Back in Bliss


It’s finally a little like springtime here in Texas. It’s been the weirdest April in the DFW area. Today is gorgeous, but we just came off two days of cold. I, for one, am looking forward to a real spring. Springtime in Texas is all warm weather and bluebonnets before the heat sets in. It’s a time of renewal and revival and the best ever time to be out at the ballpark.


It’s also a nice time to put out a book. Back in Bliss, the ninth book in my Nights in Bliss, Colorado series is coming out on April 19. It’s set in springtime in Colorado where the bees are buzzing, the snow is melting, and yes, because it’s Bliss, there’s probably a killer on the loose. But love is finally in the air for Logan Green!


I hope you enjoy this exclusive excerpt of Back in Bliss.


* * * *

Georgia came awake to the heavenly smell of breakfast cooking. She yawned, thanking god that it had all been a terrible dream and she was back in Manhattan. Yes, she could stumble out of her room and join Seth on the balcony for coffee. She hadn’t made a complete idiot of herself. She would open her eyes and see her Upper East Side bedroom.

She opened her eyes and screamed because something horrible was staring in her window. It was big and brown and had monstrous nostrils that steamed up the window.

The door opened in a flash, Logan slamming into the room, a gun in his hand. God, when had he gotten so damn familiar with firearms? He was wearing what he’d worn the night before, those low-slung jeans that looked about a size too small because they molded to his every muscle, and a ridiculously hot white muscle shirt that just proved he was a meathead who worked out. Like a lot. God, he was so hot.

“What is it?” He looked ready to kill anything that had invaded.

“Monster.” Nature could be like that. And there was lots of nature out here. She was really more comfortable in the city.

Sure enough, the massive alien thing was pressed against her window, its enormous nostrils leaving gooey stuff all over the glass.

And Logan, rather than killing the thing like she kind of thought he should, laughed. A wide smile spread across his face and he looked young, so much younger than she could ever remember seeing him. Logan always looked like the weight of the world was on his shoulders, but just then, in that moment, she could believe he really was twenty-five.

“Holy shit.” He practically beamed at the thing that looked like it could eat her. “Seth! Damn it. Seth, get in here!”

He went to the door and yelled for Seth again.

Seth ran in, his eyes wide and his body covered only in a towel. A little towel. A tiny little white towel that contrasted with his tan skin and had been wrapped over ridiculously muscled hips. He had those notches at his hips, the ones she’d always been sure some artist Photoshopped onto male models because no one could be that perfect. His dark hair was wet, curling just above his shoulders. Moisture clung to his every muscle and, holy hell, he had a lot of them. They hid underneath his perfectly tailored suits.

She forgot about the crazy-ass creature that had come straight out of some danger-in-the-wild documentary and just watched the two gorgeous predators who had invaded her room.

She pulled the covers up to her neck, deeply aware that she didn’t look anything like they did.

“Maurice.” Seth took a step forward. “Wow. How the hell long do moose live, man? It’s totally Maurice. You can see where Hiram tried to take him down. There’s a scar on his nose.”

Logan moved in, too, and she could see the easy way the two men related. Just for a moment she saw the kids they had been, friends forever. God, she’d never had a friend like that.

Logan opened the window and she heard a loud chuffing noise. “He kicked Hiram in the groin. It was a damn lucky thing the man already had three kids because I heard nothing worked the same after. Hey, boy. You remember me?”

Another huff and she was about to believe the thing knew how to communicate.

Seth looked over at her, his eyes glinting. “We don’t get a ton of moose around here. Maurice is a legend. The people of Bliss say that if he shows up at your place, you’re blessed. Meant to be here. He’s the welcoming committee.”

Logan laughed a little. “What no one will tell you is he’s a total snack whore. Man, if you leave a Snickers bar on the porch, he will show up lickety-split. When Laura finally got comfy, I snuck some chocolate on to her porch so she would feel welcome.”

“I’m glad she stayed. I heard she got married,” Seth said.

Logan nodded. “Got a kid now. That’s why I’m here. Her husbands need some paternity leave. I heard it’s a girl. A sweet baby from China.”

Their shared history was right there, a palpable thing between them. It was almost as though she could reach out and touch it, feel the warmth of it. Logan and Seth felt like a family.

What was she doing here?

Once again, like most of her life, she felt like the outsider. Even among her brothers, she’d felt it. Chase and Ben had each other. Mark and Drew had been so close. And she and Win had been so far apart in age that they couldn’t connect on a brother-sister level. She’d been alone. The only child whose mother wasn’t up to snuff. The only one without money when the tide had turned.

Logan looked down at her, his eyes softening. “Georgia, I’m sorry about last night. I didn’t mean a word of what I said. To either of you.”

She nodded, feeling awkward. They were here in her bedroom. It was a little surreal. She turned her attention back to the moose.

“So it’s not something that’s going to attack?” She kept the blanket around her neck. Yeah, that was another way she was different. She wasn’t gorgeously perfect like them. She’d tried the whole diet thing, and she wasn’t cut out for it.

“Maurice is a sweetie, but I won’t lie. The first time I saw him, I peed my own damned pants and ran screaming for my mommas,” Logan said on a laugh. He reached a hand out, pressing it against the screen, his eyes misting like he was reaching for his past. “He won’t hurt you. He just wants to say hello. And he probably smelled the bacon. Shit. My bacon.”

Logan turned and took off at a dead run for the kitchen.

Seth touched the screen, too. “Hey, Maurice. Thanks for the welcome, boy.”





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16 Responses to Back in Bliss

  1. SheriV says:

    Maurice the Moose! Love it…now post more so I can have the whole book pieced together

  2. Cherie Clark says:

    Thank you thank you. Loved it I can not wait. woohoo

  3. Should I go back and start at book 1, or can I jump into this one first????

    • Sophie Oak says:

      Sleepless, I wish I could say this is a standalone, but Logan’s story has actually played out over nine books. I’m very much a serial writer. Every book feeds off the last. I like to think of my books as a really naughty soap opera. If you’re interested, give Three to Ride a try. It all flows from there. Thanks so much for asking!

  4. Tiss says:

    WOW, Loved the moose story. Made me think of my girlfriend in Alaska, who said she was in the bathroom, and a moose did come up to the window, scared the shit out of her. LOL. Looking forward to reading these books. Thanks for the excerpt Sophie.

  5. Mary Preston says:

    The excerpt had me laughing. I think that Maurice is going to be a star.

  6. Clare O'Beara says:

    Looks like great fun and it makes the characters seem like normal people you could meet. Nice cover too!

  7. Randi Alexander says:

    Great excerpt, Sophie. And wow, that cover – I stared at those three for quite a while.

  8. Holy crud, we are already at the 9th book! I am completely slacking and need to hit Amazon……. SOON!!! Can’t wait, Sophie!

  9. Lori Vick says:

    Thanks for the excerpt

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