Happy Mother’s Day

My mother had an addiction to reading. From the first time I can remember, I always see my mom with a book in her hand. My father would joke with us that we shouldn’t bother Mom when she was close to the end of a book. If there were fewer pages on the right side than the left, we should watch out.


As I grew up, our house was always filled with books. When we would move, books were the bane of our existence because there was just so many of them. Boxes after boxes of stories she couldn’t leave behind. I would play with them, arranging them by color and author and title. Yeah, I might have a touch of OCD, but I loved organizing my mom’s books.


We moved a lot. Sometimes we had plenty of space and other we had very little, but my father always found a way to keep my mom’s precious books around her. Even when we didn’t have the space for a bookshelf, we put them in closets, cupboards and shelves.


When I was fourteen, I picked up one of my mother’s books. I remember the moment vividly.  We were living in one of the smaller places and I was organizing the books at the bottom of the china cabinet. These were the historicals with their bright colors and beautiful dressed people. And I decided to read one. Skye O’Malley by Bertrice Small. Yeah, probably not the best book for a fourteen year old, but I found a whole new world and I was off. I devoured Johanna Lindsey, Jude Deveraux and Julie Garwood. I was on a path.


My father is gone now, so it’s my responsibility to make sure my mother has her books. I know he’s somewhere shaking his head because now she carries her collection around on a Kindle. He would have loved that. My mother reads everything I write. She’s my champion and my biggest fan. She’s the reason I write what I write not only because she exposed me to some of the greatest romance novels written, but she is a woman who knows how to love. She and my father was the first romance I witnessed and it was true and pure through all the hard times.


So Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the world. I wouldn’t be here without you.


Sophie Oak writes erotic romance for Siren Publishing

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10 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day

  1. lyssareviews says:

    Happy Mother’s Day. The first book of mom’s i picked up was My Enemy, My Ally by Victoria Holt. I was 11, it was just after my sister was born. I understand the books obsestion going back to morher.. even to my grandmother. Have a great day.

  2. Tiss says:

    What a nice tribute. My mother was a teacher, but I don’t think she’d approve of my reading genre choice. I love her anyway. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  3. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  4. Sophia, what a great post. And what a beautiful love story. You are truly blessed.

    • deborah says:

      I totally agree with desiree01holt. Wonder what the Farley brothers gave their mom for mother’s day?

  5. Margie Hager says:

    Happy Mothers Day, Sophie. This is a beautiful heartwarming story and I can totally relate. Thank you for sharing. A collection of good books is one of the things that make life worth living. The love of family and friends is an essential part of living, true, but you gotta fit reading in there too!

  6. Teresa Hughes says:

    Such a great post! My mom and I both have always been avid readers. Everytime I go to a convention I get her a book signed by one of the authors. The last one was a book by Jill Shalvis. She absolutely loved it!

    Mom got a Kindle for Christmas and is still getting used to it. I share my paperbacks with her since she is on a fixed income. She loves having a book to read whenever she can.

    Its great to have a shared passion with your Mom. I hope you and your Mom were able to spend a great day together!

  7. Mary Preston says:

    Both my parents were & are great readers. It was my Mother who urged me to jump from children’s books to more substantial reading. I couldn’t stay with Enid Blyton all my life.

  8. Cherie Clark says:

    wow thanks so much for sharing such beautiful memories. when I returned to Nz from Aussie I wanted my books with me and it took a long time but I could not leave any of my books behind. Bravo to your dad for saving you from a Mum look for interrupting her and her books. Have a great week.

  9. Clare O'Beara says:

    Both my parents read but books in Ireland (the kinds we wanted) were scarce and dear. So we kids got library books and my parents read the same books over and over.

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