And it’s 2013

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope the year has started off well for you.

I’m determined to make 2013 a better year, after the 2012 craziness of retiring from the day job, pack and moving, unpacking, conferences, retreats, traveling and all the family stuff, I knew I needed to get back on track for this year.

I went back to my old scheduling techniques from when I was still working the day job, it helps keep me on track.  Well, most of the time, I was to have this blog post up first thing this morning, but my sister called me last night.  Even though I now only live about 15 minutes from my sister, she can still keep me on the phone for hours.  It’s not a bad thing, but it meant I didn’t get my blog post done last night.

But here it is this morning, a little late.  And I do have some news.

The Wild Rose Press has bought More Than One Night, while not a cowboy book (sorry more of those coming soon), my hero is handsome, rich and there’s nothing he won’t do for the heroine, including walking out of her life if she tells him to.

I’ve also been contracted by Sybarite Seductions to write Chasing Master Cole, this one is going to be a really fun book because I have a Dominate who is hiding his lifestyle when his dead best friend’s daughter comes to live with him after she’s finished college.  Needless to say she knows about his lifestyle and wants him to teach her.  This is going to be a fun erotic romp.

I’m also currently writing another erotic romance for The Wild Rose Press, this one is a committed menage book, my hero’s are a sheriff and a cowboy.  Well, my cowboy owns horses, raises them, breeds them, rides them, so I’m going to consider him a cowboy.

So I’m going to be very busy writing this year.

Do any of you have big plans for the year?  Anything new you’re going to try this year to make your year better?


About marietuhart

I'm an erotic romance writer currently published with The Wild Rose Press under the Scarlet Rose line.
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16 Responses to And it’s 2013

  1. Eileen says:

    Not a personal goal but we are finally committing ourselves to redoing the bathroom. We even committed to an addition onto the house so that means a 7 year commitment for me considering I’m going to be making the payments. LOL

  2. Isabel says:

    Happy New Year, Marie and to all here at the W&W Cowboys Blog!
    Marie, I’m taking a page from you in terms of having a schedule/structure to get things accomplished. There are never enough hours in the day, so having goals and a schedule definitely helps.
    Congrats on your new contracted books! I cannot wait to pick those up.
    I had to laugh when you mentioned your sister keeping you on the phone for hours. I know how that can be. 🙂

    • marietuhart says:

      Hi Isabel, there are never enough hours in the day. I appreciate the congrats on the new book contracts. You’re new schedule/structure will work out, it takes time to create good habits.

  3. Carin W says:

    Marie, I will be on the look out for Chasing Master Cole it sounds great! Carin

    • marietuhart says:

      Hi Carin, thanks. I’ll keep everyone here updated on the progress, I have to get the other books done first. But hoping to start working on Chasing Master Cole by March.

  4. Lori Vick says:

    Loose weight and hopefully Hubby and I will have a baby by the end of the year.

  5. Clare O'Beara says:

    See, I would consider a man who owns horses, breed them, raises them and rides them a horseman. No cows in sight.
    We are getting our house wraparound insulated this year. Soon. Then we can put up more bookshelves and get the books down from the attic. yay!

  6. Julie T says:

    My new year eve/day was great! I rang in the new year cruising the crimson wave. *ugh*

  7. tiss81 says:

    I’m not doing anything new. Just trying to pay off some bills and not create hew ones. I’m also cutting back on book buying. Good friend have given my Gift cards to Amazon, so that is my book budget. LOL. congrats on all the new books you’ve got coming out.

    • marietuhart says:

      Hi Tiss, Paying off bills and trying not to create new ones is a great thing. I know it took me years to do that. Now all I have is a house payment and the monthly household bills. Gift cards from friends are great for book buying.

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