The Measure of a Man

I love to write about men, especially Texas cowboys. Men fascinate me. I have often pondered the question (as I dream up heroes for my books) – what exactly are the ingredients that make a man? What is the measure of a man? I guess the answers are as diverse as are the ways a woman can be beautiful and feminine.

Real men are strong, and I’m not talking about physical strength. They are strong in their substance. They know what they want and they’re not afraid to work to make it happen. Real men are passionate, not only in the bedroom but about things that are important to them. And what’s important can run the gamut from their children, to their jobs – to their beliefs. But the men who have impressed me the most treasured their homes and their women and their families.

Real men are trustworthy, their word is their bond. If my dad told you something, you could take it to the bank – and if he made you a promise, he would move heaven and earth to fulfill it. Many men nowadays are more interested in themselves – in acquiring the admiration of unworthy women or wasting their time playing games they cannot win.

I love men, but I have a tendency to give that title to some who don’t deserve it. Sometimes those that pass themselves off as men are overgrown boys who have never developed a sense of responsibility or the drive to fulfill the potential they were blessed with. Oh well, I’ll get off my soapbox.

Since I have been disappointed by some of the men in my life – I have taken it upon myself to write about men who are damn near perfect or become that way before the last page is turned. In my Hell Yeah! series while my guys are all heroes – hunky, passionate – and dare, I say it? – hung (ha), they are different.

Aron, the oldest, is the rock. He stepped in when his parents were killed and made sure his brothers had a home, financial security and the assurance they were, and would always be, a family.

Each one of the brothers reacted differently to the loss of their mother and father. While Aron stepped up to the bat and was determined to make a home for his siblings – Joseph became a daredevil. He plunged into extreme sports and became a phenomenon, until he flipped his dirt bike and broke his back (but that’s Her Magic Touch). Isaac became the Badass – he rebelled against everything except the love of his family. And while he built a questionable reputation for himself, he also secretly became the town’s greatest philanthropist. Isaac is an enigma.

Noah chose a different path; he became ultra-conservative and found solace in business and making sure the columns added up equally. And though he loved his family, he set impossible standards for everyone – including himself. And I’m going to enjoy bringing him down a notch or two in Skye Blue. The boy needs to loosen up! Nathan is growing up surrounded by men who love him and would die for him, and he knows it.

But Jacob – Jacob is the heart of the McCoy clan. The second oldest, he works to ensure that the ties that bind the brothers are unbreakable. It’s Jacob who gets the Christmas tree and makes sure no one’s birthday is forgotten. That doesn’t mean he’s not all man – he is ripped, handsome, strong as an ox and sexy as hell. And Jacob’s greatest desire is to have a family of his very own.

So imagine the fireworks when Jessie walks up and knocks on the front door of the Tebow ranch house. She is homeless, in danger and expecting a child – Jacob’s child. Their relationship is complicated by the fact that, A – they’ve never met before, and B – she’s a virgin. Jessie is determined not to be a burden to the McCoy family. As far as she’s concerned, she is just passing through. But Jacob has other ideas – he wants Jessie in his life, in his bed and in his heart.

Jacob is a real man. He is tender, but macho. He is smart as a whip, but humble. He is devoted to Jessie and the baby she carries even when everything he thought he knew and believed is turned upside down.

I want a Jacob. I want a real man.

Ah – dreams.

We are releasing Hot On Her Trail in Spanish. It is now Su Rastro Caliente.

Here are the covers and links


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And an excerpt to whet your appetite for a real man.


“You’ve never been tubing?” Jacob couldn’t imagine being so deprived. “That’s when you hang on to a big, rubber inner-tube and float down the river or creek. It’s one of the best feelings in the whole world.”

Jessie knelt down and let her fingers trail in the cool water. “Someday, I’d like to try that,” she said wistfully.

“We’ll do it soon, I promise.”

“Thanks for bringing me here. It’s a beautiful place.” she told him sincerely.

“I plan on building a house here, Jessie. A house for me and my family.” Jacob looked around, proudly. Pointing to the top of the rise, he began to tell her his plans. “I want to build a log house with a big wrap-around porch. It won’t be as big as the main house, but it won’t have to be. There’ll be a big fireplace and a commercial kitchen.” As he explained his dream for his future home, Jessie listened with rapt fascination. This would be where he would bring a wife when he married. Time slowed down. She could still hear his voice, but the wind grew still, the birds hushed and even the water seemed to quit singing its rushing song as it flowed over the rocks. Jacob would live here with his wife and family. Even though they were enjoying each other sexually, Jessie was afraid that, for Jacob, that’s all it was – sex. What else could it be? She wasn’t appropriate wife material for a fine man like Jacob. Torturing herself, she imagined Jacob living here with his family. Would her child be allowed to visit? She could just imagine driving down here to pick her little boy up after he had spent the day with his half brothers and sisters. Would his wife come to the door? Would they invite her in for coffee? Could she survive the future that awaited her? Clasping her chest, Jessie tried to breathe.

