My Bucket List
Do you have a bucket list? I do. Not that I’m planning on dying in the next day or two, but you never know. I think it’s wise to be prepared. My new philosophy is to live everyday like it’s my last and show love to the people I care about – just in case. I don’t follow them around or constantly message them that I love them, that would be burdensome, but I try to do things for them so they are aware they are beloved.
But as for me, I’m trying to pave the way and build things for Jess, that’s #1 on my bucket list and my primary job – to leave behind something that will last after I’m gone. Writers are fortunate in that regard. If I were a chef, I’d bake a wonderful cake and it would be eaten and appreciated – but it would be consumed. I guess the chef could leave a recipe behind, but that would make him an author. I have a cookbook too – ha!. But as a writer, we are very privileged to create things that last and no matter how much our work is read and consumed, it still exists for someone else to find and appreciate. So, I intend to tell as many stories as I possibly can, and leave behind notes and plots for Jess to run with, if he so chooses.
But getting back to my bucket list, I want to tell you what’s on mine. I’ve given this some thought. In my book, Scarlet Fever – Scarlet had a bucket list and she crossed things off one by one. Of course #1 on her list was losing her virginity and making love with someone she could trust – for me, that ship has sailed. She also wanted to go to Graceland – been there, done that. There were other things she got to do, including live – thanks to Alex. In Cowboy Heat, Libby is in remission and she wants to live hard as fast as she can – just in case. In the excerpt below, Libby gets to be a bit reckless and go to a bar and play pool, she wanted to experience the exciting side of life. And boy was it exciting. Lucky for Aron, she didn’t jump out of the airplane. Perhaps that will be in a future Hell Yeah!
Anyway, let me tell you about my bucket list. On this list are some places that I want to go of course – #2 is The Grand Canyon. I don’t know why I want to see that big hole in the ground, but I do. #3 is go to the Florida Keys. I guess you can tell that I’m not well traveled, I’m pretty much a homebody. Other things I don’t dare put on my bucket list but I dream about it anyway, is to have one of my books made into a movie – now I’m dreaming big! But a dream is a dream and you might as well shoot for the stars before you die. What do you have to lose?
There are some people I want to meet before I die, most of them friends I’ve met during my writing journey, but that all depends on lots of factors, so I don’t hold them to that responsibility, nor do I give it a number. My big #4 is buy an RV. I want to be able to take Mojo on my travels and the RV is the best way to do that – and I’m not waiting long to get it. I’m buying it this winter, I think. Then I’ll head out on my research trips. #5 on my list is to set up a better work-out regime for myself. I run now, but I need to do more. #6 is another purchase, I had thought about getting a Corvette Stingray, but I’ve modified that item and now I’m aiming for the F Type Jaguar. I am just partial to Jags, I can’t get excited about my Lexus at all.
#7 on my list is to move up north, I want to live in a place that has distinct seasons – I’m torn between Colorado and Maine, but that depends on a few factors. #8 is to pet a bear, I’ve had a wolf before, when I was growing up, and I loved him, but I want to pet a bear. It doesn’t matter what kind, I love them all. #9 on my list is to teach Jess how to play the piano, or complete that task. He plays well, but I want him to be accomplished and I can do that. I have had as many as 40 students at one time, I don’t do it anymore, but I want to do it for him. And #10 is to go on a trip into the wilderness on horseback and camp out for a few weeks. I want to experience the high country and sleep under the stars and hear the wolves howl. That sounds like heaven to me.
Now, I’m tired. I don’t know if I’ll get to do them all, but I’m gonna try. What’s on your bucket list?
I have accomplished many thing on my to-do list (its different than my bucket list). I have an audio book coming out this month, I have my Spanish books, about to have one in Italian and the sweeter versions of my Hell Yeah are being released. Here is one of Libby’s bucket list scenes from the sweeter version –
Visit with me.
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cowboy heat sweet cover
And the excerpt
Libby was fascinated by the pool hall. She hadn’t dressed up, since she didn’t have anything to dress up in. But, she was definitely having a good time. The music was loud and very country. Several cowboys had asked her to dance, and she had taken two up on it. Both times, either Isaac or Jacob had cut in when they felt the man was taking liberties. She hadn’t felt threatened at any time, but she appreciated the McCoy brothers’ concern. It wasn’t like they were cramping her style. Libby wasn’t there to find a man—she had one. At least, she was claiming him. Not that they were dating or anything. He had never said anything about taking her anywhere. Still, she would rather be with him—anywhere—than with anyone else in the world.
