After a Wild Night in Las Vegas, Head North to See the Wild Horses

My brother lives outside Las Vegas, and loves sending me pictures of the wildlife. Lots of roadrunners, wild burros, and recently, on a visit to Cold Creek, just an hour northwest of the city, they spotted wild horses. Here’s the photo he sent.


There’s even a site that talks about them. I’m always fascinated by the resiliency of these beautiful creatures, and how they can survive so close to humans.

I’m nearly finished rewriting my first erotic romance, Chase and Seduction, as the first book in the Hot Country trilogy. One of the scenes in the book always gives my heart a little extra thump. I’ll share it with you, and let you know that if you already have the original version of Chase and Seduction, you can request the updated version free. Join my mailing list or follow me on Facebook to get the details once the book is released.

shirtless wet muscular man in jeans and woman hands, studio shot

EXCERPT: Reno smiled and looked around. Two huge bars ran the length of the opposite walls, a band played a familiar country song in one corner, and what had to be a hundred people two-stepped around the dance floor.

Chase nodded toward the dancers. “Wanna?”

“Sure.” She grimaced. “It’s been a long time, though.”

“C’mon. I’ll learn ya.”

He swung them in among the dancers and expertly led her through two rotations around the floor. “Yee-haw, folks!” A man’s voice blasted over the speakers. “We have a celebrity here tonight!”

Chase nodded to the lead singer on the stage, and kept dancing.

 “Chase Tanner has agreed to sing a song for us.” The singer’s voice went quiet. “On one condition, though. Y’all need to open your wallets.” He took off his cowboy hat and set it on the floor at the front of the stage. “If you tightwads can cough up enough money to fill this hat, he’s gonna come up here and perform for us.”

People around them hooted and clapped. Folks made their way to the stage and dropped cash in the hat.

Reno spoke into Chase’s ear. “What’s the money for?”

Chase looked over her shoulder then turned her. “That couple at the bar owns a horse rescue operation, and they’re having a rough time.”

A middle-age couple sat on barstools facing the crowd, obviously overwhelmed by all the attention. How wonderful that the entire community supported them. She looked up into Chase’s eyes. “It’s so nice of you to help your friends.”

He shrugged. “Don’t know them. Just know they need some help right now.”

A sweet ache choked off her breathing. “You’re amazing, Chase. I knew you were a good cowboy, but I didn’t know how good.”

One side of his mouth curled up, and she swore he blushed. “A person’s gotta do what he can for others.”

The song ended, and they looked up at the stage. The hat overflowed with money, a lot of it tumbling out onto the stage.

“Well…” Chase led her to the bar. “Looks like I have to go to work.”

A gentleman cowboy stood and offered Reno his barstool. “Ma’am.”

“Thank you.” Chase nodded. “Would you mind looking after my lady for a few minutes?”

Taking the position of bodyguard seriously, he puffed out his chest. “Mr. Tanner, it would be my pleasure.”

Chase winked at her and kissed her hand. “Be right back.” He headed across the dance floor.

“Ladies and gentlemen.” The singer’s voice cut through the noise. “Chase Tanner!”

Chase ran and jumped up on the stage to the screams and shouts of the crowd. He spoke to the band, then turned and pulled the microphone from the stand. “Thank you all for comin’ out tonight to support the Wild Horse Rescue Ranch.”

The audience shouted again.

“Many of us here tonight have been blessed. We have more than we need, and I want to commend you for sharing with your neighbors.” He nodded to the drummer.

One of his ballads started. Chase sang slow and low, filling the dance floor with couples, and mesmerizing Reno. He knew how to make love to the audience with his voice. When the song finished, he thanked the crowd and tried to hand the mic back to the singer. “Chase! Chase! Chase!” The crowd chanted and clapped, and the singer shook his head and pointed his index fingers at him.

“Okay.” Chase tipped his hat forward. “You asked for it!”

Excited screams filled the room.

His famous rocker about the woman with the big bottom started playing and he gyrated as he sang.

