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2014 sample WWC calendar

Okay, my latest swag investment arrived. It’s a magnetic 2014 Wild and Wicked Cowboys Calendar. 🙂 I tested one on our fridge and it stayed in place and looks great so I’m giving one away today in a drawing from names of those who leave a comment.

I also want to shout out the news about Five Card Stud. My publisher has made it FREE at most ebook sellers until September 22nd, so if you haven’t read Sam McCallister’s story, grab a copy to enjoy when you have time.



When bounty hunter Sam McCallister sees Eden Pace playing poker for the first time, he loses all interest in the cards; instead, the thought of playing stud with the lady gambler stirs his cock to life. Eden’s the prettiest woman and the best card sharp Sam’s ever met. When Sam discovers Eden’s got a price on her head, he decides his bed is the safest place for her. But taking Eden prisoner isn’t as easy as he expects.

Eden’s doing her own outlaw hunting. She’s on the trail of the man who murdered her husband and the bounty hunter is in her way. She has to free herself from the hardheaded, softhearted McCallister in time to catch a killer.

Sam finds himself in a high-stakes poker game with lust on the table and hearts on the line, because one taste of Eden will never be enough.

Adult Excerpt:

It didn’t seem possible, but Sam got harder watching her work her lips and tongue back up his cock. He fumbled loose the knot that still confined her hair, and when it tumbled free, he stroked the back of her head, savoring the exquisite feel of her worshiping his flesh. The silken mane hung almost to her hips, cascading in a shimmering mass. He drew it away from her face, to better see what she did.

Eden was flushed, her eyes glazed with passion as her lips played along his length, nuzzling his flesh, enjoying him. Sam didn’t know many women who liked this form of love play, but it was clear Eden was one of the few.

By the time she reached the top, Sam’s control was gone and he growled, “Time to get down to business, Eden.” When her lips surrounded the head of his cock, he cupped her face and thrust into the warm moist heat of her mouth, withdrawing and then thrusting again. “Take more of it,” he ordered her. She widened her jaw upon demand, and he angled her head to take him deeper.

He had intended to have her pussy again, but his cock had other ideas. “Suck on it,” he guided her effort to take his size.

“Relax your throat and let me in, Eden.” His directions were unnecessary. She adjusted her position and swallowed his length, throat muscles caressing the sensitive head. Her hands came up to fondle his balls as she rested her cheek against his thigh, opening her throat for his thrusts.

Eden made a humming sound and the clasping muscles vibrated around his pumping cock. Sam came in hot spurts of cream that she greedily swallowed.

Her breasts bumped against Sam’s calf as she milked him with her mouth. Sharp nails raked his thigh to add yet another point of sensation and his hips came off the chair, bucking upward in short jabs. At the last moment, she gripped his hips with her hands, pulling him deeper.

When Eden had drained the last drop of cum from him, Sam sank back and closed his eyes, savoring the extraordinary pleasure she’d just given him. Delicately, she stroked his left thigh with her hand, prolonging the ecstasy as he sucked air into his lungs and fought to regain his hold on sanity.

“Hang on a minute, Eden, and I’ll satisfy you.” His head was spinning from the power of the climax. It had knocked him almost senseless for a moment.

Sam barely noticed when the silken head left his thigh. She got his attention a moment later, though. When he heard the click of a cocked hammer, he opened his eyes.

“I’ve found my own release, thank you.” She delivered her mocking reply in a husky whisper as she pointed the pistol at him with one hand and pulled on her clothes with the other. 

“You plannin’ on shooting me before you leave?” 

Her glare was more irritated than threatening and Sam relaxed. He couldn’t figure out any other way the lady was going to get out of the room. She was too intelligent to try and tie him, and by the jut of her chin, he was pretty sure she’d blast him with the gun if he made a grab for her.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me, Eden. I’ll take care of the wanted poster on you.” As a matter of fact, she didn’t look scared, she looked pissed.

“I’ve just experienced an example of your tender care of me, Mr. McCallister.” Her words were a scathing rebuke. “I believe I’m better off handling my own problems.”

“You’re going to have to put down the damned gun and exercise some sense.” Since he was sitting without a stitch on, and she held the only available weapon in the room, his words were a ludicrous expectation.

Sam had to swallow hard, afraid that she’d shoot him if he fell out laughing. Before he could start enumerating all the reasons why Eden might as well give herself up to him, she moved to the window and tugged it open, careful to keep the derringer pointed at him.

“Damn it, woman, you’ll break your neck crawling around out there. Shit, Eden, do you have no common sense at all? At least you know me. Hell, there’s a bounty on you. You can’t go runnin’ around the countryside free and easy anymore.”

Her delicate snort was the only answer to his words as she moved back into the room and gathered his boots, belt, pants and shirt. Without taking her eyes off him, she returned to the window and began tossing out his gear. ”You might want to have these cleaned. Your clothes reek of sweat and you, Mr. McCallister.”

When she finished throwing the whole bundle out, he let his smile show. “You’ll pay for that, Eden.” She was something else standing defiantly before him. He was hard again, needing more than her talented mouth to ease his swollen cock, but it didn’t look like Eden had plans to stay and play.

“So will you,” she replied as she topped off her satchel with his saddlebags, and closed it with a snap.

 At the door, she turned back with the answer to one question. “Yes, I killed a man. And if I could, I’d kill him again.” Then she walked out of the room and left him sitting bare-assed naked on the edge of the chair.

