Cowboy Nicknames – And Cowgirls, Too!

I love hearing cowboy names, and especially the nicknames they give each other. If a cowboy is from a different state, their coworkers will often call them by that name. Kansas, Tex, Montana. Sometimes their physical characteristics make nicknaming them easy. Stretch, Slim, Big Jim, Curly.

Butch Cassidy

Image falls under the allotted time of public historical image usage. Randi Alexander assumes all other liability.

Kid was popular for a while, as a first name or a last name; Billy the Kid, Sundance Kid, Kid Curry. Naming themselves after gambling terms was always big, too. Ace, Black Jack, King. Butch, Ringo, Dutch, and Heck are some of my favorites.

And then there were the cowgirls. Belle Star, Stagecoach Mary, and Calamity Jane. I’m going to assume Ms. Calamity didn’t give herself that nickname. 😉

One of my favorite spots to read about cowboys and cowgirls is A Barrel Full of Names It has photos, links to more information, their claim to fame, and how they died. I thought the ‘how they died’ was strange until I realized that in the old West, chances of dying violently were pretty good if you were famous.

My favorite Cause of Death is Connie Douglas Reeves, who died from falling off a horse at age 101. I’ve gotta give her a Yee-haw, Cowgirl! What an awesome way to go!

Connie Douglas Reeves

Image falls under the allotted time of public historical image usage. Randi Alexander assumes all other liability.

Sometimes cowboys give themselves nicknames. In my upcoming menage release, Double the Seduction, Derrick McGatlin the Third calls himself ‘Trey.’ I thought about giving him a more interesting first name, like Marian or Aloysius, so we could understand why he’d want to change it, but I just couldn’t do that to a sexy cowboy like him. (My apologies to any men named Marian or Aloysius.)

Here’s a little snippet from Double Her Fantasy, Book 1 of the Double Seduction Series

Trey smiled down at her, his eyes gleaming, as he guided her to the suite. “Megan.” It was all he said, but his low, sexy voice carried hours of promise.

Inside their suite, Trey asked, “Wine?”

She nodded. “Yes, please.”

The cowboy walked away, Garret took her purse, shawl, and the bag of their leftover desserts, and set them on the entry table. “Stay a while.”

When she opened her mouth to explain all the things going through her brain, he stepped close and pulled her against him.

Tipping her slightly backward, he grinned. “It wasn’t a request.” He took her mouth with his, an intense, world-shattering kiss. His tongue sucked hers into his mouth where he played and teased, tasted and nibbled.

Megan held onto his shoulders as everything inside her melted and flowed hot.

His hand found her ass and pulled her tight against his erection. His hips ground, proving his desire for her as his shaft created friction in the fabric between him and her mound.

In an almost orgasmic state, her core contracted, released, and did it again, the pulsing sending electric charges up her spine.

Slowly he stood her upright, taking long, lingering tastes of her mouth, her teeth, her lips. “Delicious.”

“Ain’t she?” Trey’s voice came from behind her.

Garret released her as Trey stepped in and pulled her back against his chest, his erection against her ass, his lips against her ear. “I poured wine, but it’ll keep.” His tongue played with the small earring in her lobe.

Garret stepped closer and put his lips near her other ear. “Your call, Megan. The couch for a glass of wine? Or the bedroom, for the main course.”

His hot breath, his invitation, flooded her and her knees buckled.

The men pressed closer, holding her up between them. They waited, needing her decision, kissing and nibbling at her ears in a stereo seduction so potent, she felt her brain spin.

“Bedroom,” she whispered.

Do you have a nickname? If you don’t, what would your nickname be if your friends and family gave you one? If y’all reveal your embarrassing nicknames, I’ll reveal mine!

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24 Responses to Cowboy Nicknames – And Cowgirls, Too!

  1. To friends and family it’s snoozy. When I worked in the prison, as a nurse, it was Mrs. Bitchoff . My last name is Bischoff.

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Oh, snoozy is cute. Bitchoff, not so much, but I’m sure they meant it in the kindest sense of the word. LOL Must have been very interesting working in a prison.

  2. well i got a couple dizzy blonde and then i called blondie which i am

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Yes, I get called blondie once in a while, but I make sure that doesn’t go too far. I bet the dizzy blonde nickname gets your hackles up! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Clare O'Beara says:

    That is a hot excerpt!
    At school some idiot girls used to call me goggles because I had glasses, or brainbox because I read. Not the sort of thing I’d let worry me. I never gave anyone a nickname but I can see some nicknames are affectionate, some a way of distinguishing between two people with the same name and so on.

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Thanks, Clare! It’s at a very critical point in the story, when she’s ready to take on both men. *sigh* the scene after it is pretty dang hot, too! Woo-hoo!

      I like affectionate nicknames – the things lovers call each other. Hubby’s friend calls his wife Peaches, and I think that’s so sweet.

  4. Susan W. says:

    I never had any embarrassing nicknames. My family calls me SusieQ on occasion. Not to bad.

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Now the song is going through my head: Oh SuzieQ… By CCR, I think. (My brother was a big Creedence Clearwater Revival fan, so I got to listen to that song quite a bit growing up.)

  5. I have a few ….I can usually tell how someone knows me based on the nickname they use for me. My family always calls me Missy. My husband and people I know after college call me Mel. My close friends from college call me Missilla. That came from a drunken night of fun when I was trying to write a note to my roommate on our dry erase board on the door. When I saw it the next morning, the note was all sideways, crooked, and I couldn’t spell my name. Must have been a good night! So Missilla stuck. We still laugh to this day at that story.

  6. Randi Alexander says:

    Mel, I want to call you Missilla from now on. What a great story! I’m going to borrow that and use it in a book someday.

  7. Randi Alexander says:

    I promised I’d tell you my nickname. Through high school and college it was Blue because I put my foot in my mouth so often, I couldn’t breathe and turned blue. Kind of silly, but I’ve outgrown that habit…mostly.

  8. SheriV says:

    My nickname is Chewy as in Chewbacca. lol my niece accidentally called me it once and it stuck!

  9. Nancy S says:

    When I was young it was Sis, now it is Nana. When I met my stepgrandson for the first time he tried to say my name and it came out Ninny. Oh no no no, can’t have that so that is when I became Nana, which he could say plainly.

    • Randi Alexander says:

      Ninny? How funny. It’s great how there are so many cute names for grandmother and grandfather now.Nana is so sweet!

  10. Jenny says:

    Very hot preview. My nickname was given to me by a close friend who passed away a over 10 years ago. Buddha, it has a long funny story to it but the short story is that I have a big Getto butt while still being thin.

  11. In grade school it was ‘boxing girl’ cuz I had no problem slugging you in the arm if you gave me a reason to. And that led to a couple of my friend’s dads calling me ‘evil chick.’ I’m not as mean as this all sounds, I promise lol.

  12. tiss says:

    Embarressing nicknames, in school it was “4 eyes” because of the glasses. I’ve always been Tiss, It’s not my real first name, I’m names after my mother and her mother, For awhile I was Jr. cause of the number of same first names, Then I was Tissie, but as I’ve gotten older, I shortened it. Some family still use the other version. Some classmates still call me by my real name and some use the nickname.

  13. Linda Chilson says:

    I don’t really have any nicknames now but when I was a little girl my cousins use to call me Blondie.

  14. mjmgma says:

    My Brother was 10 years younger than me and when he just started to talk he could not say mine or my sisters names so he called her Sissy but he called me Sassy, he is 57 and still calls me Sassy with great affection.

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