St. Patrick’s Day G!veaway and New Erotic Romance Release!

Are you ready for St. Patrick’s Day? Jayden and Stormie are, in my new release Cowboy Jackpot: St. Patrick’s Day, the third book in the series.

Stormie Thompson has only one reason for being in Las Vegas; to seduce rodeo bronc rider Jayden Hancock. Thinking she’s the reason for all his bad luck, Jayden wants only to avoid her. But when a lucky mistake at a video poker machine makes them both big winners, Jayden realizes Stormie may be the best thing that’s ever happened to him, especially when he gives in to her seduction. When she finds evidence that Jayden is interested in what she has instead of who she is, can he convince Stormie to ignore her suspicions and trust her heart?

Cowboy Jackpot St Patricks 360x540

Excerpt: Stormie set down her purse and clenched her hands in front of her. “Here we are.” Her big green eyes looked luminous in the brightness of the entry hall. Someone had turned on all the lights, but all Jayden cared about seeing was Stormie, preferably naked and writhing with pleasure.

“Yep. Here we are.” He set down the keycards and advanced on her. “In the honeymoon suite. A month late.”

She stepped back a bit but unclenched her hands. “Should we take a look around?”

“Nope.” The silence of the room, her strawberry scent, and the fact that they were alone, while none of their family or friends knew where to find them, had his temperature spiking as sinful ideas flowed through him. He blinked. No, they weren’t sinful. They had a marriage certificate giving them the go-ahead. In his peripheral vision, he spotted the door leading to the bedroom. He stepped to his right, herding her toward the room.

Stormie breathed a little faster. “Okay.” She licked her lips as she stepped backward toward the bedroom.

“Cutie, I’ve waited a month for this. You won’t believe the things I want to do to your beautiful body.”

“Mm.” The tiny sound accompanied a quick shiver as her heel crossed the threshold to the bedroom.

He glanced behind her and let out a laugh. The bed was heart-shaped, covered in a red satin bedspread with pink and white pillows tossed around on it. “Oh man. This is gonna be fun.”

She turned and stared. “I didn’t even know they made beds like that.” She walked to it and touched her fingers to the edge. Glancing back at him, she smiled. “I guess there’s a first time for everything.” Her face tightened and her eyes narrowed.

“What’s wrong, Stormie?” He strolled to her side and pulled her into his arms. “We can talk if you want…” What the hell was he saying? He kissed her jaw and left hot, wet kisses down her neck to her collarbone. “Or you can let me taste every inch of you first, make you go wild when my tongue on your clit sends you into orbit.” He slid his hands under her shirt and up along her ribs. “Make you cry out my name.” His thumbs found her peaked nipples and flicked them fast and hard.

“Uhhh.” Her head dropped back and her knees buckled.

Easing her onto the bed, he tugged her shirt off over her head. “Guess you decided on ‘no talking,’ huh?” Her pure white bra curved softly over her breasts. The tiny red bow between the cups was the only hint of her wild side. It gave his lust a recharge, banging wicked ideas around in his head at a million miles an hour.

Her gaze locked with his. “Okay. You can.” She licked her lips as her breath panted from her lungs. “I’d like you to do that first.”

He grinned. Making her babble was his pleasure, and she’d only talk goofier if things went the way he planned.

He grabbed the brim of his hat to take it off.

“Uh uh.” She smiled shyly. “Could you…leave it on? Just for now?”

Naughty girl. “You have a kinky cowboy fetish?” He liked this side of her.

“No. A kinky Jayden Hancock fetish.”

Her words shot heat to his groin and his cock swelled. “Cutie, whatever you want.” He laid her back on the bed and held her wrists above her head with one hand. Unfastening her bra, he lifted the cups so her firm, round orbs sprang loose. The cherry red nipples pointing hard toward the ceiling were a decadent surprise. Who knew she’d be so dark here…his mouth watered…and maybe down below, too?


Cowboy Jackpot: St. Patrick’s Day is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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Happy St. Patty’s!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
-Cowboy Jackpot: St. Patrick’s Day is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.
-Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
-Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
-Turn Up the Heat, Chase and Seduction, and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
-Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback from Createspace and Amazon
-Cowboy Lust is available in paperback and digital format at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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15 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day G!veaway and New Erotic Romance Release!

  1. Mary Preston says:

    Oh yes, leave the hat on. FUN!!

  2. Carol L says:

    Thanks for sharing. On my TRL now. Thanks also for the opportunity to win.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Thanks, Carol. I liked writing a St. Patty’s Day story. Rodeo cowboys have a lot of faith in luck, and Jayden’s luck sure did change over the course of the book.

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    I think I could do without the novelties, but I’d certainly enjoy the read!
    Pink heart shaped bed – nah, that would be a turnoff!

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Ah, Clare, I think it would be fun to at least see a heart-shaped bed one time, maybe sleep in it, just for the fun stories you could tell about it.

  4. Ronda Tutt says:

    I loved the hot teasing excerpt and have been waiting to get my hands on this new release, going to go buy it now. LOL A Happy St. Patricks day early for me (Snickering)

  5. Tiss says:

    Thanks Randi, went right out and bought it. Looking forward to reading it! Thanks.

  6. mawmom says:

    Randi this has been an excellent series, I am hoping you will find plenty more holidays to write about :O) Carin

  7. jwl321 says:

    Love the excerpt! Can’t wait to read it!

  8. Kirsten says:

    Randi, Love this excerpt! I know what I’ll be reading for St. Pat’s day!

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