Let’s Talk…Beer

Let’s talk beer for a moment. I know it’s Sunday, yada yada, but it’s also still football Sunday and well, at least where I am, that means it’s okay for me to talk about it. Like Gem yesterday, I’m not really pushing beer, but for some of the cowboy set and the working man set, and most especially the redneck set of which I’m a part, beer is a natural.

Only, I don’t like beer. Except, in batter for fish or shrimp, in pretzels, cheese sauce, and bread. You see the pattern there, right? Mixed in with food and I’m good with it. On it’s own, no way. Now my sister, she’s a beer connoisseur like I’m a coffee connoisseur.

How do you know, Lissa? Have you ever tried it, Lissa? Yes. And yes. From the cheap to the artisan. The answer is still, I don’t like it.

When I was working on Justin’s character in Twisted Up, the real Justin had a lot of input and one of his requirements was a particular beer from Texas. Shiner Bock. I asked, “What does it taste like?” He said, “Try it.” We go back and forth, and he swears no matter what other beers I’ve tried, I’ll love it.

He was so wrong. I was a good soldier though, did my part in the name of research. I tried several different kinds of beer from Budweiser to the Bock to Samuel Adams to flavored with raspberry and blueberries. I tried seasonal, imported, spiced. I tried the ones with lime too… Didn’t like a smidge of any of them.

Justin said I’m doomed and missing out. I’m okay with that.

If you’re so inclined and you’re like me, here’s the recipe I use for my favorite beer bread from gimme some oven… It’s incredible with soup!

Two things on the beer bread, that should probably seem obvious to most, but I just had to do it for myself.

One: Everything is better with cheese.

Two: The darker and more pungent the beer, the darker and more beer-y the bread.

I hope all of you have a great day and if you’re watching, enjoy the game tonight!



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16 Responses to Let’s Talk…Beer

  1. Terri says:

    Okay, we do love beer in this house especially after a really hot summer day. And, beer bread is a given……..except I totally cheat and use Tastefully Simple. (Open mix, add 1 bottle of beer, mix, put in greased pan and bake) Now, back to beer. We have a friend who makes his own so now my husband has to make his own. I bought him all the stuff to do so for Christmas and of course, it’s sitting in the living room collecting dust. Hopefully he’ll soon give it a try.

  2. And I can appreciate that Terri! I’d roast my own coffee beans and turn my house into a coffee shop, but then I’d have to move my family out… I just don’t know what it is about my taste buds that we just can’t agree to like beer.

  3. suzlyne says:

    I used to do a bit of cooking with beer but never really cared to just drink it. Recently I found out that I have an intolerance to gluten so I can’t even cook with it any more unless it’s gluten free. I have yet to find a gluten free beer locally that tastes good enough to cook with. Nothings better on a cold day that a roast in the slow cooker with a bottle of beer and spices.

    • We have a store here now that is a specialty wine and beer store. Imagine a grocery story and the back wall. About half that in this store, is beer. Refrigerator upon refrigerator of beer. It’s incredible really, just the selection. Since I only cook with beer, I only buy whatever I can find in single bottles. You mentioned roast in the slow cooker with beer. I do chicken in the slow cooker with beer and spices…grins

  4. Eileen says:

    I know exactly what you mean about beer. Can’t stand the heavier and darker beers but love one every now and then with crabs and on a hot day. Went to a few summer concerts and they make limeritas which are absolutely delicious. But usually i can take it or leave it.

  5. Susan T. says:

    Loved Twisted Up and Justin did like his beer. I’ll have a beer every on and then. It could be ligth or dark just not fruity flavor.

  6. Minx says:

    Word press hates me, this is my third go at a comment so fingers crossed.

    I do like a nice beer, or lager as it is here, every now and again. I got a taste for it when I went to Belgium with uni and that was all I could get. Prior to that I was a cider drinker! I have even been know to have a bitter or a real ale on occasion. I even have some Fursty Ferret in my fridge left over from Christmas. You have to love the real ale names.

    Saying that I would much rather have a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc or even better, a nice cup of tea!

    Loved Twisted Up and loved Justin!

  7. I don’t drink bear either, which makes my brother and sister happy, more for them! But I do love beer bread, I use Michelob or Budweiser for mine.

  8. Clare O'Beara says:

    I don’t like beer and I live in Dublin, the home of Guinness!
    I have tried a sip of various other beers, I think it is the sour taste of hops I don’t like. I enjoy a fruity drink but generally don’t go for fizzy drinks (what you call sodas) because the sugar is bad for you, the taste is unauthentic and the non-sugar ones are still bad for you. Oh and they’re far too dear for flavoured water. Once I was encouraged to try pineapple beer in a Belgian restaurant. Tasted like pineapple juice and like beer. Weird.

  9. Tiss says:

    I HATE beer. I can drink it if I have tomato juice, way more tomato then beer. LOL. I have tried Clamato, and it’s ok, but not my favorite. Now give me hard drinks and I like them. Colorado Bulldogs are my drink of choice now a days. I even got ingrediants to make it at home. I used to drink Fuzzy Navels, but the orange juice gives me heart burn. LOL.

  10. Karen says:

    Not a beer drinker either but wine, that’s a different story.

  11. Cherie Clark says:

    Cheers and i hope you are enjoying the superbowl

  12. Mary Preston says:

    I don’t drink beer. It’s horrible, but I like it in breads & batters too.

  13. jwl321 says:

    Not a beer drinker…at all.

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