Guest Catherine Wolffe Shares the Western Werewolf Legend – Yankees and Rebels and Wolves!

Thanks so much, Randi, for having me on your blog today.  I’ve been really busy lately getting ready for the release of the second story in The Western Werewolf Series – Waking up Dead, which will be released in April 2013.

Today, I’d like to share an excerpt from the first story, The Lady in the Mist.  Tyler Loflin finds himself in love with the mysterious Sonja.  Secrets the woman harbors baffle him yet he can’t deny the way he feels about the golden haired widow.  His feelings are more than gratitude for her saving his life and Tyler vows to protect her from the danger lurking all around them.

Their world is in shambles as the Yankees and Rebels continue to fight a blood war near the widow’s Pennsylvania home.  Driven by his desire, Ty comes face to face with a fear the likes of which he’s never known when Sonja falls into a deep, fitful sleep.  ‘The sleep of the change’ as the witch Hortence explains will give Sonja the gift of the werewolf.  Unable to comprehend what the old woman is telling him yet certain he can’t lose the woman he’s found, Ty reacts when Sonja awakes.

I hope you enjoy the excerpt and please drop by Amazon for a free sample of The Lady in the Mist, which begins the tale of Sonja and Ty.  The question still remains – What do you do when you discover yourself a werewolf in love?


Questions ran through his brain but before Ty could consider answers, Sonja called his name.  He wheeled back to the bedroom.

She sat on the edge of the bed.  Reaching up, she pushed past the long curls framing her face and rubbed absently at her eyes.

Ty halted inside the door to the bedroom and stared.  Something akin to joy mixed with enormous relief filled him as he rushed to the bed.  His heart beat deliriously in his chest.  “You’re awake.  Oh, thank God, you’re awake.”  He knelt next to her and gripped her hand, his own shaking.

Sonja stared as if she didn’t understand.  “Of course, I’m awake.  Why wouldn’t I be?”  Glancing about, her forehead creased.  “Why am I sitting on the bed?”  Before he could get the answer out, she scanned his face.  Reaching out, she laid her palm against his cheek.  “You’re as white as a ghost, Lieutenant.  You have to get back in this bed now.”  Rising, she pointed to the quilt.  “You’ve had a relapse.”

Ty rose alongside her.  Watching her intently, he couldn’t help the joy, which filled him.  “The Great One heeded my prayer.”  His voice shook with relief.

“What? Have I grown horns of a sudden?  Stop goggling and get into this bed.  That’s an order.”  She reached out taking him by the arm.

Ty’s muscles reacted in a way he hadn’t expected when instead, he pulled her into his arms.  “You scared the holy hell out of me.”  His voice shook with relief.  Cupping her chin, his mouth descended on hers with procession.  When he released her, words came out of nowhere.  “The old woman stuck her nose in the door.  She said you were in some sort of change.”  He ran one unsteady hand through his hair.  A dry laugh escaped.  “She said you were a wolf and I was as well.”  Ty shook his head with disbelief.  “Imagine that?  Then she went on babbling some nonsense about a change you were going through or some such nonsense.”  He paced away before wheeling and coming back to her.  “I couldn’t get you to wake up!”  His panicked voice broke over the last words.  “There was no waking you!”  He’d let fear ride roughshod over rational thinking as he took her mouth with his.

Sonja shoved against him, protesting weakly to be free.  “Wait…”  He continued his attack.  Soon she ceased to struggle.  Instead, she laced her arms around his neck, her fingers running up into his hair, before fisting in the strands.  The kiss shifted before turning ardent and tender.  Ty sensed the need she harbored in the way she molded her firm breasts to him.  Her breath came out in a whisper when he released her mouth.  He yearned to be able to cherish the woman he held in his arms, but he was reminded of who he was.

“I’m the enemy as well.”  Ty hated to admit the truth aloud but he had to put all his cards on the table.

She sniffed rubbing a hand under her nose.  “Why because you’re a Rebel soldier or a half-breed?”

“Most places I go, the sentiment is the same.”  He shook his head.  “You deserve better.  You have to understand I’ve been alone for so long, the pain doesn’t concern me anymore.  But you have your whole life ahead of you.  You deserve better than the existence you’d have with me.”  He gathered her closer until he could feel her blood beneath her skin.  “You have no idea how badly I want you.  It’s as if a piece of me dies each time I look at you and know I can’t be the man for you.”

“Why do you say I have my whole life ahead of me?  You don’t know me, Ty.  I’m not the beautiful, pristine woman you take me for.”

