Finishing a series the heart way

This Tuesday, April 2, marked the end of a trilogy, the final print publication of ENDLESS HEART, the last in the Heart series.

I’m never sure how I feel about finishing a series, whether it’s three books or twelve. As writers we become invested in the “family” and they become comfortable, familiar. Starting a new series after that is intimidating. You have to get to know all these strangers, until they too become “family.”

It’s a daunting task! For me, I see books in my head as I write them. They play like a movie (probably because I have a degree in screenwriting, lol). I never know what exactly will happen and sometimes it surprises me.

That was definitely the case with ENDLESS HEART. Lettie is a bitter, jaded woman who has had too many hardships in her life to list. She doesn’t expect Shane nor does she want him in her life. He makes her feel and that’s something she can’t deal with. What really surprised me was the spiritual element to the book.

I’m not talking about organized religion or church, I’m talking truly spiritual happenings. They trace back to the native people on the land she lives on, their traditions and their spirits. I didn’t expect that and the book played on, bringing that into play. Each book has its own life and this one definitely needed to follow that path.

Of course, ENDLESS HEART does not start with such sparkly goodness. No, it starts with Shane landing on Lettie’s feet and puking. Yes, really. Something I pride myself on, my romance novels contain real problems, real people and real situations. Shane has a problem with alcohol, for good reason, and Lettie has a problem embracing life.

By far the most intense couple I’ve ever written, ENDLESS HEART is now available in print! *sound the trumpets* And the Heart series comes to an end.

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6 Responses to Finishing a series the heart way

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  2. Teresa Hughes says:


    As you know I love, love, love your books! I also am sad to see this series end but, I know there are more great ones coming! You are one of the first authors I met in person and by far the kindest. Thanks for giving me ways of spending my nights. Any night with one of your books is a great night!

    Teresa Hughes,
    Randleman, NC

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    Always sad to come to the end of a series! But over the years I have learned that it can be a lot better to do that than to offer something jaded where all the good characters have married off or died, and the theme is too well-worn. So more power to you, and strike out fresh on the next book. I hope this one does very well.

  4. Tiss says:

    I have read it and you are right, it is hard to see a series come to an end. Thanks for the 3 awesome books. I really enjoyed reading them. So much happens. It is exciting to read. Good Luck on your next project, be it one book, or another series.

  5. Cindy H says:

    Sounds good, looking forward to reading more of your books! Especially series books.

  6. Mary Preston says:

    I know as a reader it’s sad to finish up a series. You have a vested interest.

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