Go West…

LissaLogoYellow_reasonably_smallThat’s me in a couple of months. I’ll be going west. To Texas. To San Antonio, more specifically.

My husband is receiving an award from the company he works for and the ceremony for him and about 700 other people he’s never met will be held in San Antonio.

I’ve been to Texas. To one of the airports in Houston. I got off the plane, had to sprint to the other end of the airport and board the connecting flight that would take me to Denver. But, I’ve always wanted to go to Texas. I’ve heard a number of people complain about the heat, the humidity, but I’m from Florida…105 degree temps, 100% humidity. And that was near the ocean. The fish got sunburned just swimming in shallow water. However, this trip to Texas takes place in June, roughly 10 days after I return from Cincinnati and Lori Foster’s Reader/Author Get Together.

I’m excited. I’ve heard so much about San Antonio and honestly can’t wait to see it. Our free time is limited as the company has a lot of stuff planned out already. My only real free time to do anything is from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. 24 hours.

I need to research the River Walk area, completely. I’ll be the tourist with her camera snapping shots of everything. I’ll be wandering the downtown area. Again, snapping pictures. See, that 24 hour period is a research trip for me. I have a new series set in San Antonio and I love first hand knowledge.

There are several areas and states in the US that I want to visit that in all my 42 years I haven’t. The New England states. Washington, D.C., the Pacific Northwest, Montana, Chicago, Alaska, Wyoming. I want to go back to Denver, back to Philadelphia. I’ve been to Southern California, and once was enough.

I’m a homebody. I like my South. I like my mountains and my oceans and these areas I know like the back of my hand, some of them with my eyes closed. But I also want to venture out and see other parts of the country and this trip to Texas is allowing me the chance to do that for several days.

So, if you’ve ever been to San Antonio, tell me what I should make sure not to miss. I’m not concerned about Sea World or Six Flags. I want real food, real places. If you’ve never been to Texas, or San Antonio, where would you like to go? Doesn’t have to be Texas. It can be anywhere. Where would you like to go? What city or state intrigues you?

I also want to throw in that I have a new release today from Ellora’s Cave, Trouble In The Making. It’s not cowboy related at all which is why it’s here at the end, but rather rock star and friends to lovers.


Johnny Trouble. He’s a commanding presence in leather and tattoos, both on stage and off. He’s had more than his fair share of groupies and lovers, but it’s time for a change and he reconnects with the one woman whose memory has driven him crazy since high school. Liz.

She’s a quiet, shy romance author who likes her comfort zones. But when Johnny comes back into her life after years of living in the spotlight, Liz’s private fantasies shift into overdrive and she nervously asks him to fulfill them.

Just one weekend is all she proposes, but the sparks flying between them when Johnny touches her aren’t temporary. She’s the particular brand of trouble he wants in his bed, bent over, or crawling all over him. Forever.

He just has to convince her by any means necessary…

For more information, an excerpt, and buy links, please visit my Website or Ellora’s Cave.


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13 Responses to Go West…

  1. Mary Preston says:

    Have fun in the West. Can we expect some great stories to develop from your jaunt?

  2. kapa1125 says:

    have fun and enjoy yourself

  3. Michelle V says:

    I grew up in Missouri always dreaming of going to Dallas one day. Now I live in Texas, and have for most of my adult life, and just 90 miles from Dallas. Although I have driven through it, I still have never gotten to go and be a tourist and see things and really visit the city. I have been to San Antonio once and it was way too short of a trip. I would love to go back. We did the River Walk and the Alamo. Both are definitely must-sees!

  4. Eileen says:

    I live in Baltimore but make it a point of being a tourist in my hometown. I love going downtown and seeing the sights. I am also close to Washington, DC and took my children to see museums and wander on the mail in front of the Capitol.
    Have fun in San Antonio. Definitely go to the River Walk. Anywhere there has great food to eat.

  5. Michelle and Eileen, the River Walk is where I hope to spend most of Friday afternoon and/or evening… I am really looking forward to seeing it all. We are going to the Alamo the day before and hiking through some of the caverns and caves as well.

  6. We have mountains & ocean here in New England!!! I live 10 minutes north of Boston & within a short time I can be on a great beach relaxing, in the city visiting museums, shows, & shopping, or in 3 hrs time I can be looking out over my deck watching the trains go up the Cog Railway on Mount Washington (we have a cabin in the woods, on the side of a mountain, in the middle of no where) That’s why i love New England! Have a wonderful time in Texas & then come on up to NE!!!

  7. June should still be nice & not too hot. Tower of the Americas is in San Antonio. Don’t forget there is a large German population in that part of Texas, not just Mexican. The river walk & the Alamo are the most common tourist destinations. Great shopping, too. Try some bbq, German food and Mexican food. You need more time!

  8. Cherie Clark says:

    That book sounds hot I hope you have a blast in Texas. Congrats to ya Hubs aswell.

  9. Elaine says:

    Oh where do I start. San Antonio is great. My favorite city. You have to do the Riverwalk start at one end and take your time walking to the other end. There are many restaurants along the way try any of them I have always been please with the food. You will need to see the Little Village( La Villita) it has a small church where you can see weddings going on. Do the tour that takes you to all the churchs and make sure you go to the Alamo and the Space needle. There is lot of history and a lot of settings where you get ideas for scene’s for your books. Suggest you get all the information you can prior to going. That way you will have ideas of what you want to see. Don’t overlook some of the hotels along the Riverwalk. Take a boat tour it runs the river you can also have a dinner tour. There are two great restaurants in the Mercado area they are two of the older ones. They have history. The Mercado is the Mexican shopping area. As you see I love the town and have been numerous times. If you are interested there is a small town about an hour out west of San Antonio called Fredericksburg. Vineyards, German heritage, Texas History and great peaches. Pace is slower. You can see the LBJ ranch. Short drive to Luckenbach which is a nice ride especially if your a Willie and Waylon fan. As I said love that area. You should have a great time..

  10. Clare O'Beara says:

    Enjoy Texas, but I can’t help as I’ve never been there. Tell us what you enjoyed most, when you return, and we’ll know what to see when we do visit!

  11. Karen says:

    Just returned last night from Texas. It was my second trip in 6 months. MUST see the Alamo and Riverwalk is only one block away. We ate at Republic of Texas, cause it’s Texas! Wish I had more time to check out some of the historical churches.

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