There’s A New Sheriff In Town

COMMENT CONTEST – What man in uniform is your weakness? I will give away two copies of A BROWN EYED HANDSOME MAN

I have a new release. Let me introduce you:

Kane Saucier has chosen to walk away from a family fortune to wear a badge. As Sheriff of Kerrville County, he lives near his brother Zane and his friends, the McCoys of Tebow Ranch. His life is good, but something is missing. The Sheriff is lonely until love walks through the door of his office one day in the form of Lilibet Ladner. She’s not had an easy life, but from the moment they meet, the sparks fly. While everything is perfect in the bedroom, there is trouble in paradise – intrigue, danger and mystery turn their world upside down. Kane’s faith never wavers; his Little-bit is worth fighting for. And even when her darkest hour comes, Lilibet refuses to give up on her dreams or her Brown Eyed Handsome Man.

Now for an excerpt:

Kane Saucier slammed the file cabinet shut. Paperwork was his least favorite part of being sheriff of Kerrville County. “Logan! Where’s the form we fill out when we’re called to get cattle off the road?”

Lately, there’d been a series of wire cutting incidents and cattle were being found wandering up and down the highways. It was an extreme hazard. “It’s on your desk, boss!” The eager deputy was doing his job, anticipating the sheriff’s needs.

Grumbling, Kane settled in his chair to make the proper notes. They were lucky, this time. The animals found running loose last night had been McCoy cattle and after informing Aron McCoy this morning, there was no doubt in his mind that the fences around Tebow Property would be checked and double checked.

“I’m hungry, Boss. Let’s order a pizza.” Logan walked up to the door of his office, rubbing the concave place where his belly should have been. Kane hid a smile. Logan looked more like Barney Fife than any man should have to. Did that make him Andy Taylor? God, he hoped not. Andy hadn’t had sex with a woman the entire time his show ran on TV, and Kane Saucier needed to get laid in the worst way. He was horny as hell.

The bell hanging over the front door jangled as a visitor entered. Both men looked toward the front to see a young woman struggling to get a small cart over the threshold. “Who the hell is that?” Kane asked. From what he could see, she was pure eye candy. The curvy little backside she presented to them was round and firm and seemed to beg to be squeezed. An intriguing braid of thick dark hair hung to her hip and the little grunts he could hear her making were so close to sounds a woman made when aroused that his cock was swelling like a fireman’s water hose when the pressure started to build.

“That’s poor little Lilibet Ladner, Sheriff. Do you want me to tell her to leave? She’s always trying to sell sandwiches. I don’t think she’s even got a permit. Most people think she’s a nuisance.”

Kane couldn’t think. He was too hypnotized by the sway of her breasts as she maneuvered the cart toward them. It seemed like she was only using one of her hands. “For God’s sake, go help her, Logan.”

Logan gave him an exasperated look, but obeyed. After the deputy approached, the girl stepped back and gave them both a shy smile. Kane was struck dumb. She was absolutely precious. The rest of his body, his heart and his brain, found themselves on the same page as his dick. He wanted her.

Lilibet swallowed nervously. Finally, she’d worked up the courage to ask the Sheriff and his employees if they would like to sign up for her lunch delivery program. Since Sheriff Kane had arrived in town a few months ago, he’d played a starring role in her fantasies. Every night she gave herself sexual relief. She would pull and rub on her nipples, and feverishly massage her clit. As she made love to herself in her lonely bed, it was Kane Saucier she made love to in her dreams. It was his lips she kissed and his waist she wrapped her legs around as he drove his cock, forcefully, into her wet pussy.

Whew! She was doing it again! Instantly, her nipples were like pebbles and her sex was empty and aching. She had to get control of her overactive imagination!

Kane smiled at her.

Suddenly, Lilibet realized she didn’t have the food cart to hide behind. She was standing in full view of the object of her desire. There was simply no place to hide. Oh well, it wasn’t like she had a chance with him anyway. Taking a deep breath, she took a step forward and when she did, she saw his expression change completely. In one split second, he was transformed from a man who was looking at her with sexual interest, to one who viewed her with abject pity.

She should be used to it by now. What did she expect? No man had ever wanted Lilibet Ladner and no man ever would.

