Vicki Lewis Thompson Talks Men in Sexy Outfits

vltpublicity     First of all, thank you for inviting me to blog today!  What a pleasure, especially because it’s good times for hero-watching, ladies – IRON MAN 3, STAR TREK, MAN OF STEEL, THE LONE RANGER . . . Le sigh.  And these larger-than-life heroes wear babe-magnet outfits, just in case we might mistake them for the pizza delivery boy.

Although, considering the display of muscle when they slip out of those outfits, I don’t think we’d ever mistake them for the pizza delivery boy.  I’m sure the actors work hard and sweat buckets for those muscles.  I just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU, and if I had a direct feed from each of your respective gyms, I’d never ask for another thing, ever.

Since this blog centers on cowboys, we should probably zero in on The Lone Ranger.  Oh, yeah, let’s.  I have to laugh at the premise that a little black mask so disguises him that nobody knows who he is.  But oh, baby, that mask ratchets up his hotness factor by a thousand degrees, so why mess around with logic?

Junecoverchance10I’ve never put a mask on one of my cowboys from the Sons of Chance series.  It doesn’t exactly fit the venue.  But I definitely use the hat, which is often pulled low over my hero’s eyes.  It makes him look a little dangerous, a little mysterious, and a lot sexy.  The jeans are always snug, too, and the shirt’s yoke makes his wide shoulders look even more powerful.

Julycoverchance11 That’s assuming he’s wearing his shirt in the first place.  I’ve been blessed with fabulous covers for the Sons of Chance, and often the shirt has somehow gone missing.  That fact is beautifully illustrated by the trio of books coming out this June, July, and August.  Works for me!

Augustcoverchance12As long as we’re on the subject, how do you like your fantasy guys to be dressed?  I’ve just seen Man of Steel, and I have to admit that the tight shirt with the emblem on his (massive) chest is all very impressive.  But my shirtless cowboys are pretty darned sexy, too.  Which look do you prefer?

Vicki Lewis Thompson

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27 Responses to Vicki Lewis Thompson Talks Men in Sexy Outfits

  1. Of those three covers, give my Wild at Heart! YUM
    I have to agree that you have been cover-blessed with all your Cowboy Blaze books. Heck, a line up of all the covers would be excellent inspiration for any woman who might be a little cowboy crazy…not that I would rip the covers off your books! Heck no. I but them as digital copies and print off the cover…and maybe I might have a printed off the same cover a couple of times! 🙂 Cool to see you here, Vicki!

  2. Elena Moreno says:


    I must admit that I am a fan of the cowboy hat, boots and a wickedly sinful smirk.

    Nothing else but that ……

    (I can’t wait for the next installment in the series…Please keep them coming)

  3. Mary Preston says:

    I’m one for hero watching. Love the suits and masks. A cowboy in a hat is right up there, shirt or no. They are yummy covers.

  4. Eileen says:

    All 3 are gorgeous covers but I think I love the second, Wild at Heart, the best. Love that your covers have gotten better with this series. Just finished reading I Cross My Heart and I loved it. Took this series with me to the beach in the summer of 2011 and had a blast.

  5. Clare O'Beara says:

    Something’s missing … where are the horses? Isn’t that pretty much what sets a cowboy hero apart? Where would Lone Ranger be without Silver?
    I’ve just read a book promoted as a modern cowboy tale set in Colorado, which had a picture of a cowboy on the cover. He was supposed to train and sell horses for a living. But every scene was set indoors in a house or restaurant. We never saw him in a stable or corral doing his job – ‘cowboy’ was just a label. He might as well have been an office worker.
    While I like your covers I’d like them better if they promised us horses.
    Also if I see a shirtless man on a cover and no woman, I tend to think it’s a gay novel. There are some very good gay books out there, and they have good covers. Try Andrew Grey. Gay Amish anyone?

    • LOL, Clare! I never considered that a guy-only cover might signal that it’s a gay novel. Well, not in this case! As for the lack of horses, past covers *have* featured horses, but these three don’t, for some reason. I can promise you that horses play a major part in the series, though. The Last Chance Ranch raises Paints. I have a cheat sheet with all the horses’ names on it so I don’t get them mixed up. 🙂

  6. Teresa Hughes says:

    Love your shirtless guys. However, I love, love, love when the cowboy has on his snug jeans, boots. hat and a button up shirt with a few buttons undone. Just enough tempt but, not give all.

    Great post! Big fan of your books!

    • Teresa, that’s exactly why I asked the question. Sometimes the shirt (with a few buttons unfastened, like you said) makes him even sexier! Makes you want to unfasten those buttons yourself. 😉

  7. Annie says:

    I think ‘I Cross My Heart’ is my favorite cause it’s the first book that I read by you. I’m now working my way through the series and loving every word!

  8. I also want to add that the design of this blog is EXCELLENT. Love the art, love the ease of commenting.

  9. Leni says:

    I prefer the shirtless ones, too. The Hear Won’t Lie cover is a great example of it.

  10. girlfromwva says:

    I really like the shirtless cowboys; especially the one on the cover of “The Heart Won’t Lie”. YUM!

  11. Clare O'Beara says:

    Your ranch raises Paints! Now in Ireland we don’t have a breed book for them, they are described as piebald or skewbald, though I understand the overo and tobiano distinctions from reading Robert Denhardt. I would love to read about Paints so I think I’ll have to grab your books!

  12. eli yanti says:

    Ups Just remember I got a gift of your book from my friend and i haven’t read it yet :(. will read it soon #cross-finger

  13. Tiss says:

    I have some of the “Son’s of Chance”Series, but have fallen behind. Looks like I need to catch up!
    Love the covers. I will take my Cowboy either way, shirt on or off! depends what he’s doing.

  14. Nancy Davidson says:

    Love the shirtless cowboys!! Your covers are always awesome and sexy!! I don’t know who your models are but they are in my dreams. Love ’em.

    • Nancy, at one time, I kn0w that the art director at Halequin had his nephew posing for some of the covers, although I’m not sure I ever got his name. Apparently there are some hot guys in Toronto, LOL.

  15. Thanks for inviting me on the blog, Randi! And thanks to everyone for your fun comments!

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