More Little Known Facts About Texas-The Lone Star State

Special thanks today to Laura Topaz who gave me a great little book with tons of Texas facts in it.

Cowboys seem to be the national sex symbol. And while you’ll find them in several western states like Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, the legend of he cowboy is still tied to Texas. No wonder women keep saying, “God Bless Texas.” And it’s not surprising that Texas produces more cattle than any other state. Texas is also tops in the hay department. Gotta feed those cattle. And the Dallas-Forth Worth region has more horses per capita than any other similar-sized area in the country. Maybe in the world.
So. Ready for some more mind-boggling facts about the state where I live and the cowboys we love? Here we go.
June 20th is officially Audie Murphy Day in Texas. During WW2 the Texas native earned every decoration of valor the United States had to offer, plus five more from Franc and Belgium, for a total of 33. Hook up with Netflix and watch an Audie Murphy movie. I recommend To Hell and Back.
You don’t want a Texan to say you’re “ugly as homemade soap.”
Today the spiciest thing found at the Texas State Fair is probably the chili. It used to be the sideshows. Until the middle of the 20th century you could see such peep shows as Corinne the Apple Dancer and one year even stripper Gypsy Rose Lee.Gypsy Rose Lee
You might be a Texan if you aren’t surprised to find movie rentals, ammunition, chewing tobacco and bait in the same store.
During Fiesta San Antonio every year a highlight is the Lucky Duck Race and Festival. 20,000 rubber ducks are dropped into the San Antonio River and “race” to the finish line downstream.
Buying a ranch in Texas doesn’t take much—just find one you like, shake hands with the owner and pony up several million bucks. Or several hundred million, depending on the size.
I’ll bet the people in Austin and El Paso are happy. The FBI named them two of the safest cities in the U.S. Third and fourth lowest crime rates. And while Texas cities may be booming, more than 80 percent of the land in Texas is still rural. That’s where we get all our sexy cowboys. And it’s why I can look out my window and see them ride by.SequinsSaddlesandSpurs
The Devils Rope Museum, about 75 miles east of Amarillo, is dedicated to the history of barbed wire. Some maintain it was the tool that tamed the west.220px-Barbed_Wire_Roll
Okay! Pay attention now!
Since Texas is, according to one state agency, a “whole other country,” it has holidays no one else has and not everyone can pronounce. Do you know how to say San Jacinto Day, Cinco de Mayo, Juneteeth, Diez y Seis de Septembre.
Tell me what this last holiday celebrates. I’ll pick a winner and award a Wild and Wicked Cowboys messenger bag.
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22 Responses to More Little Known Facts About Texas-The Lone Star State

  1. Tiss says:

    Independance Day in Mexico!

  2. Lisa Guertin says:

    Diez y Seis de Septembre is the celebration of Mexican Independence.

  3. mawmom says:

    September 16, 1810
    On this day in 1810, Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla’s grito de Dolores (“cry of Dolores”) at the village of Dolores, near Guanajuato, called for the end of Spanish rule in Mexico. On September 16, 1825, the Republic of Mexico officially declared September 16 its national Independence Day. In Texas, Diez y Seis de Septiembre has been celebrated in San Antonio for more than 167 years.
    Love Texas! Thanks Carin

  4. Slick Reads says:

    On Sept 16th, Miguel Hilalgo said that Spain would no longer rule Mexico or that’s what I remember from my Texas history lessons!

  5. ELF says:

    Marks Mexico’s independence from Spain. Congrats on the CBS interview, it was fun to watch.

  6. Amanda m says:

    It is Mexico’s Independence Day. Love Texas. Thanks for some amazing facts. And of course the readings.

  7. slinkydennis says:

    It’s Independence Day for Mexico. Thanks for the great contest!

  8. Leni says:

    The Republic of Mexico officially declared September 16 its national Independence Day. I enjoyed your interview yesterday on the CBS Sunday Morning Show.

  9. Stacia says:

    It is Sept. 16. To celebrate the start of the Mexican War for it’s independance from Spain !!
    Ps. It is also my dad’s b-day!! LOL!!

  10. You guys are good! It’s a good thing I have to pick a winner. I won’t pick until late tonight so watch for the announcement tomorrow.

  11. mathlady68 says:

    Mexican Independence Day! I just learned something new! Thanks!!

  12. I love Texas!! My son is down in San Antonio now for BMT. Going to see him soon. Wish I could stay for good. Some day…
    September 16 is the day for celebrating Mexico’s independence from Spain.

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  13. June M. says:

    It celebrates Mexico’s independence on September 16, 1810
    (Thanks to Google, LOL)

  14. Michelle says:

    I love learning new things, a new reason to celebrate, by buying a book of course! Mexican Independence Day 😉

  15. It celebrates Mexico’s independence from my ancestors (Spain) or course my own ancestors relocated to Cuba at some point.

  16. lisagk says:

    The 16th of September is the day Mexico celebrates its independence from Spain. Thanks for the contest. lisagk (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. Clre O'era says:

    Mexican Independence day is celebrated that day!
    I know a Texan who deals in wine. He says almost all Texas wine is drunk in-state.

  18. Clare O'Beara says:

    Mexican Independence day is celebrated that day!
    I know a Texan who deals in wine. He says almost all Texas wine is drunk in-state.
    (earlier one didn’t go in properly)

  19. Mary Preston says:

    I totally had to Google this, being Australian and all.

    Mexican Independence Day

    I had so much fun researching on the Internet. Live & learn.

  20. Annie says:

    Mexican Independence Day from the Spanish. Viva Padre Hidalgo!

    Great to learn more about Texas.

  21. DeborahR says:

    Celebrates Mexican Independence from the Spanish!

  22. Well, y’all are just so smart. THanks for playing along. has selected a winner and it is…drum roll, please…Stacia! Please email me at so I can arrange to send you your prize.

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