Standing, Kane walked quickly to her side. “Let me help you,” he offered. What was wrong with her? Had she hurt herself? Her movements had been awkward, like one leg was shorter than the other. “Did you sprain your ankle? Logan, get Miss Ladner a chair.” His deputy brought one over, eyeing their guest with obvious suspicion. What the hell was his problem? There was never a good excuse for downright rudeness.

Lilibet cringed at the tension she’d created. “No, I’m fine. The limp is normal for me. Usually, I’m holding on to the cart. It’s not so noticeable, then.” His brown eyes were warm and apologetic. She could tell he had not meant any harm by his initial reaction. Lord, he was attractive. Memories of all the things she’d done to him in her mind came rushing back, rendering her momentarily speechless.

            “What can we do for you?” He watched her cheeks grow pink. Jesus! She was adorable. He knew she’d seen his shock at the difficulty she had simply walking across the room. He’d covered it quickly, sensing her dismay. From experience with his brother Zane’s disability, he knew that her greatest desire was to just be treated like everybody else.

“Lilibet, we’re not interested in signing up for your lunch program. You shouldn’t be in here bothering the sheriff with such nonsense.”

Kane was shocked at the disdain in Logan’s voice. And he wasn’t going to put up with it. Rising, abruptly, he gave his deputy a look that would melt asphalt and motioned for him to follow. “Excuse us, Miss Ladner. I need to have a word with my employee.”

Logan followed the sheriff into a conference room and Kane slammed the door.

Lilibet wasn’t stupid. She could tell this was a mistake of the first order. Thankful for the opportunity to exit gracefully—the thought almost made her laugh—she took it. Her desire to escape before the two men returned made her adrenaline run high and she was able to get out of the building a heck of a lot quicker than she’d entered.

“Why are you acting like such an asshole? There was no good reason under the sun for you to treat that woman the way you did! I know we can’t sign up for her delivery service. We’re out of the office too much. But you’re going to treat our people in this town with common courtesy or you can find another line of work. Am I clear?”

Logan had the good grace to look chastised. “I was out-of-line, wasn’t I?” Seeing the sheriff’s expression of censure, he quickly tried to justify his behavior. “It’s a bad habit left over from school days, I guess. She was in a lower grade than me, but…” He paused and kicked the floor with a guilty expression. “You know how kids can be, Sheriff. It was part of the educational experience, I guess…you know, all the kids find someone weaker to pick on. It’s a rite of passage.”

Recalling how hurt Zane had been when he’d been forced to deal with the jibes of ignorant people, he couldn’t muster up any sympathy for Logan. “That’s a crock of shit. Cruelty is never justified. Now, get your ass out there and apologize to that little girl. I’ll explain to her why we can’t buy her lunches in a way that won’t make her feel like she’s committed a crime by just walking into our offices.”

Opening the door, Kane was surprised to find the office empty. Hell! “She’s gone.”

“Well, that’s good,” Logan breathed a sigh of relief. He hated having to take back-water on anything. “Where are you going?” he asked as big Kane Saucier headed to the door.

“I’m going after her.” He didn’t know what he was going to say when he found her, but he couldn’t stand the idea of her feeling like she’d done something wrong. All she’d been guilty of was walking into a government office that her taxes helped pay for. Oh, and there was the other thing. She was a living doll and his dick was insisting they be properly introduced.

Heading out into the street, he saw her making her way down the sidewalk. Stopping to speak to Rex Driscoll, the dry cleaner, she pulled her cart to one side and walked over to him with her uneven, little gait. From around the corner, a herd of Junior High boys came barreling by and didn’t even try to avoid jostling her. Already at a disadvantage, balance-wise, they sent her flying. Kane winced as she landed on the concrete walk—hard.

“Rats.” Lilibet scrambled to get up, embarrassed to be making such a spectacle of herself. Rex hobbled over to her, but someone else got to her first. Strong arms caught her up and she found herself nestled against a rock-hard chest. “I’m sorry. I’m always so clumsy.” Completely flustered, she leaned back to look at her rescuer, knowing full well who it was. “Kane, I thank you so much.” He sat her on her feet, and shocked her when he began brushing dirt and dust off her arms and legs.

