A Cowboy Sheriff Gets Out the Cuffs

Under the CoversHi all!  I’m celebrating the release of Under the Covers, my second book in the Maverick Montana series.  The book released yesterday, and it was a great day.  The hero is both a cowboy and a lawman, which are two of my favorite characteristics for a hero…and not just because there’s something about a good guy who knows how to use handcuffs  🙂

Here’s a peek at the sheriff’s story:

“My brother is right—for once. You look very pretty, Juliet.” Quinn stepped into her space. Then he kissed her. In full daylight, in full view of his family, the sheriff grasped her chin and captured her mouth. His lips slanted over hers, while heat cascaded off his hard body. He took her under, exploring, taking his time as if he had every right in the world to do so.

Liquid lava shot through her, and reality disappeared. It came crashing back all too soon. Her hands flattened against his chest and shoved.

He paused and lifted his head. Darker than midnight and just as mysterious, his eyes focused on hers. “Did you just push me?”

The spit in her mouth dried up. She swallowed. “Yes. We’re in public.”

“I believe that was the deal.” His hold tightened imperceptibly on her chin.

She glanced around, nearly sighing in relief that everyone had gone inside. They’d probably hurried just to escape the inappropriate public display of lust. “Well, we’re alone now.”

“And?” His thumb swept along her jawline.

“We don’t need to pretend.” Irritation battled with her unwelcome desire. She needed to distance herself from the sheriff before he discovered her secrets. Or broke her rapidly beating heart.

He frowned, his large frame blocking the weak sun. “What’s eating you, darlin’?”

“Nothing.” She pushed, and might as well have been trying to shove a cement wall out of the way. “Back off, Sheriff.”

He studied her, his gaze serious. “No.”

Did he just refuse? Not the polite, follow all the rules, stickler of a sheriff. “Excuse me?” She jerked her head, dislodging his hold.

Her triumph was short lived. Quinn stepped into her, and her butt hit the car. Trapped. “I. Said. No.” He rested a hand against the roof. “We’ll stay right here until you tell me what has you tangled up.”

A roaring filled her ears. “Forget you, Sheriff.”


The low, commanding tone rippled across her skin. Her gaze lifted involuntarily, a shiver wandering down her spine. She blinked twice. Who was this man and where was the easygoing sheriff everybody thought they knew?

“Now.” He leaned even closer, his minty breath brushing her nose.

She wanted to refuse his demand. Maybe kick him in the shin. But that wasn’t who she was, or how she solved problems. So she wiped all expression off her face and graced him with a kind smile. “I apologize, Sheriff Lodge. I’ve been a bit out of sorts today, although I’m feeling better now. But I’m cold. Let’s go inside and join the others.”

His upper lip quirked. “I have a confession, Juliet. When you try to blow me off with that high-society tone, all I want to do is turn you over my knee and spank you to orgasm.”

She gasped, and her eyes widened.

He leaned even closer. “Want me to show you?”


About Rebecca Zanetti

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal, contemporary, and romantic suspense romances. Current series include: Dark Protectors, Sin Brothers, and Maverick Montana.
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7 Responses to A Cowboy Sheriff Gets Out the Cuffs

  1. ELF says:

    What a fun excerpt! Sounds like a yummy book, thanks for visiting and good luck with the new release!

  2. Mary Preston says:

    I loved this excerpt. What a great read this is going to be.

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    Looks like a fun read is in store for us!
    One quibble – I notice robotic punctuation creeping into American books these days. “I. Said. No.” Think you’ve all been watching The Terminator too often. People don’t talk that way, and the punctuation drops us right out of the scene and onto the printed page. Just my tuppence worth.

  4. ronnie c says:

    I’ve read this and it is a must read….LOVED IT!!! The first book is Against the Wall and was great! This is the 2nd in the series and doesn’t disappoint!

  5. Loved the excerpt. It’s hott when they are all manly like that 😉

  6. tiss81 says:

    Sounds like an awesome book and I went right over and ordered it. Thanks for the excerpt and good luck with the book!

  7. Rhonda D says:

    Yowser! Love me some Alpha males. Mmm hmm.

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