So I totally forgot about my blog post today until I was talking with my editor and we were discussing inspiration.

As y’all know, I’m in the middle of writing a series called Cowboy Dreamin’ set in Bandera, Texas with a family of 9 boys. Don’t ask me what I was thinking when I came up with their names all starting with J, but it works. My inspiration behind these 9 boys was a picture I saw on facebook. In fact, I have it printed and stuck to my wall in my office and guess what? Yep, I have their names written on it above their heads!

Cowboy Inspiration


This is the picture of the boys. What’cha think?

We have from left to right, Joey, Joshua, Jackson, Jason, Jeff, Jacob, Joel, Jeremiah and Jonathan.

Joel is already paired up with Mesa in Make Mine a Cowboy out now. Jeff’s story will hit all the sites in August (keep watching my website at for more info) and I’m working on Jacob’s story which is almost complete. It should be out in October.

So, question. Do you like having inspiration to write or read by? Do you like having your cowboy on the front of the cover match the description of the guy in the book?

Until next time

~ Sandy

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6 Responses to Inspiration!

  1. I love this cowboy picture! Great inspiration for hot cowboys. I do love a picture if there is something specific about the cowboy. Other than that I have a pretty vivid imagination.

  2. Nancy Davidson says:

    I LOVE to have the guy on the front of the book to look like the character I’m reading about. Same thing goes if there is a female on the cover also. I have a very good imagination but seeing the picture sure adds to the fun! Love this picture!

  3. Teresa Hughes says:

    I definitely want the hot guy on the cover of whatever book I read. It helps connect with the story.

    Btw, loving your inspiration!!! I wouldn’t mind having them on my wall or on a t-shirt!

    Have a great evening!

  4. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Wow those cowboys make a great family! That picture would inspire anyone. I can’t wait to read about them all!!!!

  5. Mary Preston says:

    I’m inspired!!! I doubt I’d get much work done with that picture before my eyes.

  6. Porchia says:

    When in August does Jeff’s story come out.. I am so looking forward to it. I feel in love with this family and the ghost. Hope to learn more about the ghost and why the pulled out the drawers in Mesa’s room. Nina reminds me of my Texas momma.. lol

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