Country Boys Do It Better–can I get a hell yeah?

Country Boys
By Em Petrova

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Since I write hardworking heroes—in bed and out—I write a lot of country boys. From cowboys to loggers and even a hot country orthodontist, you’ll find they all have something in common. Here are the top 5 things:

1. They’re all good with their hands. Whether wielding a chainsaw, roping cattle, or even applying the finest braces to your child’s mouth (LIP LOCK available for pre-order ) these guys know how to use those big, rough hands! And you know what that means, don’t ya?

2. Worn jeans—yep, my guys might get dressed up for a funeral or wedding but you’ll catch them lounging in worn jeans slung oh, so low on those fine hips!

3. Hats of all kinds. We’re talking leather Stetsons, grubby ball caps, knit caps pulled low over smoldering eyes, and straw cowboy hats. Pull the hat off and you’ve got mussed hair perfect for running your fingers through!

4. A dominant streak in the bedroom. These guys are used to commanding nature and beast. They aren’t going to sit back and let their gal take control in the bedroom—at least not for very long! Be prepared to be shoved against a wall, bent over a tree, or sprawled over a hay bale!

5. Drool-worthy glares—these country boys aren’t fooling around. You cross them and you’re gonna know it. They can deliver a glare that will make the biggest, strongest bully wet his pants. But when they turn those stares to their women, you’d better watch out. Fun is about to take place!

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear your favorite thing about country boys. Leave a comment for a chance to win a goody bag stuffed with Author Swag—playing cards, post-it notes, and some surprises!

Now read on for a peek at my latest country boy, DALLAS from DALLAS NIGHTS.

“Dallas.” She threw herself at him. Wrapping her arms around him and hitching her legs around his waist, she crushed her mouth to his. The sweet flavors burst on his tongue—vanilla and sweet Ellie.

A groan ripped from his chest as he held and kissed her, letting the tension build. For long heartbeats they were still, learning the contours of each other’s lips again. He cradled her face, angled her head, and plunged his tongue deep.

She opened to him at once, gasping around his invasion. The velvety-hot feel of her tongue against his fanned flames of desire that had never been doused. But six years later, he wanted more. And he wanted it on his terms.

He backed her against the truck, pinning her. Locking his hands under her ass, he rocked his erection into her mound.

A ragged sigh left her, and he devoured it. Scooped it out with his tongue and fed her a growl in return. She wiggled against him, and he slipped his hands over the curves of her upper thighs. Out of his head with need, he jerked his hips, digging his cock into her pussy.

The desire to erase all trace of Nathan Rafferty or any other man since Dallas drove him on. She might not be his now, but he was damn well going to show her that she should be.

She knocked his hat off and tangled her fingers in his hair. Small squeaks erupted from her. Bracing her between his body and two tons of steel, he peeled off his flannel, then her tank top. The tiny triangles of lace covering her full breasts made his cock ache.

She pinched the cloth between his shoulder blades and hauled his T-shirt off over his head. He caught her gaze before slamming his mouth over hers again.

Violence welled within him—not the need to hurt her, but to claim her. Grinding a thigh between her legs, he sucked her tongue. She skimmed her hands over his chest, arms, and the planes of his back.

Long ago, he’d whispered, “I’ll go gentle, Ellie-girl.”

Now he groaned, “This isn’t going to be gentle. I can’t wait another minute for you.”

“Mmm.” She bit at his lower lip, which only drew his beast to the surface.

He whirled away from the truck with her and spread her on the soft grass around the pond where they’d been lovers years before. Her hair tumbled around her face, her ponytail elastic lost. Staring up at him, she smiled.

Could he allow himself to feel for her again? He shoved down the emotion and palmed her breasts. The weight in his hands was like coming home.

Em Petrova
~hardworking heroes—in bed and out~

About empetrova

Em Petrova writes heroes who work hard in bed and out.
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24 Responses to Country Boys Do It Better–can I get a hell yeah?

  1. Mary Preston says:

    Thank you for the peek.

    That’s a great list. We get quite a few men, from off the properties around here, coming into town. I love it when they look me in the eye as they pass and tip their hats. It’s such a small gesture, but WOW. Makes my day. Makes me feel incredible.

  2. Libby Cercasa says:

    oh hell yeah! Give me a country man any day! 😉

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    Very interesting covers and a nice list! I think what we are talking about is confidence, both physical and mental, the kind that comes with using your body for work or contact sport. Which cowboys would do a lot!

  4. Laura Mae Le Capelain says:

    My favourite in my area is Volunteer Firefighter.

    • empetrova says:

      Definitely! I had a couple of volunteer firefighters on my property last month after I didn’t listen to that little voice that said, “Em, don’t light those leaves on fire!”

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. tabbiecat23 says:

    I think my favorite part of a country boy, is the fact the 99% of them were raised to respect a lady. 🙂 Old fashioned southern charm if you will.

  6. Teresa Hughes says:

    I love all those things about country boys. Add a dazzling, wicked grin with a set of dimples and I am a happy girl. Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Laura Horton says:

    Oh, definitely all those things you mentioned! But, I really like the dominant, possessive factor. Thanks for sharing!

  8. tiss81 says:

    The men that use endearments like “darling” or pronounced darlin. That just gets me, cause my man does NOT use endearments. I told one of my co workers that I really like that and it makes me feel special.

  9. Wendy Currier says:

    hmmm county boys do it the right way!

  10. Margaret Taylor says:

    I agree! Love those hot, hunky country boys. Grew up with them 😀 Love the smoldering looks, and possessive streaks as big as Texas once their love is given!

  11. JeanMP says:

    Love all those facts, love that they are so charming and respectful,

  12. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Your list was just right, who wouldn’t like men like that. I’m also kinda partial to the southern accent and drawls!

  13. Nikki Rudisill says:

    Ride em cowgirl! 😉

  14. lisagk says:

    Already pre-ordered Lip Lock. Loved excerpt.

  15. Linda L says:

    Love your list and your mention that they have big rough hands and we know what they’re used for! I guess it’s from all their hard work….but they can use them for back or body rubs later and soften them up at the same time, if they’re applying lotion, while wearing that Stetson! But while those big hands are rough, a back scratch would feel pretty good! Did anyone mention, tanned muscular bodies….on those handsome cowboys? We like that too!

  16. DebraG says:

    I love the list. I want a country boy of my very own.

  17. JoAnne says:

    Nice list. Love cowboys in the romances I read. Liked the excerpt too.
    I love cowboys since they are caring and always seem to have time for others even though they are so hardworking!

  18. wyndwhisper says:

    god yes! love me a country boy any day of the week! LOL! the thing I like best about them is that they know what is important in life and they won’t settle for less. also they had actual manners. they said yes mam/sir , held open the door for you and didn’t expect you to pay for dinner!, that and the wrangler butts they have are amazing. LOL! I grew up in Cody WY, Billings MT (among other towns),so I am an expert when it comes to the wrangler butt and I have to say I sure do miss seeing them boys now that I live in Eugene OR. 😀
    where I live now is a college town and there seem to be a lot of what mom calls “hippies” but I just call them party types. more interested in parting than get things taken care of, ya know what I mean? guess you can take me out of the mountains but you can’t make me stop wishing I was there! 😀

    I love the covers and the except was great. I can’t wait to get started reading. congrats on the release, I’m sure it will be a big seller.
    Tammy Ramey

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