Sam could have raced after her. But he was too caught up enjoying her victory over him to bother. “Well I’ll be damned. Guess I didn’t handle that quite right.” Whoever she killed, it was out of pure hatred.

All his earlier anger disappeared as he thought over her declaration. I’d kill him again.That’s all Sam needed to confirm that the man deserved to die. But if she’s not running from a murder, what in the hell is the woman up to?

“Eden, I suspect you need me a lot more than you realize.” Sam was talking to an empty room as he made his plans. It was only the second time in his life anyone had ever gotten the drop on Snake McCallister. The first time, he’d been fourteen and an untried youth. This time he was a man and he had no excuse.

Admiration for Eden’s nerve settled over him. His face relaxed in an unusual smile. The sun lines around his eyes crinkled in true merriment and a chuckle turned into a gruff laugh of amazement. He stared at the closed door and then around the empty room she’d left him in.

“It’s your pot, Eden. Shuffle the cards, pretty lady. We’ve another hand to play.”

For more spice to get you through the week, Five Card Stud will continue to be available  for FREE Download at most ebook distributors from September 9-22.

Available for FREE Download @

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And about that 2014 Calendar–don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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53 Responses to Freebie Fun

  1. I can’t wait to dive into this book…. looks like another great read

  2. Debra Thomas says:

    I have had the book for a while. I actually won it quite a while back, but had some health problems, so I wasn’t doing much reading. Now I am reading books for review and also doing some proofreading for a few authors. I finally made up a list of books I want to read and this one is on the list for this month. Lets see if I can stick to it. 😉 I really do want to read it, but I want to read the others too. Soooo many books and not enough time to read them all….lol

  3. Ava Curtis says:


  4. Clare O'Beara says:

    Wow, thanks so much for the free read! I’ll review it I promise, but not immediately.

  5. I grabbed my copy of Five Card Stud a few days ago and I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  6. Teresa Hughes says:

    Grabbed a copy of Five Card Stud. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  7. Sandy Emer says:

    After reading this excerpt, I went back to my TBR list and put a star by your book. This is gonna be a good read! I downloaded your book several days ago. Thank you, Gem.

    • Gem Sivad says:

      Hey Sandy, I’m so glad you’re going to sample my Eclipse Heat story. Sam has been accused of being too hard, too cold, too overbearing… but he’s a sexy beast and Eden takes no guff from him. Hope you enjoy! 😉

  8. Barbara Clabeaux says:

    Can’t wait to start the book!!!

  9. Lucy Waterhouse says:

    Thanks for the heads up on what looks to be a great story. Have downloaded it ready to read tonight 🙂

  10. ronnie c says:

    Thanks for the freebee!

  11. leann says:

    Happy Friday the 13th .. boo 🙂
    Awesome!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Sue Cox says:

    Now THAT was HOT ! I will definitely be downloading it. Thanks.

  13. I already downloaded the book and that calendar is so cool!!

  14. wrongwaymichelle says:

    Love that excerpt! Time to reread this one….or maybe the series. I have all but one, I think. Love the calendar, too. Please keep writing cause I’ll definitely keep reading!

    • Gem Sivad says:

      OMG! A real fan. 😀 If we were in the same room, I’d have already hugged you. Because of you(s) Eclipse Heat keeps evolving. I have Breed True yet to (maybe) come out this year, and then an untitled story (written) with Hamilton and Comfort, to (hopefully) slide in between BT and Whispering Grace. Then, I plan to start the second generation with Brody Quince. She wants to be a doctor you know. And, Dr. Souter (Dan’s elusive Grace) might be willing to let her help in the Hawks Nest Clinic.

      Keep watching. The saga continues. 😀

  15. Shelley Gaddie says:

    Definitely going to Amazon to get that book. That calender looks awesome. It would look great on my fridge. 🙂

  16. girlfromwva says:

    Book sounds HOT! on mt TBR list!

  17. Randi Alexander says:

    This is the next book on my list, Gem, and I can’t wait!

    • Gem Sivad says:

      😀 If your wip pile looks like my wip pile, it might take you a spate of time to get to it. When you do, I sure hope you enjoy!
      Until then, check out the calendar. Nice, huh? All seventeen of the cowgirls in my kitchen at one time. *beaming*

  18. Crystal B says:

    awesome! Thanks for the heads up, I just purchased my copy 🙂

  19. Rachel Hill says:

    Now I know what I’m reading tomorrow at an all day tennis tournament! Thanks so much Gem!

  20. Lisa Guertin says:

    I love the calendar! Of course, the book is great too! 😉

    • Gem Sivad says:

      Honestly, Lisa. I keep a calendar on my desk so I’ll know what day it is. In the kitchen, I’m usually at a loss. The fridge magnet really works for me since the refrigerator is the one utility in the kitchen guaranteed to get my attention (too often) lol. 🙂

  21. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Book sounds great, got it!! Love the calender idea!!

  22. Deborah says:

    Ok, so I loved the excerpt above downloaded to my ebooks and guess what ? yes ended up with 2 more books lol well I’m set for the weekend, no school work being studied this Have a Great Day!

  23. Gabrielle says:

    Thanks for the free read. Loved the excerpt and cannot wait to read their story.

  24. debbie koziel says:

    Just downloaded Five Card Stud….can’t wait to read it!

  25. lisagk says:

    Thanks to you and your publisher for the Five Card gift!!!.

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