Cowboy Giveaway Here…and in Kansas City…

ATW Mug and NBCONGRATS TO randomly choosen commenter…phyllislm52!  I’ve contacted you with info.  🙂

Hi All!

No, I’m not giving away an actual cowboy.  At least not today…

I’ve been scrambling to get ready for the RT Convention next week, which will be in Kansas City.  (And yes, I spent an hour last night on the internet making sure I bought my plane ticket to Kansas City, MO, and not Kansas City, Kansas.)  Good news.  I bought the right ticket. 

If you’re not travelling, I’d like to offer a giveaway here for an Against the Wall mug and spiral notebook.  All you have to do is leave a comment below and let me know what you like about cowboys.  Or travelling.  Or summer.  🙂

So, if you’re in Kansas City, there are a couple of fun things going on.  First, I’m part of a scavenger hunt where readers will get a sheet, find all of the authors, and then be entered into winning the prizes below.

Scavenger Hunt Pic finalI’m also going to have fun giveaways for readers who find me after I tweet as part of the Entangled Scavenger Hunt!

To enter to win in the Scavenger Hunt, you’ll need to pick up a game form at our table in Promo Alley or during the Entangled Spotlight and then find all 23 of us so we can affix a special sticker to the game form.

You’ll know who’s participating because our book covers are on the form – and we’ll all be wearing one of our stickers on our nametags to help you pick us out. You’ll want to find author Christine Bell last, because she’s the keeper of the grand prizes – and the first 3 people to show her they’ve gotten all 23 authors’ stickers will win BIG! (Keep an eye on the #EntangledHunt hashtag during the convention for more details!)


1st Prize: $300 Amazon/BN/Kobo/any e-book retailer gift card. Can be used for anything the winner would like, including an e-reader, tablet, books and more.

2nd Prize: A Kindle Fire & e-books from all the participating authors. Kindle will be given to the winner at RT. Winner will provide an email address so that each author can gift a copy of their e-book via Amazon to them (See all the books included on the back of this flyer).

3rd Prize: $50 Gift Card from e-book seller of winner’s choice.

Spot Giveaways: In addition to the above prizes, each of the 23 participating authors will be doing two spot giveaways during RT. Follow our hashtag on Twitter (#EntangledHunt) as each day, more than a dozen authors will tweet their location at the conference and a directive. Find the author first and follow their directive and YOU WIN! Prizes range from signed book copies, to handmade personalized gifts, from gift cards to fun-filled baskets and more.

About Rebecca Zanetti

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal, contemporary, and romantic suspense romances. Current series include: Dark Protectors, Sin Brothers, and Maverick Montana.
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44 Responses to Cowboy Giveaway Here…and in Kansas City…

  1. Everything ,their hard work,their sexy body.Their horse,the list goes on the tender loving care they show a woman.

  2. Cowboys are well mannered, look you in the eye when speaking with you and are patient when learning a dance step.

  3. There is just something so sexy about a man who puts family above all else, is respectful and respected by all, who isn’t afraid of getting dirty or of hard work, is amazing with animals and children, and is a romantic at heart.

    I grew up with cowboys and yes some don’t fit my above description but many do.

  4. Clare O'Beara says:

    I wish I could do that author hunt!
    Summer is great for camping and barbecues, for wildflowers and birds. Summer is when we soak up Vitamin D to last us through the year and shed our bulky clothing.

  5. Mary Preston says:

    I like cowboys & travelling & Summer. Cowboys make me smile & shiver.

    Have fun. Definitely a wish I was going there too.

  6. Diane says:

    Travelling is fun, you get to see new attractions and people.

  7. Carol L says:

    How I wish I as going to RT. Maybe next year.
    Cowboys, love them. Such gentleman and sexy as all get out. Loyal, honest and pure man. 🙂
    Carol L

  8. Michelle V says:

    I wish I could go to RT! I live in TX now but I grew up in Missouri and have a ton of family in KC. Hope you have an awesome time! I have always had a thing for Cowboys but I think even more so after living in Texas for years. There’s just something about a sexy Cowboy!

  9. DebraG says:

    I loke cowboys’ confidence and their muscles.

  10. TIFFANY M says:


  11. Crystal says:

    I love how confident and sexy cowboys are and they don’t have to try…Just throw on those tight wranglers, boots a tshirt and hat! Have fun in KS wish I could go!

  12. buzzvibe says:

    Cowboys are strong, well-mannered, good with horses, and usually smell like leather. I find all of those things are very sexy.

  13. Teresa Hughes says:

    Not really giving away a cowboy?? Now I’m sad:( Lol! Just kidding! Glad you got the right ticket and I hope you have a fun and safe trip!

    What I love about cowboys is…their walk. I love watching them swagger! I love just seeing other places when I travel. You can see some beautiful sites while on a trip. As for summer, I love extra time with my kids because there’s no school!

  14. DeborahR says:

    I can’t think of anything about cowboys I don’t love! I was really hoping you were giving one away! 🙂 I love their manners, their strength, their confidence! And last but not least I love the way they fill out a pair of Wranglers!

