Country Boys–Drawl It for Me!

Let’s face it—we’re all here because we love a country boy! From their denim-clad buns and dusty hats to their country drawls. I’ve come up with a few words that are made better when drawled. Enjoy!

  photo countryboy4royaltyfree_zps2e3e14dc.jpg


Wash – Warsh

I got to do some warsh.

Fire – Far

We better put out that far.

Weeds – Wayds

Those wayds there need pullin’.


Learn – Larn

I will larn that new language I been talking ‘bout.


Hell – Hayl

Hayl no, I won’t go.


Chop – Chawp

Go chawp some of that wood.



That coon dog is awnry.


Bird – berrd

That berrd crapped my win shield.
Hawaii – Haw-way

I’d like to lay on a beetch in Haw-wya.


Mexican – Messican

I love Messican food.


Europe – Yerup

I might visit Yerup someday.


Baby – BaaAaby

*shivers* enough said!


Can you add any words to these? Lemme hear ya!

Thanks for stopping by. Check out my country boys on my website. There just might be a hot logger book  in my Rough Boys series releasing tomorrow! (Oh, and there’s always eye candy!)

Em Petrova

~where words mean so much more~



About empetrova

Em Petrova writes heroes who work hard in bed and out.
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13 Responses to Country Boys–Drawl It for Me!

  1. Jennifer Z. says:

    I would one of the best …

    Darling – Darlin’


  2. girlfromwva says:

    You all – Y’all
    Fixing – Fixin’

    Y’all fixin’ to ride to town?

  3. Randi Alexander says:

    Oh, Em, I’m laughing out loud. So true! How about Paper – Piper “I read the news piper:”

  4. Lisa Carter says:

    killed – kilt (I kilt me a snake.)
    you want to – yawnta (Yawnta go to town?)
    paved roads – blacktop (Yall need ta go to the end of the blacktop, then take the second gravel road.)

  5. Teresa Hughes says:

    You covered all the ones that came to my mind. But, of course I could care less what they say as long as I can look at them while I hear that drawl…sigh!

  6. Tracie says:

    I always get teased about saying “arn” (iron). Hate it! 😦

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