“Damn kids,” Driskoll mumbled. “Are you all right, sweetie? I’ll go get you a glass of water.” The old man tottered off.

“Are you all right, my love?” Kane asked, feeling unaccustomed warmth in the area of his heart.

Looking at him in surprise, Lilibet cherished the kind words. “Oh, yes. I’ve took much worse spills than this.” Why was he looking at her that way? If she didn’t know better, the good sheriff of Kerrville County was about to kiss her. Her—crippled Lilibet Ladner—out here on Main Street, in front of God and everybody.

Big blue eyes met his, and her mouth opened expectantly. Kane could see her nipples bead, as plain as day, through her pink cotton camisole. Her heart was racing. He could feel her pulse under his fingertips as he held her wrist. “I think I ought to give you fair warning, Miss Ladner. I’m about to kiss those delectable pink lips of yours. Am I going to get my face slapped?”

Lilibet couldn’t breathe. She was about to receive her very first kiss. ‘Lord, please don’t let me faint,’ was her prayer. She wouldn’t miss this for the world. “No, I would be very grateful for a kiss,” she whispered.

Kane leaned in, slowly. His own heart was pounding like a jack-hammer. It’d been years since he wanted a woman with such a white-hot intensity. Unmindful of the crowd gathering around them, Sheriff Kane Saucier gathered her sexy little body up in his arms and lowered his head to taste the sweetness of her lips

            “Atta boy, Sherriff!” Damn! Sweeping his little angel up in his arms, he carried her into the dry cleaners, avoiding the annoying comments of the interested townspeople.

“Rex, I’m commandeering your office. Guard the door!” Rex, who was just getting back from fetching the glass of water, gave him a knowing grin.

“I could have walked,” mumbled Lilibet, totally embarrassed. The kiss she’d been looking forward to was fast turning into a statement of her disability. “I know I’m a cripple, but I get around pretty good, for me.”

“You’re not a cripple, and don’t let me hear you call yourself that again.” He hated the word. “I think you are a beautiful woman, one I plan to get to know a whole lot better.” At that declaration of intent, Kane sat on the edge of the desk and arranged her until she was sitting astraddle one of his hard thighs, her breasts pressed into his chest and her hands cupped around his forearms. “Now, I’ve got you where I want you.”

Excitement rushed through her veins like white water. Proximity to a man wasn‘t something she’d ever been privileged to know, especially not the man of her dreams. “Are you still going to kiss me?” she asked hopefully.

Kane looked at her sweet face. “Oh, yeah, I’m gonna kiss the livin’ daylights out of you.” He put his forehead to hers, looking into her eyes until she giggled. “Pucker up, princess.” Running his hands up her arms, he felt her reaction, for she trembled beneath his touch. “Now, where was I? Oh right, that perfect, plump little mouth.” Watching her, he was aware when her nerves turned into arousal, for her breathing quickened, her breasts swelled and she lifted her head and—God In Heaven—held her arms up to welcome him. “Damn straight.” She didn’t purse her lips, but she did open them slightly and met him more than halfway.

When his mouth touched hers, she moaned in complete relief. Hallelujah! Lilibet Ladner was being kissed! Kane Saucier took his sweet time, kissing her thoroughly, deeply, his tongue mapping the inside of her mouth like he had every intention of making a return trip. God, she hoped so. Lilibet was dizzy with desire. Her hard nipples were poking his chest, even through her thin bra and cotton shirt. And God help her, she couldn’t help but rub from side to side, enjoying the delicious friction that made her clit swell and throb.

Kane reveled in her kiss. She wasn’t experienced and it showed, but she was just right for him. He was tired of brazen hard women who were only interested in what they could get out of a man. This little angel was a giver, not a taker. And she was giving him the biggest hard-on he’d sported in many a day.

“Kane, I love this so much.” She took his face in her hands and kissed him all around his lips. Oxygen deprivation had forced their mouths apart, but she wasn’t wasting a moment. Who knew if this amazing opportunity would ever present itself again? His hands on her rear startled her, and when he pulled her up taunt against him, she felt the most delicious sensation of her starving lady-parts moving against his hard thigh.