A group of young women congregated in front of the stage, a few of them showing him their amazing cleavage and turning around to flaunt their ample butts.

Chase kept his eyes on the dancers, or on Reno. Anywhere but on the sweet young things that would undoubtedly jump at the chance to spend the night with him.

He finished the song. “Thanks again for letting me interrupt this great band.”

“One more! One more! One more!” The audience took up the chant.

He shook his head. “My girlfriend is sitting all alone at the bar, and what kind of a cowboy would do that to a beautiful lady?”

Reno glanced at her bodyguard, who grinned down at her. She felt her face warm at Chase’s words. “Girlfriend.” She whispered it, never realizing how one little word could made her feel so happy.

Chase jumped off the stage and sprinted through the crowd, high-fiving them and humbly accepting their praise with thank-yous. When he reached her, he shook her makeshift bodyguard’s hand. “Much obliged, sir.”

“Thank you for coming tonight. You’re as stand-up a man as they say you are.”

Chase winked at Reno. “Did you hear that, baby? I am a good cowboy.”

She stood and looped her arm through his. “You’re the best person I know, Chase.”

He stopped and looked at her, his face intent. “From you, Reno, that’s a high compliment.” He brushed her cheek. As camera flashes caught them, he pulled her along toward the other end of the bar.

They walked to where the couple who owned the rescue ranch sat, looking dazed by all the attention. A crowd surrounded them.

Chase waited his turn, but whispers started, and in seconds, the group parted. He led Reno forward and they both shook the couple’s hands. “Good luck, and if you ever need anything else, you just call me.”

The man looked struck speechless, but his wife jumped off her barstool and gave Chase a huge hug. “You are our hero.” She started to cry.

Chase peeled her arms from around her neck. “No. All these people…” He gestured behind him. “They’re your heroes, ma’am. I’m just doing my part.”

The man shook his head and found his voice. “You don’t know how much this means to us. Thank you.”

“Can we get a picture?” a voice behind Reno asked.

Chase looked at the couple. “Okay with you?”

The woman squealed and her husband nodded. “Yes, of course.”

They posed for a dozen shots, Chase in the middle with an arm around each of them, his smile genuinely happy.

He shook both their hands once more then took off his hat and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a black indelible marker and signed the hat brim. “I hear there’s an auction later.” He handed the hat to the woman. “Would you include this? You might get a few dollars off it.”

The woman held it as reverently as a crystal tiara. Tears ran down her face, and she sniffled. “This is too much. Thank you. You’re a Godsend.”

Chase’s cheeks colored. He grabbed Reno’s arm and ushered her out of the building. As the door closed behind him, he took a deep breath. “I get damn uncomfortable when women cry.”

Reno kept her head down and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

He stopped and bent to look at her face. “Aw, not you, too.”

Aw, don’t you just love cowboys?
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11 Responses to After a Wild Night in Las Vegas, Head North to See the Wild Horses

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Thanks very much for the link to the Wild Horses site which tells of wild horses all over the world. Few of them are preserved by law as they are in USA.

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Isn’t that a great site? It would be fun to plan vacations around seeing wild horse preservation areas.

  2. Mary Preston says:

    I do indeed love cowboys. That is a lovely photograph.

    • Randi Alexander says:

      I love the photo, too. He said the horses are very calm around humans, and he could get pretty close to them.

  3. Ginger Ring says:

    What a great photo!! I loved Chase and Seduction great book!!!

  4. Teresa Hughes says:

    Awwww:) Great excert! Going to need to add it to my TBR!!

  5. Elaine S. says:

    A great site and even better teaser. I have put this one on my TBR list……..Thank you

  6. eli yanti says:

    always love cowboy story 🙂

  7. Tiss says:

    Always late getting to these posts. Loved the excerpt. Did you know there is a santuary for horses south of Rapid City, SD? I’ve never been there, but know if exsists.

  8. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Cowboys OH MY! and a singing one to boot. Your horse picture is fantastic!

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