Books of a Different Genre

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great April fools day and not being tricked too bad. 

Recently I bought two books from a different genre. I read a little of everything. While I read a great deal of erotic romance I love historically and science fiction. over the weekend I read a Christian cowboy book. I was interested in how the author would pull me into a world with a sexy cowboy and not have any scenes with missing clothes. I admit I was skeptical at first and even while reading I  kept thinking “this character is too sexy to be in a Christian novel”, and I was sure I would feel so let down at the end. 

I was so wrong. I mean yes the cowboy was way sexy and boy oh boy the things I bet we here at W&W could make him do, but the author really did good. The character was kinda a player and went hard after the heroine in the story but not once did they ever cross any lines. They kissed passionately twice but that’s it. 

I had read a few Christian novels before but none had really made me think so hard about the sexiness of scenes without full throttle sex. Is it possible to have that same understanding and yearning without those scenes? I am really curious to see how many of the W&W readers have read and enjoyed a Christian book. I know a few Christian authors and while I enjoy their company don’t typically read their books. I’m a horrible friend aren’t I? But they don’t read mine either and we all stay friends anyway 🙂 .

so what do all you readers and authors think?


Happy April fools day, try not to be too much of a fool today!!!!


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11 Responses to Books of a Different Genre

  1. Crystal says:

    I read a lot of erotic romance and I also read Christian Romance. I love them both. Sometimes I just have to take a break from reading smut and so i’ll pick up a Christian romance and other times I just need my sex scenes. One of my favorite Christian Romance books is by Linda Goodnight, A Very Special Delivery (It’s free on both kindle and nook)

  2. Kirsten says:

    Hi Sayde,

    I’ve actually read quite a few Christian romance books. As you mentioned, some do a great job of keeping the tension and passion high without crossing the line to ripping the shirt right off the cowboy’s hard body. 🙂 As an author, while I don’t write Christian Westerns (I like the shirt and jeans flying) I’ve learned from these authors and their stories how to keep the tension building in scenes when my hero and heroine aren’t going to get to go all out.


  3. Laurel S says:

    Like Crystal I read both (and some that fall somewhere in between) and I really can enjoy them all, especially when the author is good at building the sexual tension (even though we know they’re not going to be using it {or at least not telling us about it}). There are some Christian authors however who seem to want to ignore sexual tension all together since the characters won’t be having sex, I tend not to enjoy those since how can you have a relationship with no attraction?

  4. Cindy H says:

    I have read both Christian and other genre books, a hero can be sexy even in Cristian books.

  5. Tina B says:

    I have not read any Christian romances, but after reading this, I may have to try one. 😉
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Michelle says:

    Sometimes what doesn’t happen is twice as hot. The anticipation, the brush of the arm, a kiss alone. Haven’t you ever skimmed a love scene in a book to get back to the plot…. I mean not too often though!

  7. Tiss says:

    I have read a “tamer” book once in awhile. There is a book in Harlequin called Loveswept and it is romance without the erotic. Sometimes just to have a change of pace, I’ll read one of those, of course It has to have a cowboy in it, or I don’t read it. LOL.

  8. jwl321 says:

    I haven’t read a Christian romance. I’ll have to give them a read.

  9. Mary Preston says:

    It’s been a while since I read a Christian Romance. I do remember them being ‘gentler’ reads. I’ve never read a Christian cowboy story though.

  10. Clare O'Beara says:

    Good question! Yes, I’ve read quite a few ‘inspirational’ books either straightforward Christian or Amish. In a historical Western it is quite appropriate, think of Laura Ingalls Wilder being courted and allowing her beau to kiss her once he has spoken to her father, proposed, been accepted and given her his ring! That doesn’t mean that people don’t have strong feelings and desires in these books. I do get tired of books where religion is invoked too often but there is quite a variation.
    I can recommend Falling For The Forest Ranger by Leigh Bale and Healing the Forest Ranger by her, for good outdoors modern tales. She knows her environment.
    And try Love Comes To Paradise by Mary Ellis or Dark Crossings by three authors for exciting modern Amish romance. They’ll surprise you if you haven’t read about the lifestyle. Put it this way, Amish families have an average of seven children and their population doubles in size every twenty years. Now how does that happen, eh? (wink)

  11. Lori Vick says:

    I read and loved a Christian Romance series by Sharon Gillenwater…
    Jenna’s Cowboy, Emily’s Chance and Megan’s Hero.

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