“More!” she exclaimed and surprised the hell out of him when she held on to his shoulders and rode his leg with focused abandon. Capturing her lips once more, Kane sipped at the nectar of her passion, completely enamored of her endearing enthusiasm. “That’s right, baby, take your pleasure. I’d love to see you shatter in my arms.” He was teasing a response from her, seeing how far he could get his little dove to fly. He rubbed her back, her arms, kissing her face, letting her rest her head on his shoulder and scrub her little pussy against his leg. When she began to jerk against him, he tightened his embrace and held her until she stilled. “I’m so jealous,” he whispered.

“Why are you jealous?” she whispered back, cuddled in his arms like she belonged there.

“I would have given anything to have your clit between my lips when your climax hit. Next time, I’m gonna lap up your cream like a hungry tomcat.” When she buried her face in his neck as if to hide, he chuckled. “If you’re hiding from me, you’re a mite too close to do you much good.”

“I’m hiding from me,” she spoke softly. “I’ve shocked myself, and you, I imagine. Do I owe you an apology?”

He pulled her out so he could see her face. It had the flushed, sated look of a woman who’d experienced total sexual satisfaction. “Hell no, you don’t owe me an apology. That was the sexiest damn thing I’ve ever seen.”

Thank you for reading – I always enjoy being with you.



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Sable Hunter writes erotic romance. She writes what she likes to read and enjoys putting her fantasies on paper. Her stories are emotional reads where the heroine is faced with challenges, like one of her favorite songs – she’s holding out for a hero – and boy, can she deliver a hero. Her aim is to write a story that will make you laugh, cry and sweat. If she can wring those emotions out of a reader, then she has done her job. She grew up in south Louisiana along the mysterious bayous where the Spanish moss hangs thickly over the dark waters. The culture of Louisiana has shaped her outlook on life and made its way into her novels where the supernatural is entirely normal. Presently, Sable lives in Texas and spends most of her time in wild and wonderful Austin. She is passionate about animals and has been known to charm creatures from a one ton bull to a family of racoons. For fun, Sable has been known to haunt cemeteries and battlefields armed with night-vision cameras and digital recorders hunting proof that love survives beyond the grave.She writes for Secret Cravings Publishing as well as publishes much of her own work. Join her in her world of magic, alpha heroes, sexy cowboys and hot, steamy, to-die-for sex. Step into the shoes of her heroines and escape to places where dreams can come true and orgasms only come in multiples.
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  1. Tory McCord says:

    Hmm, well I would have to say firemen followed by law enforcement. I have been in the military community for so long that it doesn’t do it for me.

  2. Tami Crooks says:

    Love the he’ll yeah books

  3. angel90249 says:

    I love a hot firefighter coming to my rescue

  4. Monica Brown says:

    My weakness is a Policeman. I know it has everything to do with ” to serve and protect “. I would be remiss if the excitement of the his regulation handcuffs and the length of his night stick weren’t enough to excelerate my Pheromone level!! Its just all the Alpha male testosterone that commands authority.. I just love a man in uniform ..

  5. mayasjsanders says:

    I LOVE a Marine in dress blues.

  6. mayasjsanders says:

    Give me a fireman ALL DAY…..

  7. I would have to say my weakness is any type of lawman. Past, present and future as far as I can see.

  8. Terri says:

    I have to say a military man. I love the Marines dress uniform but I have to say that my husband looked so handsome in his Army dress uniform. Those guys clean up so nice.

  9. wyndwhisper says:

    my favorite is a marine>Gibbs from NCIS. I love his attitude, very much an alpha male.

    tammy ramey

  10. Deb Grim says:

    A military man. Not when they are dressed up I like them in their fatigues.

  11. Kelly Walker says:

    I agree with the previous post Gibbs from NCIS. A Marine baby!

  12. maria cantu says:

    I like the marine uniform. Totally. Nice read, thanks.

  13. Megan S says:

    Marines in their dress uniform and Navy men in their whites…. love them all.

  14. Pam says:

    Military men. SEALS. They deserve respect for what they do They deserve love and romance love heals your heart. Nothing like a sexy military cowboy. Hell yeah

  15. Linda Brashears says:

    I have to say I love the Navy uniform. Oh, heck. I’m just going to be honest and say I don’t love the uniform at all I just love big alpha Navy Seals. They are great in their uniform but so much better when you can see them minue the uniform. If you know what I mean.