Still and all, like her mom used to say, this place was far better than she had expected. She was here for the experience, and so far, she wasn’t disappointed.
Aron could have brought her, but she knew he would have positioned her at his side and under his arm all night and she wouldn’t have gotten a taste for the true atmosphere of the place. With the other two McCoys along, Libby could go out on a limb and not fear falling off.
The billiards game was a blast. Isaac taught her how to hold a cue stick and how to rack up the balls. He had even held her close while she learned the proper way to make a shot. There had been no flirting; all the brothers treated her with great care and the utmost respect. They knew who she belonged to.
Aron had put his foot down about the tequila shots, so Libby had opted for wine coolers instead. They were really, really, really good. This was her first venture into the world of adult beverages. Every time Jacob and Isaac walked off, Libby ordered another. She hoped they brought enough money to pay her bar tab. She should have felt bad, but right now—actually—she was feeling pretty good.
There were about a dozen men in the place that couldn’t keep their eyes off of her. They watched her sway and twirl, right by herself. She had no idea how sexy she was, or that Isaac and Jacob had walked around and informed all of the drooling men she was off limits. They made it clear she was Tebow property, belonging to the big man himself, Aron McCoy. No, Libby didn’t have a clue. She was in her own little world. Dancing right by herself, minding her own business. With her wine coolers. Isaac who was on Libby-patrol, had to take a bathroom break. And while he was gone a group of new men came in. When Jacob noticed, there were several wranglers circling her like Mako sharks. He swooped in and gathered her close. “How many of those drinks have you had, Cookie?”
“Eight.” Libby answered with an absolutely straight face.
“Eight!” Jacob exclaimed. “Shorty, why in the hell did you let her have eight wine coolers?” He shouted across the bar.
Shorty grinned, but yelled back. “There’s not much alcohol in a wine cooler.”
“There is when you’ve had eight of ‘em,” he grumbled under his breath. Hell! Aron was going to kill them all.
“Hello, Lover.” A sultry voice purred next to Jacob’s ear. “Care to introduce me to your tipsy little friend?” Venom dripped off every word.
Jacob’s stomach turned over as he recognized Aron’s ex-wife’s voice—Sabrina. If he hated anybody in the world, it was this woman. “I was never your lover, Bitch.” Jacob bit the words out at her. He hadn’t forgiven her, nor would he—ever.
His attitude sobered Libby to a degree. “Jacob?” she called his name in confusion.
“It’s okay, Libby. This is nobody you need to be concerned with.” He held her protectively to his side, as if Sabrina was a disease that would rub off on her.
“She’d best be concerned.” Sabrina draped a skinny arm around Jacob’s neck. She was over-made up, under dressed, and her perfume had been applied with a heavy hand. “I didn’t have my fill of you. She just might have reason to be jealous.”
Sabrina’s tongue might be dripping sugar, but her eyes were like poisonous darts. These McCoy men owed her—big time. She had been cheated out of a fortune.
“I’m not with Jacob,” Libby informed her. “I’m with Aron.” Jacob was surprised Libby would publicly claim Aron. He glared at her, pleasantly surprised.
“Interesting!” the woman exclaimed. “Jacob, does she know who I am?”
“Who are you?” Libby asked, just drunk enough to care.
“I’m Sabrina McCoy, Aron’s wife.”
The smooth answer made Libby’s skin crawl. Her eyes narrowed. “No, you’re not. You’re divorced. You weren’t a good wife.” Libby repeated things well.
“Aron wasn’t much of a husband. And being his wife wasn’t much of a life.”
Her flip answer made Libby’s blood boil. “Anyone lucky enough to be married to Aron McCoy should get down on their hands and knees and thank the Lord for their blessings.” This was a long speech for an inebriated woman.
“The only blessing about living at Tebow was the smorgasbord of gorgeous McCoy men to sample. Jacob here, was one tasty morsel.” She leered at Jacob. About that time Isaac walked up. “And here’s the tastiest one of them all.” Isaac looked grim, and his mouth was twisted as if he had bit into something bitter.
“You didn’t sleep with Aron’s brothers.” Libby was furious, her beautiful features distorted into a scowling visage filled with anger.
“I didn’t?” Sabrina teased Libby. “And how would you know?”
“I know them. And they wouldn’t betray their brother that way.” She was emphatic in her support of the McCoy brothers.