Jacob wanted Jessie to see their future through his eyes. His mind and heart were full of things that he wanted to do for them both. “So, what do you think, Baby? Does this place feel like home to you?”

Did it feel like home? Letting her fingernails dig into the flesh of her palms, Jessie battled to keep her face from showing emotion. She had said no strings, and she wasn’t about to make any assumptions that would just embarrass her and put him on the spot. Wise men say only fools rush to love kept coming to mind, as the words to her favorite song kept going around and around in her head. Yes, it may be foolish, but she was falling for Jacob McCoy in a big way. So, if he wanted her opinion on the place that he planned on building his future home – she would give it to him. “This would make a wonderful home for your family, Jacob.” If only she and her baby could be part of that family, all of her dreams would come true.

“I’m so glad you like it, Jess.” Sharing this dream with her made everything more real – the baby, their future, how blessed he was. “Come on. Let’s go swimming.“

“Swimming? She looked so surprised. “But, I have no suit.”

“What do you need a suit for?” He started undressing, anxious to get his hands on her beautiful body. “Strip for me, Jess.”

His husky voice sent shivers up her spine. Holding his gaze, she did as he bid. Each undressed for the other, anxious to join their bodies, yet enjoying the prolonged anticipation. Jessie’s eyes widened when he shucked his underwear and she saw his engorged cock. Immediately, her body began to prepare itself. She felt her vagina pulse and begin to dampen. Her nipples peaked and her clitoris emerged from its hood, swelling as she imagined how good his possession of her body would feel.

Approaching him, she was amazed that she no longer had a desire to hide her nakedness from his eyes.  Jacob was so open and honest about his appreciation of her body. For some reason, he saw her through different eyes than other people. Around him, she felt beautiful.

He led her into the water, holding her hand, lest she slip. A gasp escaped her lips, “It’s colder than I expected.”

“I’ll warm you up, Angel.” The waters swirled around them, and as she sank into the depths, the chill was replaced by a caressing heat that emanated more from his body than from the surrounding water. “Jess, I love to be with you.” He drew her to him, her legs instinctively closed around his waist. “You have made me so happy.”

Fitting herself to him, she felt like they had left reality and were floating in a dream. He lay down in the water, supporting her weight, and with one or two mighty strokes, he had them at the cascading water. Jessie was enchanted. The moon was rising on the horizon and the sky was beginning to twinkle with stars. The flowing water splashed around them and Jacob pulled her into the spray, letting the drops of water bounce off of their pleasure-heightened skin. “Come here, Baby. I can’t wait any longer. I want to take you from behind.” At her aroused shiver, he deduced. “You like the sound of that, don’t you?”

“Yes. I would love to try that position. It’s on my list.” That had always been a fantasy of hers. She had seen a photograph once of a man covering a woman’s back completely. She had large breasts like Jessie’s and he was cupping them, squeezing them. The look of rapture on the woman’s face had never left her memory.

“Then, we’ll try it. The sooner the better. Here, Doll, lean up on this rock,” he helped her find her footing. “We don’t want you to slip.” Jessie let him place her. Now, she was mostly out of the water and her head and shoulders were actually on the backside of the waterfall. The refreshing stream of water was hitting her in her mid-back. Suddenly, she realized her backside would be prominently displayed and shining like the full moon overhead. “Jacob,” she mourned. “Don’t look at my butt. I bet it looks huge from that angle.”

Jacob chuckled, he couldn’t help it. He let his hands skim up her legs. The water made them feel even more silky than usual. “Your butt is glorious.” He nipped her cheek and she squealed with delight.

“Don’t tickle me,” she pleaded, dancing in the water like the mermaid she was once purported to be. She looked back over her shoulder at him. There was enough light left for her to appreciate his magnificent body. God, she was one lucky woman.

“I haven’t even touched you yet, Silly Girl.” Looming over her, he saw her face change. Gone was the playfulness, this woman wanted to be loved.

“Touch me, Jacob. I’m dying for you to touch me.”

