had in mind but with her hand stroking up and down his thigh the way it was, he’d listen all night.

“I’m a single mom. I don’t have a steady man because I don’t want one hanging around my two kids who are right now with my mom. She doesn’t babysit often and I don’t leave them with anyone else. I have a full-time life that includes a job and no time for a relationship. ”

“And?” He squeezed her shoulders, urging her to make an offer he wasn’t going to refuse regardless of what it was.

“And—I have certain biological needs I’d like to satisfy with something other than plastic.” She closed her eyes, her blush denying the intimacies they’d just enjoyed at the same time her hand stroked his thigh, promising more.

“Well as to those biological needs—seems like we can find a way to get them satisfied. When you’ve got the time, I’ll find the place.” He pulled up next to her car and put the truck in park, waiting for Kiley’s answer.

When she remained mute, he decided coaxing was in order. “You do the calling,” he said, switching on his truck’s overhead light to search in the glove compartment for paper. 

“I’d just as soon the whole town not know we’re carrying on,” Kiley murmured, her blush turning her pink cheeks to ruby.

“Carrying on?” After the uninhibited fucking they’d just engaged in, her old-fashioned description made him smile.

His quick rummaging turned up no paper, so before shutting off the overhead light, he held her hand and wrote his number on her palm. “If you change your mind and don’t call, it’s okay. I’ll not bother you. If you do call, I’ve marked your number a TF.”


“That’s military speak for taboo frequency—a contact too important to miss. You call when you’re able to get free and I’ll make sure we get together.”

He let her get half out the door before he added his last addendum to their deal.  “As to the plastic, you might want to bring it along for a ride or two. No sense in letting it feel neglected.” He liked a little variety in the sheets and he figured he’d let her know up front, he wasn’t all vanilla. He had a feeling neither was she. 

Now I know we all buckle up and behave ourselves when we get in our vehicles, but I’m wondering if maybe some of you have *ahem* unbuckled a time or two???

I’m giving away choice of my backlist books in a drawing from comments today. If you’ve got any stories to share about a “special” ride, I’d love to hear. 😀


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31 Responses to So did you ever do it in a truck?

  1. Maryann says:

    Not done it in a truck, but a citreon 2CV, a VW beetle and middle lane of the motorway at 1am all come to mind!

  2. ELF says:

    Sorry, I am braver in my reading than I am in my real life, lol. Very nice excerpt! Thanks for sharing and good luck with the release!

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    Wow, I think that post deserved a heat warning!

  4. LorettaLynn says:

    Nope can’t say I have… out in the woods maybe in the back of one tho…. Moon shining down.

  5. Michelle V says:

    My mother isn’t reading this is she? lol Yes, I confess to taking a ride in a pickup truck back home in my high school days, and that’s all I’m saying. lol I love your books Gem! 🙂

  6. Annie says:

    In a variety of vehicles including a truck. Also in the great outdoors under the stars. Great excerpt.

  7. Ohh Yes I have were stationed in Germany and my husband had been gone on a long field exercise and I drove up to see him for the day ( we had a truck) a single cab, pre children days and we drove down a little road in the woods and of course it is in Jan in Germany, cold and snow, well we steamed up those windows for about an hour and my husband in all his wisdom decided he need more ”room” so we took it outside against a tree in the snow and cold. In the heat of the moment we did not realize we had an audience, we looked up and right in the clearing was a rabbit family just staring at us like WTF are these fools doing,, we laughed so hard, here we were with our pants down to our ankles doing it like rabbits in the cold and snow and the real rabbits thought we were crazy..LOL

  8. Debra DeMaio says:

    Yes I did..a lot 🙂 I worked with race horses so the trainer and I found the truck convenient since we traveled so much…one caveat..if you want to fool around on the highway..18 wheelers have a great view and will honk their horn..all the time

  9. Cindy Hamilton says:

    I have to say yes, car and truck-got busted once!!!! Embarrassing!!!!

  10. Tracie says:

    Great excerpt! Already loving the characters!

    Does a Blazer count? I lost my virginity in one and my panties too many times to count. At the drive-in, a dark dead-end, the driveway or anywhere else the urge struck. Ohhh if those tires could talk!

    • Gem says:

      Officially, SUV’s are known as “light trucks” so yes, ma’am, those panties (and first time ride) make you an official member of the IDIIAT (I did it in a truck) club. Welcome. 😀

  11. ronnie c says:

    woo hoo…sounds HOT!!! I got nabbed in a car once…after that did it at the drive-in…LOL

    • Gem says:

      Hey, Ronnie. It sounds to me like a lot of the IDIIAT Club wouldn’t do well on a movie quiz right after the show. But then again, it probably depends on who was serving the distraction. 🙂

  12. Julie T says:

    an ex-boyfriend’s F150 (got caught by security). an ex-boyfriend’s Nissan 240SX (this was the most uncomfortable ever). an ex-boyfriend’s Lexus is300. current boyfriend’s Jeep Wrangler and his Jeep Cherokee. never while the car was moving though. we were horny not stupid.

  13. Love the excerpt, Gem. Will have to get over and purchase now, curious.
    Outside the fence of a drive-in with my now hubby of almost 40 years. Toyota Corolla!! Not easy!!

  14. Elaine S. says:

    Done it in a regular Chevy truck….hot and exciting!!!! Also done it in the sleeper of an 18 wheeler almost as exciting as the Chevy……No we did not get caught…. but it was nice!!!!!!

  15. Mary Preston says:

    I’ll put my hand up for drive-in fun too.

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