  15. kapa1125 says:

    they are sexy and hard workers 🙂
    Would love one lol

  16. Crystal says:

    I love reading about cowboy and their cowgirls. They can be so macho, tough, sweet, & caring. All great combinations 🙂

  17. A read cowboy would be great as I am already in Texas! LOL! I have not read the book (yet but I will) and since I love your work I know it will be amazing! Thanks for having this contest-much appreciated!

  18. Mary Bilowus says:

    Cowboys are hard working and sexy as hell. Love summer because I’m a teacher and get two months off to read anything and everything I want to. Travelling is great because you get to experience new things, new people and different cultures. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. I love summer, pool, beaches, warm weather, lazy days and BBQ’s

  20. Tiss says:

    I just love some cowboys, period!. I like summer because the grass turns green and it is great to be outside catching some rays!. I’m not a traveler. Nice to go for a bit, but better to get back home. Have fun in Kansas City!

  21. ronnie c says:

    Loved the book Against the Wall….love sexy cowboys and wish I could be in Kansas City for the RT convention!!! Sounds like fun!

  22. Ashley Blair says:

    Growing up I always wanted to be a cowgirl, live on a farm, raise horses and cattle and marry a well mannered, fun loving, hard working and respectable cowboy. I’m the type of person who isn’t afraid to get dirty so a cowboy was all I ever dreamed about as a kid because I know ranching and the country life is hard but it was something I could see myself being and doing. Spring and summer are my favorite times of the year. With everything blooming and being born it just calls to me. I haven’t really travelled any except to the beach. I’ve always dreamed of going out west to N or S Dakota, Montana and Colorado. I doubt I get to do that anytime soon. Maybe in the near future. I love every one of your books. It’s like opening up my dream world and I get to live it. Every story touches my heart and I appreciate and thank you for all of your hard work in writing.

  23. Cowboys are gentlemen, sexy, hard working, respectful, ll wrapped up in one package. The kind of man you want your daughters to marry, and your sons to be like.

  24. kim wade says:

    Wonderful books great giveaway

  25. phyllislm52 says:

    I truly wish I was able to get to RT!! Maybe next year. I think I love cowboys because they are rugged, real men who are very physical by nature and have this aura of sexiness about them. That’s part of why I loved Jake in AGAINST THE WALL!!! ;). Can’t wait for UNDER THE COVERS!!!

  26. phyllislm52 says:

    Really wish I was going to RT!!! One day, I hope….I think I love cowboys because they are hard working, hard bodied, truly sexy men who carry the aura of Alpha male in the everyday world!! It’s part of the reason I LOVED Against the Wall and can’t wait for Under the Covers!! 😉

  27. Laura Dent says:

    Cowboys are always rough and ready! And sexy, to boot!

  28. Deb Grim says:

    Cowboys know how to treat a woman right, they are hard workers , their muscles are from working hard and not from going to the gym like city guys do, they are sexy and they look good in jeans and cowboy boots.

  29. Mandy Miller says:

    I married my own cowboy and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. He’s old-fashioned, chivalrous, sweet, strong and sexy. It’s the ultimate. Every woman should have one *sigh*

  30. Heidi says:

    Their big……hats! 😉

  31. Thea Alvarez says:

    Cowboys are pure gentlemen, well at least the ones I grew up around. They know how to treat a woman..They are especially yummy:)

  32. Jessi Donner says:

    i love your books and i love cowboys hope you have fun!

  33. Jennifer says:

    Sunsets, sheets on the line, Cowboy boots and tight jeans!

  34. Ginny Sedke says:

    I love reading about cowboys! Makes you want one of your own. They are so delicious!

  35. lisagk says:

    I like traveling because I like seeing new places and new things. Thanks for the post. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

  36. Beth Haney says:

    What I love about cowboys is when they tip their hat and call you “darlin'”!!
    elizhaney78 at gmail dot com

  37. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Cowboys tend to wear tight fitting jeans and cowboy hats. Those are 2 things I really like! Also shirts that have snaps that a person can just rip open.

  38. Lisa Guertin says:

    What’s not to like about cowboys? I’ve been blessed to know and work several real live cowboys and am proud to know them and call them friends.

  39. Tracie says:

    Wrangler butts drive me nuts!
    I love everything about a cowboy. The rugged appeal of a man not afraid to get his hands dirty with work or play.

  40. JackieW says:

    Cowboys are sexy. They are usually mannerly, caring and strong people. Who wouldn’t love a guy like that.

  41. Nancy Davidson says:

    Cowboys are yum yum! They fill out a pair of jeans like nobody else can. Also, their muscles from all that hard work….mmmmm. love ’em.

  42. Eunice Kipte-Balangue says:

    Cowboys are men – real, rugged, hardworking, lip smacking deliciousness!

  43. Wish I could go to KC to see everyone!! Especially since it is only a few hours from me…But I have to leave a few days after for my oldest son’s graduation from Basic Training. I can’t miss that many days from work..Dang it!!

    Hope it is a good time for all!

    Now about those cowboys!! I love them! The rugged looks, the overpowering of the land and nature by brute force, the attitude of having it all…I love a cowboy.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

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