Meet Em Petrova and Her Boots

Hello friends–new and old! I’m so excited to be posting here on the Wild and Wicked  Cowboys as an official member of the group! I’ve coveted a position among these amazing authors for a long time and am so blessed to have been offered a spot.

 photo Emgood_zpsac13b8c0.jpg

A little about me. I’m a mom of four crazy elementary-age kids and a mischievous Labradoodle puppy named Daisy Hasselhoff.

Say hello to Daisy

 photo daisysnow_zps3202a95d.jpg

I write panty-soaking erotic romance involving gritty characters. I love the common man and his problems. Give me a fireman, logger, or cowboy any day! I want to see calloused hands and five o’clock shadow. Let’s see plaid shirts and l0w-slung, worn jeans. If he’s got a pair of boots and a hat, all the better!

Speaking of boots, I’d like to introduce you to mine. Yep, I brought my boot collection today. Because what’s a country gal without something to stomp in?
 photo boots002_zpse1cf7c04.jpg

On the far left you have the shit kickers. These are cheapo boots from Target that are perfect for muddy ball fields, standing in pastures watching Fourth of July fireworks, and picnics along the river. Get ’em muddy, hose ’em off.

In the center you have Baby Blues. Oh, how I heart these little boots! Blue ombre treatment, perfect for jeans, miniskirts, maxi skirts. All around perfect! Are you drooling yet?

Last are my favorites. I coveted these beauties for a month before I bit my lip and laid down the bills for them! Those rhinestones–to die for. The heels amp up my shortness so I can reach heights nearing 5’1″. I wear these boots every day, from church with the kiddos to school choir concerts. I can shop till I literally drop in them, and I’m currently writing up a clause in my will, asking to be buried in them.

A life lived in these boots. I hope to keep adding to the collection (crushing on a pair of slouchy brown Durangos right now). So which are your favorites?

Find out more about me on my website, FB, and Twitter. And also monthly here with the cowgirl divas of the net!

About empetrova

Em Petrova writes heroes who work hard in bed and out.
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10 Responses to Meet Em Petrova and Her Boots

  1. Welcome to the blog, Em! Love the boot collection!

  2. 1liltrev says:

    Happy you are part of this Blog site, truly one of my most favorite sites to visit. I enjoyed reading about your boot collection and have to add I have several pairs myself and the ones I covent the most are my OLD GRINGO’s. They are my most expensive and I do feel good everytime I put them on…I so enjoying reading your stories Ms. Em and look forward to many many more. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us!!!

  3. Anne Kane says:

    Congrats on becoming part of the blog, Em. I love the boot collection!

  4. Layna says:

    Cool boot collection, Em!

    I’m personally a knee-high suede or leather boot kinda gal. And if it’s got a 2″ heel, I’m gonna own it. 🙂

  5. Cindy Hamilton says:

    Welcome to the Blog, I have not read any of your books yet but after reading this and going to your website I am defineately going to get some of your books. They sound good!

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