Cowboy Coffee

Can y’all believe it’s August already? Goodness me…

I saw on Facebook that it’s National Coffee Month. As an admitted and unashamed Coffee Addict/Slut, I am thrilled to have just another excuse, er… reason to celebrate it.

But before I begin the celebrating, I decided I’d look into something fun. Cowboy coffee. Boiling 3/4 cup grounds in a quart of water, then letting it sit for about 5 minutes while the coffee settles to the bottom, doesn’t sound real appetizing. At the same time, if I were out camping, which unless there’s a cabin with all the comforts of home I wouldn’t be out camping, but if I were and desperate for coffee, I’d have to give it a try.

Then of course, there’s the option of brewing said coffee with some egg shells which is supposed to ‘clarify’ the coffee.

It all sounds real strong and sadly, I’ll be renting a place with a coffee pot.

But it is fun learning about stuff like this. I love it and will likely put it in a book somewhere because it’s something I’m passionate about. And maybe just once, I’d like to be sipping coffee from this cup poured from the matching percolator:

There are several blends of Cowboy Coffee available for our electric coffee makers…

Larry’s Beans here in North Carolina

Arbuckle Coffee Traders

America Cowboy Coffee

There are others too. And in my research, I found a Cowboy Coffee Cocktail…

I love coffee and I love learning about it. Have any of you, dear readers, ever had Cowboy Coffee made over an open campfire in a tin or enamel camping percolator?


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author of contemporary erotic romance
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11 Responses to Cowboy Coffee

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    I haven’t had Cowboy Coffee but I’ve had Turkish coffee in Turkey. This is served in a very small cup and is black and thick as tar. If you let it go cool it goes too thick to drink. I loved it but I found it made my heart race…

  2. I’m with you, Lissa, the Cowboy Coffee sounds like something I’ll be adding to a story. Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely be checking into getting some! Have a great weekend!

  3. suzlyne says:

    I have had coffee from a camping percolator and it was strong. I don’t know if it was the coffee grounds, the percolator, or the way my uncle made it but it woke you up! LOL!

  4. Teresa Hughes says:

    I am not a coffee drinker so I haven’t tried it. I prefer sweet ice tea or hot tea instead.

  5. That’s funny..growing up my grandfather who passed away in the 70’s. Always wanted “cowboy coffee” a term commonly used in his house…

  6. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Wow, the cowboy coffee cocktail sounds interesting, would be worth a try! I do like my coffee!!

  7. JeanMP says:

    Have tried the American Cowboy coffee, it was really good, but they no longer are in the coffee business due to the high cost of coffee prices, was sad to read their posting of that.

  8. Eileen says:

    don’t drink coffee but it has never stopped me from loving the smell of it. My dad drank coffee and it would start brewing it 5 o’clock in the morning before work. then the bacon would start sizzling and the mixture of both is divine. Can’t beat that smell in the morning.

  9. Mary Preston says:

    I’ve never had any campfire or cowboy coffee.

    I’ve had plenty of billy tea though. That’s VERY Australian of me.

  10. buzzvibe says:

    I love coffee, but I haven’t tried the cowboy version. Using a cafetière/coffee press is pretty close, and you don’t have to worry about getting a mouthful of grounds.

  11. eli yanti says:

    Can’t drink coffee but cowboy coffee sounds fun 😀

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