Cover Reveal!

I’m probably going to be spanked by my publisher, but I didn’t have anything else to talk about today. You see, the cover I’m revealing isn’t the final polished version. It’s a draft. I know for sure a comma is going between “Long” and “Hot”—but who cares, right?

And sure, he’s not the most handsome cover model, nowhere near as cute as Tommy Triplehorn in my mind, anyway. But what I love about this cover is everything else. See the countryside behind the couple? The cattle? It’s exactly how I picture it. How I remember it. See the woman? She looks older than Tommy. Self-assured. And she is, except in one place, where she lets him be completely in charge.

So I’m more than happy with this cover. What do you think? It’s the last of the Triple Horn Brand trilogy, following Laying Down the Law (Colt’s story) and In Too Deep (Gabe’s). Tommy’s the last, and you get to see the other couples one last time before they all ride off into the sunset. The book releases August 13, so you have to wait a little while.

The first two books were strictly one man/one woman. In this last one, Tommy brings in a friend to sex his woman up. Ahem…she needed it, ya know. If you haven’t read the first books in the series, get ready!

If you don’t like waiting for your pleasure, here are the June books up for pre-order now! Nary a cowboy among ’em!

cm  TwiceTheBang_600 Lost Souls

Crescent Moon begins releasing June 4th! What do I mean by that? It’s a serialized full-length book. Montlake, an arm of Amazon, will release a new installment every two weeks. You pay one price, $1.99, and get the new installments shipped automatically to your Kindle every time they release! Fun, right? And the story? Well, think mummies and demons and cops…

Twice the Bang? It releases June 18th! You know what to expect there if you’ve been reading the Delta Heat books. It’s book #4 in the series. I plan 5 stories total for my horny Memphis cops!

Lost Souls is the sequel to Shattered Souls, the next Caitlyn O’Connell PI story, and there are more spooky happenings in Memphis! It releases June 25th!

About Delilah Devlin

Delilah Devlin is an award-winning author with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing deliciously edgy stories with complex characters. Whether creating dark, erotically-charged paranormal worlds or richly descriptive westerns that ring with authenticity, Delilah Devlin “pens in uncharted territory that will leave the readers breathless and hungering for more…”
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26 Responses to Cover Reveal!

  1. Karen J says:

    I love ALL your books! When I see your name on a book, I know I will enjoy it. Keep up all the great work!

  2. Tammy S says:

    Love cover very HOT!

  3. ronnie c says:

    Love the cover and can’t wait to read the book!!!

  4. Laura Mae Le Capelain says:

    OK Delilah, you know I have to ask after reading about two of these series when will Triple Horn Brand trilogy and Delta Heat books be out in Print.

  5. Elaine Howell says:

    Great cover.

  6. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Like the cover reveal, can’t wait!

  7. girlfromwva says:

    beautiful cover art. will have to read the first two, i guess, before i can get to this one!

  8. Girl! You are a big tease!! I love the cover for all the reasons you pointed out and more! Guess I will have go stray from my love of your cowboys and try some of your other mischief! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  9. tiss81 says:

    Looking forward to this book ! Thanks for sneaking it in. But, maybe you want to be spanked???

  10. Mary Preston says:

    Comma, what comma? Hardly the first thing I would notice. Too funny really!!

  11. Clare O'Beara says:

    Great cover, as you say the background makes it plain where the story is located. The guy is handsome enough for most of us!

  12. nancy davidson says:

    I just love your books!!! If I see your name, I’m buying it!! Thanks for all you do for us book-a-holics!!! 🙂

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