“Where is your lover, if that is what he is? And why are you here with Jacob and Isaac if you belong to Aron? Are you following in my footsteps, Sweetie?”
The woman was beautiful. Libby could see why Aron would have been attracted to her. And she was dressed to kill. Libby felt plain and out of place next to her. “That’s none of your business,” Libby flared. “But I can promise you that Aron’s brothers treat me with the greatest respect.”
“How about the younger one? Nathan, was it? Is he still as much of a stupid retard as he used to be? Wasn’t he born that way? Was it a birth complication or something?” Sabrina stood there looking smug while she lambasted every member of the family that Libby loved so well.
“He has dyslexia, you baboon. I’ve heard enough from you! That’s it.” Libby handed her wine cooler to Isaac. “You’re going down, you loud-mouthed Jezebel!” Without warning, Libby propelled herself right on top of Sabrina Jones—ex-McCoy. Before Sabrina could get her bearings, Libby had knocked her into a table that had been filled with glasses and beer. Then into another table. Crashes of glass and gasps of amusement echoed through the bar. And it wasn’t over.
Libby would not give up. Every time Sabrina would try and get away, Libby would get right in her face again. Isaac held Jacob back, both of them fascinated at the little thing’s determination. When she picked up a chair to bash over Sabrina’s head, Jacob’s common sense finally won out and he intervened. Shorty was not happy. He was on the phone and naming names. Jacob held Libby off the ground while she kicked and wiggled to get down and back into the fight. “If I ever see you anywhere near a member of the McCoy family again, I’ll take you apart with my bare hands. I’ll rip your hair to smithereens. I’ll break both your knee caps and stomp your toes…” The threats trailed off as Libby was carted out of the bar to ensure the safety of the clientele. Isaac followed at a safe distance.
Isaac was troubled to see that Sabrina had landed a blow or two. There were bruises and scrapes on Libby’s arms and a dark, fist-shaped mark was starting to show on her left jaw.
“You have got to come and get them, Deputy, I’m tired of these McCoys tearing up my place.” Shorty called on his cell phone.
“Shit, Jacob. We’re about to get arrested,” Isaac whispered. He couldn’t afford to spend any more time in jail.
“Actually, I think Libby is the one in trouble,” Jacob observed—which was worse, much worse.
“With the law. That’s nothing. We’re the ones up shit creek without a paddle. We have to face Aron.”
Isaac was right—and that was a scary proposition.
* * *
Libby had never seen the inside of a jail. It was as fascinating as the bar had been. This was a new experience she hadn’t counted on. She had question after question and soon all the deputies had pained looks on their faces. Jacob and Isaac sat to one side, their hats in their hands, and waited for one large Texas tornado to blow in.
* * *
“Isaac, I thought I told you that if you got into another bar fight I’d take the cost of the damages out of your hide.” Aron stormed into the sheriff’s office, growling like an angry bear.
“It wasn’t Isaac, Mr. McCoy.” A friendly little Barney Fife type approached Aron with a clip board in his hand.
“Jacob? Well, hell this is his first offense; you ought to let him off.”
“The problem wasn’t just the damage, Mr. McCoy. It was the terrorist-type threats,” the deputy cheerfully explained.
“Jacob was making terrorist threats? Against who?” Aron couldn’t believe this. He was probably defending Libby’s honor. If anybody had touched his baby, they wouldn’t live to see another day.
“It wasn’t Jacob making the terrorist threats, Mr. McCoy, nor Isaac.”
“Well, then you have the wrong people in custody. There were no other members of my family there to cause trouble,” Aron roared.
“It was Libby,” Isaac muttered low enough that he thought maybe Aron wouldn’t hear.
He heard.
“What did you say?” Aron was pole-axed.
“Libby was the one in the fight. She was the one making threats.” Isaac lowered his head and winced as if anticipating a blow.
“My Libby isn’t capable of doing those things.” Aron had no doubt about the truth of that statement.
“It’s true, Mr. McCoy.” About that time Sheriff Foster joined them.
“Who in the hell did she fight with or threaten?” Aron still didn’t believe a word they were saying. And just where in the hell was she? He looked around. She wasn’t anywhere in sight.
“She attacked and made threats against one, Sabrina McCoy.” The Sheriff looked perplexed, as if he had just made the connection. “Does that name ring a bell with you, Sir?”
“Shit. Yes.” It was all beginning to make sense now.
“Where is Libby?” He looked around at all the people who had failed him.
“She’s back in the holding cell.”
“THE HOLDING CELL? YOU PUT THAT SWEET LIITLE GIRL IN A CELL?” The walls of the jail began to vibrate.
When he bellowed, Libby heard him.
“Aron! Aron! Sweetie, I’m back here! Come meet these nice criminals.”
Thank you for reading – Sable