  16. Debbie Lemon says:

    I love a man in a military uniform.I use to date a man in the navy,and there was nothing sexier than trying to get it off.l

  17. julie says:

    i love a man in uniform, i married 1. But i do like to read about SEALs. Loved the excerpt

  18. I married a man in uniform (Air Force) and I have always taken by men in uniform. My father and grandfathers were all military as well

  19. Joanne B says:

    Let’s see… what man in uniform is my weakness? Any military man, a fireman, a policeman, geez, I guess any man in any type of uniform.
    Congrats on the release. A Brown Eyed Handsome Man sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for that great excerpt and the giveaway.

  20. Jen says:

    My weakness would have to be “military”, specifically the Marines. YOU know they are tough and get the job done…hmmmmmmm

  21. Teresa Hughes says:

    My man in uniform is a Marine. To me there is nothing sexier! However, I married an Army man:)

  22. Hmm.. I would have to say any of the Military men, from whatever branch of service. Yes I like firemen and policemen as well. But there is just something about seeing a Military guy that really gets my blood to boiling, toss in special forces etc.. and some cowboy in there with them and I am gone, clear thinking won’t function but the lust level goes through the roof.

  23. Samantha Woods says:

    I would have to say Firemen. Firemen are really sexy to me and the fact that they fight such a dangerous element. they are not fighting other people they are actually fighting an actual force of nature.

  24. Well it’s extinct..I always liked a gas station attendent’s uniform but since they don’t wear them another one also almost extinct a mechanic’s uniform..

  25. What man in uniform is my weakness? A strong, sexy, military man dressed in their fatigues. Sable, as always, you have wrote another amazing story. Kane and Lilibet are an amazing couple. I love reading all about the McCoys and all of their friends. I can’t wait for the new books to come out so the we can learn more about Noah and finally find out what happens to Aaron. You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Lea says:

    There’s just something about a man in uniform. My husband is a pilot for an air ambulance company and him in his flight suit, HOT! Plus the flight suit has some well placed zippers for easy access 😉

  27. And I must say that cowboy on the cover is smoking hot. A shame cowboy’s don’t wear uniforms 🙂 can’t pick cowboys in this contest

  28. Danielle Elliott says:

    I am a huge fan of any military man 🙂 Probably comes from so many of my family members joining the military.

  29. Cindy Hamilton says:

    I would have to say a nice hunky policeman! Sable, your books are just HOT!!!!

  30. Firemen are HOT! Congratulations on getting A Brown Eyed Handsome Man free to join the rest of your HELL YEAH hotties! Love Kane’s story!!

  31. sandye52 says:

    Definitely a tall strong military man in his dress blues. Grew up in a military family and these are the heroes of my heart. Love your books, Sable,

  32. Vanessa N. says:

    I think firemen and marines are a big turn on.

  33. carol L says:

    Does a kilted man count as uniformed because I love it. 🙂 Otherwise Military fatigues are great looking as well. Love the excerpt for A Brown Eyed Handsome Man. Cover is gorgeous with the gorgeous Jimmy Thomas on the cover. 🙂
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  34. Carol LIlla says:

    I married a Navy man and till this day when I see a man in a military uniform I just melt!!! Brings back wonderful memories of my precious love who is watching now from Heaven!

  35. I love police officers in their uniform. Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. Elaine S. says:

    Law enforcement followed by military. They usually look FINE!!!!!!!

  37. Gail S says:

    Living in the Chicagoland area, I always found the Navy boys to be a happy distraction. 😉
    Thanks fo the except, loved it.

  38. Mary Preston says:

    I love them all, but Firefighters are **HOT**.

  39. lisagk says:

    Firemen. Thanks for asking. lisagk(at)yahoo

  40. Clare O'Beara says:

    That’s a lovely cover image. Do jockeys count as in uniform? Great excerpt!

  41. Annie says:

    Love a military man in fatigues. Tshirt, tags and cargo pants. A Marine in dress blues is always a sight to see.

  42. Amy Larck says:

    A police officer

  43. AlexM316 says:

    I have been together with my boyfriend who is a police officer for 9 years and I love his uniform… But I think the hottest is a firefighter!!!

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