“I’m the one dying, Babe. Reach back and feel what you do to me,” She did as he asked, her mouth salivating as she closed her hand over his turgid sex. It was like gripping a steel pipe that was covered with velvet.

“Oh, you poor baby,” Jessie realized that Jacob was hurting. Cupping his huge erection, she teased. “How did you get in such a mess?”

“There was this naked girl in my barn  . . .” he began, leaning his head over her shoulder. She cut off his flow of words, kissing him with wild abandon. He let her have her way with him for a few more seconds until his own raging demands were more than he could stand. “Hold on, Baby. It’s my turn to ride.” He covered her hands with his, linking them together. She could feel the water splash against her body as Jacob entered her with one powerful thrust. .

“Oh, this is good!” Jessie moaned. “Hold my breasts, Jacob. Please?” Wanting to recreate that image in her mind, Jessie arched her back and pushed her hips up to take as much of Jacob as he would give.

“I like it when you tell me what you want,” he growled as he cupped her breasts and began molding and shaping them in the palms of his hands. “Your nipples are bigger, Baby.” As he pulled on them, he was surprised to find that there was a dampness on his fingers that felt nothing like water. It was warmer and silky. Milk? Was that possible? The idea excited him even more. Pumping his hips, he fondled her breasts, already making plans to explore the possibility that she was lactating.

Jessie let her head fall forward as she luxuriated in the feel of him filling her again and again. Already, she had come to realize the difference between an orgasm that Jacob could give her and the small ones that she used to give herself as she listened to the erotic scenes in her romance novels on audio. There was no comparison. There was nothing in the world more wonderful than being stuffed full of a hard, hungry cock. And Jacob was so big.

She swore she could feel the veins and ridges as they drug over the sensitive nerves deep in her body. And his hands on her breasts were out of this world! She was totally at his mercy and the idea excited her more than she realized it would. “You’re the best lover in the whole world, Jacob,” she couldn’t help but praise him.

He was past the point of answering. All he could think was that he never wanted her to have a chance to compare. He had been her first lover, and he wanted to be her last. Feeling the rush begin to build, Jacob began making short hard thrusts, designed to give them both what they needed. He felt her muscles begin to tighten and soon her little pussy was billowing around his cock, sending him spiraling into a climax so hard that he thought he would pass out.

It was a good thing the rock was there. If it hadn’t been, she would have collapsed into the churning water. Lord, it was wonderful to feel so close to somebody. Jessie had never had that – sexual or otherwise. “Thank you for fulfilling one of my fantasies.”

It hit Jacob that she had never failed to thank him for loving her. It humbled him. With a few economical moves, he had her up and in his lap as he sat on the ledge by the falls. “No, thank you, Baby. You are a sweet and generous lover. You take me places that I’ve only hoped to go.”

Sitting naked in his lap, she wasn’t surprised when his hand cupped her small baby bump. After all, that had to be a major attraction for him. Jessie could never feel any jealousy toward her child. She was grateful that Jacob loved it. It could have easily gone another way. “My last doctor told me that I would probably have to have a cesarean. Even though my hips are huge, my pelvic bone is narrow.”

Gently, but firmly, Jacob grasped her chin and made him look at her. “I’m tired of you putting yourself down, Jess. I don’t know what idiot made you believe that you’re fat or heavy or anything other than the sexiest woman alive – but it’s just not true. You have the sweetest body that I’ve ever held.” Kissing her hard on the mouth, he chuckled. “And I hate you are going to have to have surgery, but I’m kinda thrilled that you’ll stay tight for my pleasure. My cock is fast getting addicted to that snug little pussy of yours.” He passed a possessive hand over her tits. There was more liquid emerging from her nipples. “What’s this, Treasure?” He lifted the moisture to his lips, knowing full well what it was. Milk.

Startled, Jessie picked up one of her breasts and milked out toward the nipple. When a slight stream of liquid flowed into her hand, she gasped. “It’s not time!”

Jacob soothed her brow. “Don’t worry. I’ll call the doctor when we get home, and I’ll go into town and get us a couple of baby books. This may be totally normal.”

“What am I going to do?” Jessie picked up both breasts and looked dismayed. “I’m such a cow.”

With an irritated growl, Jacob hiked Jessie up in his lap so that her breasts were even with his mouth. “You are damn sexy! That’s what you are.”