About sablehunter

Sable Hunter writes erotic romance. She writes what she likes to read and enjoys putting her fantasies on paper. Her stories are emotional reads where the heroine is faced with challenges, like one of her favorite songs – she’s holding out for a hero – and boy, can she deliver a hero. Her aim is to write a story that will make you laugh, cry and sweat. If she can wring those emotions out of a reader, then she has done her job. She grew up in south Louisiana along the mysterious bayous where the Spanish moss hangs thickly over the dark waters. The culture of Louisiana has shaped her outlook on life and made its way into her novels where the supernatural is entirely normal. Presently, Sable lives in Texas and spends most of her time in wild and wonderful Austin. She is passionate about animals and has been known to charm creatures from a one ton bull to a family of racoons. For fun, Sable has been known to haunt cemeteries and battlefields armed with night-vision cameras and digital recorders hunting proof that love survives beyond the grave.She writes for Secret Cravings Publishing as well as publishes much of her own work. Join her in her world of magic, alpha heroes, sexy cowboys and hot, steamy, to-die-for sex. Step into the shoes of her heroines and escape to places where dreams can come true and orgasms only come in multiples.
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11 Responses to MY BUCKET LIST

  1. Emma Fitzgerald says:

    That is an awesome Bucket List sweetie!! I hope you get the chance to do them all sometime! Great work on the Sweet version of Cowboy Heat too! 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    Hope you get to mark the things off your bucket list. Love this excerpt of Libby. 🙂

  3. Mayas Sanders says:

    I have a bucket list and am putting thingd in motion. I have crossed three off so far. Anything is possible. We are all gracious to have you in our lives. Thanks for sharing. Tell Jess he is blessed to have a sister like you.

  4. Tricia says:

    Love the excerpt and your bucket list. I call mine a must-do-list, excited because tomorrow I get to cross one off, the landlocked prairie girl is going to finally see the ocean.

  5. Clare O'Beara says:

    Been to the Grand Canyon and I had to fly from Ireland and drive the rest. Now what’s your excuse?
    I agree with what you say about leaving your art behind. Today I posted a review on Amazon for a book about horses written in the 1950s, there wasn’t even a picture of it. I don’t know if the author is still alive, but I helped to keep his work alive.

  6. ronnie c says:

    Buy an RV and travel from state to state is on my bucket list too! By the way have and have read all of your books and LOVE them!!!

  7. Amazing bucket list, love your books!

  8. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Great bucket list the only thing on mine is getting a log house. REALLY love your books just finished Bobby Does Dallas!

  9. Mary Preston says:

    I don’t have a bucket list, but I think it would help me to get organised and do things while I can.

  10. Karen says:

    I started my bucket list year and half ago with a good friend died suddenly of heart attack at 49. Decided then no more putting off things I WANTED. Already checked off go to Texas (Twice already), and hiked tallest mountain in Tennesse. And read as many books, esp ones with hot cowboys as I can!

  11. Don’t have a bucket list, but since I turned 50 (the new 36, right?) last year, I’ve been thinking about it. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I LOVE the Grand Canyon! I love seeing the Grand Canyon at sunup or sundown. It’s my ‘get the hell out of Dodge’ getaway place. It’s been too long since I did that though. Come to Phoenix, I’ll take you to the Canyon! 🙂 I guess I’ll start with the one Karen gave: .. read as many books, esp ones with hot cowboys as I can! I’m on my way with that one, much thanks to you!

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