Scottish Cowboys?

Did that get your attention?  Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first Scottish Highland Games in my new home town.  I’ve always wanted to go but when I lived in California they were between a 2-4 hour drive one way and I had no one to go with.  When I saw the Tacoma Highland Games coming to the park 5 minutes from my house, I called my sister and said “Want to go to the highland games?”  She responded, “Yes, I’ve always wanted to go.”

So bright and early Saturday morning, we got up and headed out.  It was a beautiful day.

This is a picture of Mt. Rainier in the distance, still covered with snow and the clouds hanging around it.


This was one of the first participants we came across:


There was pipe and drumming competitions throughout the day and I never got tired of hearing them.

There were food vendors:



I didn’t try and Scottish Meat Pies, it was too warm.

Don’t worry, not real elephant ears, its whole wheat dough that is quick fried and cover with brown sugar – it was delicious.

And they had Highland dancing competitions for the younger set:


This was the only young man in the competition


And there was this young lady, she always danced by herself.  She was adorable.

And here’s the flags and the pipe and drum bands from the opening ceremonies:



Needless to say I had a fun day.  It was something to experience and enjoy.

It also almost made me want to write a Scottish Highlands historical with a hero who always wears a kilt 🙂

Maybe I can come up with a contemporary erotic romance?  The idea has possibilities.

Have a great Saturday.


About marietuhart

I'm an erotic romance writer currently published with The Wild Rose Press under the Scarlet Rose line.
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20 Responses to Scottish Cowboys?

  1. Jacki C says:

    Marie – I remember many more competitors in past years (must be a light year). Welcome to the beautiful Pacific Northwest!
    Jacki (Kent WA)

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    My husband is Scottish but doesn’t own a kilt. You can’t have everything. (grin) Thanks for the pics, it looks like a great day.

  3. Mary Preston says:

    It looks like such a fun day!!!

  4. buzzvibe says:

    Scottish accents are very sexy. So are kilts.

  5. I love going to the highland games, I used to go to the ones in Rhode island, Maine and Connecticut. Love watching the men in games like the caper toss. I love the meat pies and buy enough to take home and freeze. They’ll hold then for you if you ask. I’d love to see men in kills today, my husbands submarine captain was Scottish and he used to come to the boats Christmas party in his kilt.

    • marietuhart says:

      Hi Sea, caper toss? Maybe that was one of the games we saw the men playing, my sister and I couldn’t figure it out. I’ll have to try a meat pie next time.

  6. Karen says:

    My hub is Scottish descent but wants nothing to do with Scottish traditions. I thought after we went to the Grand Father Mountain games last year in NC he would change his mind….no luck.

    • marietuhart says:

      Hi Karen, that’s a shame you husband wants nothing to do with Scottish traditions, I’m finding them fascinating.

  7. Eileen says:

    Oh it looks like it was a fun day.

  8. Hi Marie, thanks for sharing. I’ve always wanted to go, but never had the opportunity.

  9. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Thank You for letting us share your day with you, it was very interesting. Kilts very sexy!

  10. Tina B says:

    Ooh, I would love to go to an event like that!!! Fabulous pictures! I think a contemporary erotic romance featuring a kilt wearing hero sounds great! 😉
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. eli yanti says:

    Scottish Cowboy, wow, always love Cowboy 🙂

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