Latching on to a nipple, Jacob began to suck. A trickle of sweet liquid enhanced what had always been his favorite pastime in the whole world. There was nothing like sucking at a woman’s breast – and with Jessie the action was even more wonderful. He had always been aroused by the idea of a fertile woman who could create and sustain life. “Until the baby comes, I’ll take care of this little matter myself.” There wasn’t much milk, but Jacob thought nursing at Jessie’s breast was the single most erotic thing he had ever done. Leaving one, he tended to the other, nuzzling and rooting like a newborn calf.

“What if I leak?” Jessie wasn’t really caring at this point. All of her focus was on the pleasure she was receiving from Jacob’s glorious mouth.

Jacob chuckled around her nipple. “I’ll give you a cell phone. You can call me and I’ll come right away and take care of it. It’ll be my pleasure.” And he wasn’t kidding.

They had just made love, but he was already hard and she was hot and it didn’t take but a couple of moves and she was impaled on his cock. “This is called a reverse cowgirl.” Her head was lying back on his shoulder and her back was to his front. She caught on to the motions quickly, and he continued his erogenous manipulation of her gorgeous tits. Jacob had known he was a breast man, but Jessie’s sent him off the charts. Wrapping his arms tightly around her, he let one hand slip down to massage her swollen clit.

Her feet dangled in the water, as she rode him to heaven and back. “How am I ever going to live without this? You should never have introduced me to sex, Jacob. You’ve created a monster.” Turning her head, she begged for his kiss. Palming his cheek, she caressed the sexy growth of beard that made him look so rakishly handsome.

In between biting kisses, he answered. “I’ll make it my personal mission in life to keep you sexually satisfied. How’s that?”

“If only.” With those two simple little words, Jessie took them both to paradise.


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Thanks, Sable 

About sablehunter

Sable Hunter writes erotic romance. She writes what she likes to read and enjoys putting her fantasies on paper. Her stories are emotional reads where the heroine is faced with challenges, like one of her favorite songs – she’s holding out for a hero – and boy, can she deliver a hero. Her aim is to write a story that will make you laugh, cry and sweat. If she can wring those emotions out of a reader, then she has done her job. She grew up in south Louisiana along the mysterious bayous where the Spanish moss hangs thickly over the dark waters. The culture of Louisiana has shaped her outlook on life and made its way into her novels where the supernatural is entirely normal. Presently, Sable lives in Texas and spends most of her time in wild and wonderful Austin. She is passionate about animals and has been known to charm creatures from a one ton bull to a family of racoons. For fun, Sable has been known to haunt cemeteries and battlefields armed with night-vision cameras and digital recorders hunting proof that love survives beyond the grave.She writes for Secret Cravings Publishing as well as publishes much of her own work. Join her in her world of magic, alpha heroes, sexy cowboys and hot, steamy, to-die-for sex. Step into the shoes of her heroines and escape to places where dreams can come true and orgasms only come in multiples.
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34 Responses to The Measure of a Man

  1. kclu711 says:

    Oh how I love the men you write. I love Issac and Aaron!! They both have my heart in their own way! I really can’t wait to see what you do to Nathan to make him grow up, becaus LAWD does that boy need a kick in the pants!! LOL!! I’m on the hunt for my Aaron / Issac hybrid… hehehehe!!

    • sablehunter says:

      When you find him, Casey – I want to see a picture!!! Zane is turning out to be just as hot – I didn’t really know how I would handle the sex scenes with him – but Lord! I’m making my own self fan. I always love talking to you!

  2. Sue says:

    I loved your thoughts on men and how many of us have been disappointed in the men we dated or even married. I’m glad you write your men as you do because that is exactly how I would want them. I love disappearing into this world of yours. I’m holding onto these beliefs no more settling, I want a honest, trustworthy and loving man.

    • sablehunter says:

      ME. too, Sue. I know some wonderful men, too. But if I’m gonna write a fantasy I shall write my perfect hero. The only deviation I made was Joseph and he was in such pain that he lashed out at the one who loved him the most – and sometimes that happens. But I brought him back – healed him with love. Thank you, I love to create worlds that we both can disappear into.

  3. AMAZING excerpt!!! I too want a Jacob! I have got to start reading this series! Should it be read in order?

    • sablehunter says:

      Yadira! Thank you! Yes, you should start with Cowboy Heat, then Hot on Her Trail, Her Magic Touch, and then Badass. I’m working on Zane’s book now – then Noah’s and they go on and on – hahah! But welcome and thank you for visiting with me. I appreciate it.

  4. Kathy Lewis says:

    Sable, that was beautiful. All of the McCoy men are wonderful. Each has their own strength that I love dearly. Since I have a big heart, I always leaned more towards Jacob. Her look out for Libby in Cowboy Heat *sigh* and now he is looking out for Jessie. What a man.

