The Days are Escaping Me

This is the story of my life lately.  The days are escaping me faster than I can keep up.

Sorry for missing my last post and doing this one so late today.  What can I say, the craziness of life.

I hope everyone is doing great and I want everyone to have a Happy Mother’s Day (even if you’re only kids are the furry kind).

On my 29th post I should have some news about when my new book will come out along with the cover.  Right now I’m working on a frantic deadline for June 1st, thankfully it’s an anthology story, so I can get it done.

So here’s a picture of my furry girl all relaxed and sprawled out in her bed.


About marietuhart

I'm an erotic romance writer currently published with The Wild Rose Press under the Scarlet Rose line.
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4 Responses to The Days are Escaping Me

  1. Cindy Hamilton says:

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! everyone

  2. Clare O'Beara says:

    Oh what a cutie! In Ireland we’ve had mother’s day a month ago!

  3. Mary Preston says:

    Life is racing along here too.

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