Baby Up!

I’m not pushing beer, Budweiser or any other brand today. I’m a Super Bowl Commercial devotee, but an even bigger horse fan. I’m sharing this one for those of you who won’t be watching on Sunday. As soon as I saw this ad, it tugged at my heart. It’s the 125th ad the company has shot for the Super Bowl. The foal starring in this video is seven days old.

A Little Whimsy: The Clydesdale is a breed of draught horse derived from the farm horses of Clydesdale, Scotland, and named after that region. The breed was originally used for farming and haulage, and is still used for draught purposes today. The Budweiser Clydesdales are some of the most famous Clydesdales, and other members of the breed are used as drum horses by the British Household Cavalry. They have also been used to create and improve other draught breeds.

Clydesdale horses

The breed was developed from Flemish stallions imported to Scotland and crossed with local mares. The first recorded use of the name “Clydesdale” for the breed was in 1826, and by 1830 a system of hiring stallions had begun that resulted in the spread of Clydesdale horses throughout Scotland and into northern England.

The first breed registry was formed in 1877. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, thousands of Clydesdale were exported from Scotland and sent throughout the world, including to Australia and New Zealand, where they became known as “the breed that built Australia”. Population numbers have declined and in the  1970’s, the Rare Breeds Survival Trust considered the breed vulnerable to extinction. Though population numbers have increased slightly in the intervening time, the Clydesdale breed is still considered vulnerable to extinction. Content Source

Enjoy the Weekend & Stay Safe!

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30 Responses to Baby Up!

  1. Ann Q says:

    Here in Australia, we see the best of the ads for the Superbowl, and, hear how much is paid for them to be aired at the time.

    • Gem Sivad says:

      It’s amazing the amount of money being spent on the ads. I think that’s one of the reasons I watch each year. I always love the horses, though. They are beautiful without any fancy script. 🙂

      Happy Ground Hog Day, Ann! (Do you celebrate that in Australia?)


  2. Becky Ward says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us Gem! If I do watch the Superbowl, it is to watch the commercials.

    • Gem Sivad says:

      Hey Becky. I’m imagining all the women in the audience waiting for commercials and all the men groaning through them. Me, I keep my Kindle next to me so I can really have the best of everything and read in between the ads. 😀

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    What a beautiful ad! I have seen real live Clydesdales in Scotland – a historic house called Pollock Estate near Glasgow has a few of them with other Scottish breeds like the shaggy highland cattle. We don’t get all your superbowl ads here in Ireland so thanks for showing that to all us horse lovers.

    • Gem Sivad says:

      Hi Clare. I’m a fool for horses. I made a special trip to see the Clydesdales when we visited Scotland. Now we’re planning a trip to Ireland and I’ve been reading about the kidnapping and mysterious disappearance of Shergar, hoping I can visit the horse farm where he was stabled. . 😀

  4. I love the Clydes, they are so majestic.

  5. Kirsten says:

    Aw, such a sweet ad and gorgeous horses! I actually watch the Superbowl for the football, but I enjoy the ads and Budweiser with their beautiful Clydesdales is one I keep an eye open for. 🙂

  6. Thanks Gem!!
    I with you, I love horses.
    I love the Clydesdale commercials.
    Have a wonderful weekend! ❤

    • Gem Sivad says:

      Hi Teresa! It’s still snowing here and I’m working on laptop in front of a fire. Peeps coming tomorrow for the game will have to skate a little to get here. I’m ready to enjoy the commercials, though. Take care and have a great weekend!

  7. Eileen says:

    love the ad! They are pretty horses. Would love to see them up close one time.

  8. Lori Vick says:

    i love Clydesdales

  9. JOYE says:

    Thanks for sharing the video. i will be looking for that particular ad tomorrow.

  10. Serena Shay says:

    Love that ad! The Clydesdale’s are gorgeous, as always, and it made me cry happy tears! Thanks Gem. 🙂

    • Gem Sivad says:

      Hi Serena. I think that’s why I like it so much. Unless you’ve worked with horses, you don’t realize how affectionate and loyal they are. The ad tells such a sweet story. I loved it too! Hope your Super Bowl Day is fine! 😀

  11. Tiss says:

    Damn, I had tears in my eyes at the end of that commercial. Thanks for sharing Gem, I won’t be watching any football, but I’m a horse owner/lover. That is a really special story in that commercial. The horse that I was raised with, I had for 28 years. Yes there is a special relationship between humans and horses.

    • Gem Sivad says:

      Hi Tiss. Yeah, I had to blink away the tears. Very special ad for me and I knew as soon as I saw it I wanted to post it here for horse lovers (and even maybe some football lovers too.)

  12. That was so sweet….They are certainly an awesome animal. I remember seeing them when we went to sea world in Orlando.

  13. Cherie Clark says:

    Hey thanks so much for sharing the ad, I live in NZ and dont get the superbowl. I love Clydesdale horses. Thanks for giving me a smile

  14. jwl321 says:

    I love all the Budweiser Clydesdale ads. They are always the best of the Superbowl ads. Clydesdales are such gentle giants. Because of Budweiser, they’re so well known, I never considered them to be a threatened breed.

    • Gem Sivad says:

      Hi. I’ve never thought of the Clydesdale as threatened either, But when I considered that possibility, I realized how few I have actually seen. Thanks for stopping by. Happy commercial watching! 😀

  15. Julie says:

    Happy day after the SB! Gotta say I teared up again knowing this commercial was going to air. But Gotta say this one and the Calvin Klein ad were my favs. All the guys at my part went quiet when it aired and my BF totally didn’t appreciate the “OMG” and drooling trance I was in. LOl

    • Gem Sivad says:

      Hi Julie. I was kind of disappointed at the commercials this year. When I asked hubs this morning which ad he liked best, he kind of stared at me like I had two heads, then said, “Uh, I only remember the Budweiser one, with the horses.” Yep! It was the best.

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