  5. Clare O'Beara says:

    Umm… I take it there was a sperm donation involved? Or a surrogate mother situation? Life is so complicated these days!
    The river and waterfall sound beautiful. I also like those horses on the cover of your book, really nice to see a spotted horse. We were just talking about Appaloosas here yesterday.

    • sablehunter says:

      You may be right! Actually the way this one worked out was very close to a case they I researched. When sperm banks make mistakes, sometime they can be doozies. Of course the real woman didn’t have a Jacob, but not many do. I love Appaloosas too, I have owned several. And the Beefmasters that I always write about are in my life too. When you read my books, you get a glimpse into my world – its cathartic for me. Thanks for spending time with me, I appreciate it.

  6. Terri says:

    Absolutely love the sound of this family and this book. I want to see how someone got pregnant and have never met the person and is still a virgin. Yes, you have my interest!

    • sablehunter says:

      I’m glad I do, Terri. I hope you visit my McCoys. If you do start with Cowboy Heat. All the boys have their own books. It’s a pleasure to talk to you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and be safe – the weather is gonna be rough in parts of the country.

  7. suzlyne says:

    Ah, Jacob. Love how he takes care of the people he loves!

  8. Eileen says:

    Is it hot in here or what? Great excerpt! Love the cover too.

  9. kerry porter says:

    Loved it chick and soooooooooooooo love the McCoy brother’s although you do put me in a dilema as I have to say I love them all but think I lean towards our misunderstood Isaac he is bad with a heart of gold hehe xxxx

    • sablehunter says:

      Isaac is special to me, too. Thank you Kerry, your support means the world to me. Today i’m struggling with the McCoy mystery and I want to tell you, it makes me excited and sad at the same time. After you’ve read Forget Me Never – dont’ remember if you have or not – you can give me your opinion. Ha!

  10. Susan T. says:

    I’ve been on a cowboy kick and am glad to stumble upon this site. Man oh man, I love that except. Adding to my TBR. Thanks.

  11. isaacsenglishrose says:

    A fantastic series of books, loved every one :O)

  12. TIFFANY M says:


  13. Laurel S says:

    Now that you’ve pointed out the characteristics that you write your heros with I know why I love them so much. These men (especially the McCoys but the others I’ve read too) are deeply honorable, a characteristic that is missing in much of the world these days (even in fiction). I grow tired of reading stories about “heroes” who are unmitigated jackasses to everyone (including the heroine) through almost the whole book then have some kind of sudden change of heart at the end…I have read several that leave me shaking my head wondering why anyone would stay with someone like that. (Joseph’s poor behavior I didn’t find disturbing as much since we knew it was abnormal for him) I LOVE all the McCoy men and am greatly looking forward to reading the rest of their stories. By the way is Bowie Travis (the elder) going to stick around and get a story too? I don’t know why but I’ve wanted to know more about him since Jacob mentioned him in Hot on Her Trail.

    • sablehunter says:

      Laurel – thank you! Yes, Bowie Travis gets his own book. I’m writing Zane’s now and I’m also introducing a new set of McCoy cousins – so the family is growing – but Bowie is making an appearance in I’ll See You In My Dreams and his story begins to unfold as does the Aron is Missing! ordeal. Thank you for being so nice to me, I appreciate you so much.

      • Laurel S says:

        You’re very welcome Sable! I am very (im)patiently awating Zane’s book, can’t wait for more of your stories!! 🙂

  14. Melanie C. says:

    Love me some Jacob and Jessie…think I’m gonna have read me some more today =). Thanks for the excerpt, now to dive back in to some Hot on her tail!

  15. sablehunter says:

    you are welcome, Melanie – it’s good to hear from you. Be safe this weekend.

  16. Joanne B says:

    Thanks for the great post on men. The excerpt was wonderful. Can’t wait to read this book to see more of Jessie and Jacob.

  17. Tiss says:

    WOW! THAT WAS HOT!!! As always you write great book Sable. Looking forward to this one. Thanks.

  18. Amanda m says:

    What a great writer!!!!!! Love your books. Can’t wait for the next in this series. Thanks for making your cowboys Heros and strong in taking care of theirs.

  19. Kristina Haecker says:

    Whoa! Hot excerpt! I’d love to read more! Love the Jimmy cover, too! 🙂

  20. lisagk says:

    Can’t say enough about this excerpt. loved it. Thanks for the post. lisagk@yahoo

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