His hands ached to reach out sinking his fingers into her long mane.  She’d used his given name for the first time.  His soul ached for her as he stood there in her bedroom with the air fairly burning around them.  He had found his mate.  All the years of loneliness ebbed away.  The pain of being an outcast dissolved in her hold.  The desire to know this woman intimately spiraled out of control.  Shoved at the confines of reality, he hacked out a small piece of bliss right there in her arms.

Burying his head in the curls at her neck, Ty gave in to the need to put his hunger into words.  “Christ, Sonja.  Never say you aren’t perfect, lovely and all the things a woman should be.  You’re wonderful.”  He leaned back to look in her tawny eyes.  The heat in them could melt all his troubles away, Ty mused.  Tapping a fist on his chest, he furrowed his brow.  “I’m to blame, I can’t help myself.  I shouldn’t even be asking this, but I want you so bad.  Let me lie with you, if only for the night.”  Ty grazed her nape with his teeth, the sensation running through him. She tasted of honeysuckle.

Sonja reached up running her fingers into the length of his hair.  The soft moan pouring from her lips felt like bourbon’s heat sliding down his throat.  He wanted to taste her because she tasted sweeter than any confection he’d ever known.  He wanted desperately to hold her because she was the world, his world and he wanted to love because he couldn’t help himself.

Her voice went soft and throaty.  “Lie with me.”  Her tawny eyes had turned the color of warm liquor over rocks.  She traced the edge of his face with her fingertip.  Lie with me and leave the world with all its pain behind for just a little while.  Together we can make it go away.”  Letting her fingertips glide through the hair on his forehead, she waited.

Ty’s mouth opened to object out of sheer instinct, but the old hag’s words surfaced in his head once more and in cadence with his desire, the witch said, “Choose carefully, my boy.  Choose carefully.”

Thankful for quick reflexes, Ty’s reasoning shifted and he lowered his head, capturing her mouth to taste the sweetness only this woman processed.  The flavor of her was intoxicating and Ty forced the words of the old woman and the danger of his decision to the back of his mind as he ran his tongue along her teeth. A purely primal groan left his throat as Ty sank into the fire.

Sonja urgent response had him molding her body to his.  In a fevered rush, Ty worked at the intricate buttons of her dress.  She in turn showered his face with kisses all the while murmuring low inane words in his ear as she ran her hands under his shirt and up the hard expanse of his chest.  Her fingers ignited tiny flames of lust.  The need grew with each taste of her.  Her scent swam in his senses, all sultry, all woman.  He let go with the force of her passion letting her lead the way with her nails, her tongue, her teeth, which nipped at his shoulder, his neck, his lips.

When he ran his hands down her the length of her bare back, he was sure she was made of satin.  Ty closed his eyes on the feeling of her exquisite flesh under his hand.  “Are you a dream?” he murmured close to her ear.

“No, Lieutenant, no dream.  I’m flesh and blood born to love you and be loved by you.”

Moments passed.  In the fog of his own need, Ty missed the fact that she struggled with her clothing. “Help me, Ty.”

Caught off guard, Ty raised his head to note how she fought with the last of her buttons on the dress she wore.  She looked damned beautiful standing there in the dim light of the room fighting with something as small and intricate as buttons.  The feeling swamped him as he reached out stilling her hands.  Her breasts strained against the thin cotton of her slip.  Two perfectly damp circles appeared on her slip that matched the imprint of his mouth on her nipples.  His shaft flinched in response to the sight.  Needing to a taste, he went down again to the deep cleft between her breasts.  Sonja cried out in frustration.  Sure that she would become angry, maybe even lose the mood, he stilled her fingers.

“Here,” he deftly undid the rest of her dress before undoing his pants to step free.  The scar along his thigh, still tender, stretched taught.  He had a moment’s hesitation wondering how his stamina would react to such a wound.  Maybe because of the fact there’d been so much time since he’d been with a woman, he doubted his control.  Ty swore low as his shaft jumped when she touched him.  Blood surged through his body like a fire through dry tender.  He dropped his head back and reveled in the sensation.  “Ah, Sonja.”  No woman had ever made him feel like she did.
-The Lady in the Mist, The Western Werewolf Legend at Amazon
-The Lady in the Mist

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3 Responses to Guest Catherine Wolffe Shares the Western Werewolf Legend – Yankees and Rebels and Wolves!

  1. Tina B says:

    Wow! What an excerpt! 2 of my favorite things, soldiers and wolves. 😉
    Congrats on your upcoming release, Catherine!
    Will the series be following the same characters or different h/h for each story? I am definitely adding this one to my TBR! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Mary Preston says:

    I agree Wow!! It makes me want to find out what comes before & after.

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    What an interesting mixup! War, western historical and romance – and shapeshifting! Proves there’s no limit to your imagination.

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