T minus 7 days until Caleb

I’m beyond excited as I head into the final week before CIRCLE EIGHT: CALEB releases! It’s been more than a year I started writing and planning book three in this series. So jazzed to finally see the day arrive when everyone can enjoy the story. Don’t worry though, book four, VAUGHN, will arrive in July. This is Elizabeth’s story – you will get to know her in Caleb’s book and love her as much as I do!

If someone asked me to describe Caleb’s book, I would say it’s a journey, a story unique to Caleb and Aurora. The Circle Eight books have all been different and this is no exception.

Matthew’s book was raw, full of emotion and getting to know the Grahams. The love in that book grew from a tiny seed into a towering oak, and I, along with the readers, enjoyed that right along side Hannah and Matt.

Brody’s book was intense, sexy and violent. Complete 360, right? Yeah, but that was how the story told itself through my head and into my busy fingers. Brody and Olivia exploded off the page, with not only melting hot sex but guns and blood too. It was a shiver-worthy ride.

Caleb’s book is another 360 – he becomes embroiled in a situation he didn’t expect, and a woman he can’t tame. Aurora is by far the toughest heroine in this series – she’s a blacksmith, with lean, sleek muscles and a will as strong as the iron she forges. Caleb is at a loss on how to deal with such a female. Then everything changes when Aurora is injured and Caleb runs into the very person he never expected to–his lost brother Benjamin.

The love evolves from the intensity of the situation and the way they both realize each is the other half they didn’t know was lost. Not as sexy or as emotional, but just as intense with edge-of-your seat twists.

Get ready, y’all, CALEB is about to hit the shelves, both in print and ebook, on February 12th. The Graham clan is riding again!


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11 Responses to T minus 7 days until Caleb

  1. Clare O'Beara says:

    Female blacksmith, good one!
    Meg Langlow in Murder with Peacocks series is a blacksmith, so is the heroine of Iron Snakes by Jenny Oldfield. Blacksmithing is hard on your lower back so I hope your character is strongly built and not too tall.

  2. lib6258 says:

    Hot book cover! (sigh)

  3. Tiss says:

    Congrats on upcoming release! Looking forward to reading the book.

  4. acade says:

    Yes! So excited about it 🙂 Cannot wait!!

  5. Susan T. says:

    Can’t wait can’t wait. *jumping up and down* like a kid in a candy store. I abosutely love Circle Eight series.

  6. I love this series!!!!!

  7. Eileen says:

    Oh yeah! can’t wait for next week.

  8. Dorothy Hardy says:

    Sounds good I need to get started on this series! I’m so backed up on my reading!

  9. Lori Vick says:

    sounds good. first I have heard of this series. added them all to my wishlist

  10. Mary Preston says:

    I’d climb a mountain for “edge-of-your seat twists”.

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